Hey there, music lovers! Get ready to dive into the groovy universe of one of our generation’s biggest icons: Harry Styles. From One Direction to his solo stardom, Harry has blessed us with some truly unforgettable tunes.

From heart-melting ballads to infectious pop-rock jams, Harry’s music covers all the feels. His songs explore love, self-discovery, and personal growth, and are anthems for a generation of fans who vibe with his lyrics.

In this blog, we’re counting down the top 10 Harry Styles songs of all time. These tracks have captured our hearts and defined Harry’s evolution as an artist. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just hopping on the Styles train, get ready for an epic ride through his incredible discography.

However, we’d like to mention that almost every fan has their own list of the top 10 Harry Styles songs, and that this is just our interpretation of it. In fact, we’d argue that that’s the beauty of it, for every list gives us a new perspective into Styles’ discography.

From the Dining Table 

Album: Harry Styles (Debut)

From the Dining Table is from the perspective of a guy who’s just woken up in a posh hotel room and is wondering where it all went so wrong. He’s thinking about someone (presumably a girl) with whom he hasn’t spoken since she left. 

He’s saying that while people are quick to applaud comfortable silence, he thinks it’s overrated and that he’d rather talk. One of the best lines of the song is:

Why won’t you ever be the first one to break?
Even my phone, misses your call, by the way.

From the Dining Table – Harry Styles (Audio)


Album: Fine Line

The opening for the album Fine Line, Golden is bathed in the 70’s Indie Pop and Soft Rock vibes. 

While the song has happy and exciting beats that bring everyone to their feet, the words run deeper than that. Styles sings about being vulnerable and too open, moving on from heartbreak, and falling in love. There are also a few lines about how he fears scaring off the new person he’s falling in love with. 

The tempo and the lyrics can make any listener intensely happy or sad; there’s no in-between. 


Album: Fine Line

Falling was the single no one expected, yet it’s one of the biggest Harry Styles hits. It’s a melancholy ballad where Styles blames himself for all the bad decisions that have led him where he is.

What am I now, What am I now?
What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
I’m falling again, I’m falling again, I’m falling.

He was scared of the person he was becoming; someone he won’t want to be around, and the final blow was something unforgivable that he did. His deed led to the person he loved leaving his life, making him feel like he was falling. 

Music for a Sushi Restaurant

Album: Harry’s House

Did you know that Music for a Sushi Restaurant was actually in the running to be the album’s title? It’s true! 

While it seems like it’s listing the ingredients for sushi-making, he’s also listing his desire for the person he’s in a relationship with (Olivia Wilde). It’s the ultimate bop for parties and alone jamming sessions at 11 P.M.!

Green eyes, fried rice
I could cook an egg on you

Seriously, how much luck would one need for Harry Styles to say they’re so hot he could cook an egg on them? We’re guessing it’s more than a little.


Album: Harry’s House

Daylight is not the type of song you’d expect from Harry Styles, but one the fans appreciated and loved nonetheless. It’s basically about unrequited love; he literally sings about flying to the person he’s singing about but cannot for some reason.

He’s “cursing the daylight” in the song, which might be a metaphor for how he misses or thinks about this person all day. Later in the song, he explains that he thinks they don’t want him. Hmm, we don’t think that’s possible; who won’t want Harry Styles?

Daylight – Harry Styles

Adore You

Album: Fine Line

Adore you is for those who have trouble committing to people and relationships and saying what they feel not to scare off the other person. 

Styles sings about his love interest (in this song), who doesn’t have to worry about anything or say anything because all he wants to do is adore them. He also sings praises about their beautiful and colorful presence. Isn’t that sweet?

I’d walk through fire for you
 Just let me adore you
 Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
 Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do


Album: Harry’s House

Matilda talks about the chosen family you gain as you get older in life and how relations run deeper than blood. It’s a tasteful piece for Styles’ more mature audience. The song is centered around Matilda, a girl who seemingly grew up in a troubled and/or abusive household. 

The song is a safe space for all people who’ve had similar experiences.

Watermelon Sugar 

Album: Fine Line

According to Mr. Styles, Watermelon Sugar is about when you’ve just met someone new and like being around them. The song makes the listener feel excited, nervous, and elated all at once! 

While it’s a kids-friendly song, adults can’t help but wonder about the real meaning behind the song. There have been some speculations that it’s about Harry Styles’ intimate life, but the Cherry singer hasn’t confirmed any such rumors. 

Either way, Watermelon Sugar is the perfect song to kick off your beach-house party with! 

Late Night Talking 

Album: Harry’s House

Late Night Talking is one of the cheerier, upbeat dance songs on the latest Harry Styles album, Harry’s House. 

Styles sings about how he’s met someone and has been talking to them a lot. In fact, he doesn’t seem to be able to get them out of his mind! Harry is also nothing but a gentleman, as he repeatedly talks about making this particular person feel happier in the pre-chorus.

If you’re feeling down, I just wanna make you happier, baby
Wish I was around, I just wanna make you happier, baby

Isn’t that sweet?

As It Was

Album: Harry’s House

One of the biggest hit songs of 2022, As It Was has broken uncountable records. 

In the song, Styles sings about being alone in this world and feeling isolated, while the beats are a seductive dance-floor synth-pop bop! He puts special stress on how everything’s different now, as shown in these lyrics:

 You know it’s not the same as it was
 As it was, as it was

As It Was was the first glimpse into his latest album Harry’s House, and to say that it doesn’t disappoint would be a large understatement! 

Harry Styles – As It Was

If there’s one thing Harry Styles has, it’s style!

That’s a wrap on our top 10 Harry Styles songs! We’ve vibed, we’ve felt all the feels, and Harry has once again proven why he’s an absolute legend.

Whether it’s the smooth groove of “Watermelon Sugar,” or the infectious energy of “Adore You,” Harry’s music speaks to our souls and keeps us coming back for more. These songs capture the essence of love, self-discovery, and simply help us have a good time.

So, keep those Harry Styles bops on repeat, and let them be the soundtrack to your coolest moments. Harry, you rock, and we can’t wait to see what you bring next! If we’ve missed out on any of Harry’s fan favorites, let us know in the comments below!

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