Drake is one of the era-defining musicians of this generation. Born Audrey Drake Graham in Canada, Drake began his career as an actor in Degrassi: The Next Generation. However, he soon left as juggling music, and the show was too much for him, and look where that got him today! 

While it would always be unjust to Drake’s music to choose only the top 8, we’ve given it our best effort. There are hundreds of such lists, and all of them vary largely, and that’s the beauty of it. Everyone has their perception, and it can be refreshing to see music with renewed vigor and perspective, don’t you think?

Read on to learn about the top 8 Drake songs of all time, according to one of his avid listeners, in no order. 

Toosie Slide

Mixtape: Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020) 

Sensational as they are, Drake’s songs have had a tendency to become famous on Social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Toosie Slide, in particular, was a big hit on TikTok since dances are a theme here. 

Toosie Slide explores a lighter theme as Drake sings about a step he likes and how he can teach it easily.

He also compares himself to Michael Jackson and says he can give (them) the satisfaction. However, the main idea behind the song was to “go with the flow” as can be told from the line, “either way, we ’bout to slide,”. 

The step Drake talks about in the song will become one of the most famous grooves in hip-hop and a staple move on TikTok. 

It go right foot up, left foot, slide
Left foot up, right foot, slide
Basically, I’m sayin’ either way, we ’bout to slide, ayy
Can’t let this one slide, ayy (Who’s bad?)

As if this wasn’t descriptive enough, the singer also released a music video shot in his Toronto, Canada estate, where he demonstrates the dance.

Hotline Bling

Album: Views (2016) 

The lyrics of Hotline Bling primarily point towards a complicated relationship with a woman who’s not who she used to be anymore. 

He has left the city, and she’s doing everything she didn’t do before and getting everything she wants. According to him, she used to be a good girl but isn’t who she used to be anymore. 

Ever since I left the city, you
Got a reputation for yourself now
Everybody knows and I feel left out
Girl, you got me down, you got me stressed out

Also, the worst of all is that everyone knows, but he’s all alone, left to wonder if she’s doing it all for someone else. He just wants her to be who she is.

Laugh Now, Cry Later 

Album: Certified Lover Boy (2020) 

As you can tell by the song’s title, Drake was very positive when he recorded Laugh Now, Cry Later. The song is about how you should live life in the now and worry about your problems later. Can we all not relate to it? That’s how this song found its way on our list of top Drake songs!

He sings about how sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry. However, we should always laugh now and cry later. Now, is this the best advice in most situations? Umm, probably not. Is it a piece of fun advice and just what a person wants to hear before making a risky decision? Hell yes! 

The Sticky singer hints about his complicated relationship with the late rapper 2Pac with the merchandise of this song. He’s also mentioned his beef with Kanye West, referring to the Yeezy collaboration with Gap compared to his collaboration with Nike. 

One Dance

Album: Views (2016) 

One of the top Drake songs right from its launch, One Dance is among the most famous TikTok and Instagram trends during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone was doing it; it was all you could see for months. In all honestly, the song is good enough and deserves the appreciation it gets. 

The lyrical components of the song live up to the expectations. Drake sings about how much he likes the girl he’s dancing with and how the world is cruel; he wants to protect her and never leave.

On a lighter note in the chorus, Drake wants one more dance with this lady friend of his before he leaves for his OT (overtime) at work. He admits that he’s had a Hennessy and that it might be the higher powers (his drunk self) talking. 

That’s why I need a one dance
 Got a Hennessy in my hand
 One more time ‘fore I go
 Higher powers taking a hold on me.

Life Is Good

Album: High off life by American rapper Future (2020)

Life is Good sharply contrasts Drake’s general approach; working with his old friend Future, Drake sings with an emotional and deep undertone. 

In the song, both singers sing from parallel rather than the same point of view. Drake, an entrepreneur who works day in and day out, talks about how he’s the type of rich that doesn’t know where his money comes and goes. He doesn’t know what taxes to pay and when; he has an accountant for all that. 

Workin’ on the weekend like usual
Way off in the deep end like usual
Niggas swear they passed us, they doin’ too much
Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up

On the other hand, Future tries to convince his friend that it’s a good life; this is what they strive for. He talks about his wealth and lifestyle; he’s apparently too rich. 

But in the end, Future calls himself a “poor, high-class ni**a,” which means even though he has money; he’s still humble and down-to-earth. After all, if humility doesn’t make one rich, what else can?


Mixtape: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)

A typical Drake song, Energy is just the singer going on a rant about the number of enemies he’s got in his life who try to drain his energy. He’s tired of all of them trying to kill his vibe and bring him down and how he has to deal with those people.

There are some such people in his family, at work, among his friends: all over his life. He claims that while he’s got to pretend to like some people in his rap circles, his acting days are over, so fu*k those people.

Overall, he doesn’t care for these haters and enemies, but it’s the test of his life to try and deal with them. That could be why he asks us to pray for him at the end of the chorus and the song. Hmm. If you can relate to his thoughts on any level, you’d know why we have added it to our list of top Drake songs.

Started From the Bottom 

Album: Nothing Was The Same (2013) 

Another Drake banger, Started From The Bottom is one of Drake’s most personal projects. Like all other stars at the top of the “fame chain” today, Drake struggled a lot to get there. 

With this song, he brings it all out in the limelight: the struggle, the haters, the supporters, family problems, financial hitches, networking, connections: all of it. 

I done kept it real from the jump
Living at my mama house we’d argue every month
Nigga, I was tryna get it on my own
Workin’ all night, traffic on the way home

The need to release such a song is understandable, especially when you’ve struggled so much, only for people to say you didn’t work hard enough. He also mentions not having any real friends when you’re at the top, something we’ve heard from many top industry artists. 

Both the music and the sentiment expressed in the song are reasons enough to call it one of the top Drake songs.

God’s Plan

Album: Scorpion (2018)

If you’re new to the gym and don’t feel confident, God’s Plan should play on repeat in your airpods. In the song, Drake sings about most people wish the worse for him, pray for his downfall, and for bad things to happen to him.

However, he alone knows God’s plan for him, which does not require him to go down. Although it’s not always good and doesn’t feel great, it’s all about having faith, don’t you think so, too? 

This song also has the iconic line about Drake only loving his bed and his momma, and for a second there, we could all relate to it. Of course, we then remembered we don’t all own beds that cost $400,000. Sad. 

She say, “Do you love me?” I tell her, “Only partly
I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry”

In the end

Drake is one of the biggest rappers of all time, with a record 29 Billboard Music Awards and 81 nominations, including an Artist of The Decade. While his accolades are many, what’s truly impressive is his spirit to win and the hard work he’s put into it. 

Even today, there are many memes and videos where people mock him for his small quirks. However, there’s a saying in the industry: you haven’t made it until you’ve reached that point. And well, Drake has made it as much as one can make it. 

If we’ve missed any track that you think deserves a place on our list of top Drake songs, please tell us in the comments below, and we’ll add it. To check out the timeless hits of other shining stars in the global music industry, bookmark our Music & Entertainment page today!