The Story Behind The Countdown List 

A group of young readers and literature lovers, fumbling with meager career options, stumbled upon the path of freelancing a couple of years ago. They ventured into blogging as ghostwriters on their clients’ websites, their love for blogs growing steadily with the nourishment of experience. 

Working in diverse niches, they all would often wonder if there was a wholesome space where the readers could find every piece of information relevant to their day-to-day lives. 

The Countdown List was the outcome of those musings that these reader-turned-writers came up with in 2022, coming to fruition in 2023.

Akanksha Mishra

Founder, Editor-in-chief

Akanksha was first introduced to the world of fiction in her teen years and has never looked back since.  

 A reader-turned-writer who is now deeply invested in storytelling, she founded The Countdown List as a casual side project to figure out what else was there to the blogging business, besides writing.

 Turns out it was quite a lot. 

 Consequently, the project that took its baby steps half a year ago is now standing on its own two feet. 

Her vision for the website is to create a friendly space for readers to stay in touch with everything that’s going on around the world; a little bit of news, a touch of lifestyle and entertainment, some nuggets of wisdom about health and wellness, and updates from the tech space.


Ananya Mishra


Maitraiyi Khimesara


Shailja Kumari


Jeet Ambasth