Hey there, merry people! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so let’s embrace it by bingeing the most heartwarming Christmas movies! As the holiday spirit waltzes in, we’ve compiled a list of films to add magic to your celebrations. So, kick back, relax, and let the holiday movie marathon begin!

From timeless classics to charming new releases that capture the season’s essence, Netflix has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for heartstring-tugging family dramas or laugh-out-loud comedies, our selection ensures a treat for every taste.

Imagine the twinkling lights, a warm blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa as you immerse yourself in the cozy glow of Christmas movies. Our list spans genres, themes, and moods, guaranteeing to fill your holiday season with laughter and love.

Get ready for a festive feast for the eyes and heart in this watchlist that’ll make your holidays merry and bright. Following is a list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix! 

The Noel Diary (2022)

The Noel Diary follows Jake Turner, a best-selling author, returning home after his mother’s passing. While settling her estate, Jake rediscovers his next-door neighbor, Ellie, and stumbles upon a mysterious diary.

As Jake navigates his mother’s hoarder house, he finds himself unexpectedly entwined with Rachel Campbell. Together, Jake and Rachel embark on a journey filled with poignant discoveries, familial revelations, and the magic of Christmas.

Holidate (2020)

Holidate, starring Emma Roberts (Sloane) and Luke Bracey (Jackson), follows the duo’s journey as each other’s “holidates”- a pact formed to survive the seasonal festivities as singles.

Sloane and Jackson, weary of family pressures and societal expectations, decide to be each other’s platonic plus-ones for various holiday gatherings throughout the year. 

If this sounds like something you’d want to try, here’s the link to the movie’s trailer!

Best. Christmas. Ever! (2023)

Best. Christmas. Ever! revolves around Charlotte and Rob Sanders, a seemingly ordinary couple living in a small apartment. Charlotte’s envy of her college friend Jackie Jennings, whose annual Christmas letter boasts extraordinary achievements, sets the stage for a series of comical events. 

Falling For Christmas (2022)

Falling for Christmas revolves around Sierra Belmont, a spoiled heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident. 

Sierra undergoes a life-altering experience when a skiing mishap erases her memory. Jake, the compassionate owner of Northstar Lodge, takes her in, offering a haven until her identity is confirmed. As Christmas approaches, Sierra’s true identity is threatened by the arrival of her influencer boyfriend, Tad (George Young), and her father, Beauregard (Jack Wagner). 

If we still haven’t convinced you to watch the film, maybe the trailer will!

Love Hard (2021)

Love Hard, starring Nina Dobrev as Natalie, a Los Angeles-based journalist, follows her quest for love in the digital age. 

After a series of charming online exchanges, Natalie falls head over heels for a seemingly perfect guy named Josh. She surprises him by flying across the country to spend Christmas with him in a picturesque small town. However, Natalie arrives at the door only to discover she’s been catfished. 

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday (2023)

The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday is a spirited half-hour Christmas-themed CG animated streaming television special. It’s a prequel to the film “The Bad Guys” and an animated extension of the popular graphic novel series of the same name.

Set before the original film’s events, the Bad Guys embark on a quirky Christmas adventure. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when Wolf, one of the Bad Guys, decides to bring snow to revive the Christmas spirit. 

Family Switch (2023)

Family Switch follows a suburban family as a chance encounter at a planetarium leads to a cosmic blast, resulting in a body-swapping calamity.

The night before facing life-altering challenges, the Walkers find themselves in each other’s bodies, including their pet dog! The film explores the comedic chaos that ensues as they navigate adult responsibilities in teenage bodies and vice versa. From critical soccer matches to high-stakes work presentations, each family member grapples with the challenges of their new roles.

If this sounds like the family holiday treat you’ve been looking for, check out its trailer here! 

Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually is a rom-com set in London that weaves together multiple love stories. The film explores romantic challenges, from the Prime Minister’s unexpected love to a writer’s solace in an unexpected place and a rock star grappling with fame. With workplace flirtations and heartfelt confessions, the movie humorously portrays relationship complexities. 

If you’re unsure whether you’d like it, checking out the best proposal ever scene might help!

Let It Snow (2019)

Let It Snow begins with Julie Reyes encountering pop star Stuart Bale on a train on a magical Christmas Eve. A chance meeting and a snowstorm divert their plans, leading to charming and humorous events. 

Simultaneously, Waffle Town becomes the backdrop for the romantic entanglements of its employees. Dorrie, a waitress, juggles her best friend Addie’s concerns and a secret romance with Kerry, a closeted cheerleader.

Tobin harbors a secret crush on his best friend, Duke. He seizes the snowstorm as an opportunity to reveal his feelings. 

The Claus Family franchise (2020, 2021, 2023)

If one-off movies are not your style, then The Claus Family franchise is the perfect addition to your holiday movie marathon! 

The story follows Suzanne, Jules, and Noor as they navigate challenges and extraordinary circumstances, discovering their grandfather, Noël, is the real Santa Claus. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a biscuit factory’s financial struggles and the legacy of Santa Claus being passed down through generations.

The franchise extends with two sequels: The Claus Family 2 ( 2021) where Jules tries to reunite a young girl’s family, leading to unforeseen challenges. The Claus Family 3 (2022) shifts focus to Jules’ sister, Noor, discovering her grandfather’s Santa identity. 

If you’re looking for happy Christmas movies on Netflix to watch with the kids, The Claus Family franchise is your best pick.

Christmas As Usual (2023)

In Christmas as Usual, Thea unveils her Indian fiancé, Jashan, to her Norwegian family during the holidays. The cultural differences pose challenges, especially with Anne-Lise, Thea’s mother, expressing discomfort. 

Jashan, eager to impress, wholeheartedly engages in Christmas traditions, but tensions rise. Thea, caught between love and family expectations, navigates the complexities, concealing their engagement. When Jashan’s efforts fall short, he leaves, feeling unaccepted. Thea decided to drive to the airport to convince Jashan to stay back. But unfortunately, she ended up driving her car into the Christmas tree. 

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (2022)

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is a spirited animated musical that reimagines Dickens’ classic tale. The story unfolds on Christmas Eve in 1843 as Scrooge navigates his miserly ways.

Haunted by the ghostly Jacob Marley, Scrooge is warned of a grim fate unless he changes. The film weaves through Scrooge’s past, guided by the lively Present, showcasing joyful moments. The looming figure of Yet to Come unveils a future of despair and redemption.

If you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, this nostalgic story will do the trick! Check out its trailer here.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

A Christmas Prince revolves around Amber Moore, a young journalist assigned to cover a press conference in the fictional kingdom of Aldovia. 

During her assignment at the royal palace, she unexpectedly finds herself in a romantic entanglement with Prince Richard. As Amber navigates her journalistic responsibilities, she discovers a deeper connection with Prince Richard. 

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

The Christmas Chronicles unfolds the festive escapade of siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce. Their plan to capture Santa Claus on camera goes wrong when they hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh. It accidentally causes him to lose his magical bag of presents. Teaming up with Santa, they race against time to retrieve the gifts and save Christmas.

The Christmas Chronicles is a delightful celebration suitable for all ages. Check out the movie’s trailer here

Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

Christmas Wedding Planner revolves around Kelsey, a talented wedding planner tasked with coordinating her cousin Emily’s Christmas wedding. As Kelsey dives into the preparations, she encounters a charming private investigator named Connor. However, the wedding takes an unexpected turn when an anonymous person meddles with the plans, adding a delightful twist.

The movie’s trailer alone is beautiful enough to convince any holiday-movie-hater to try it!

Single All The Way (2021)

Single All the Way revolves around Peter, a single New Yorker tired of facing his family’s inquiries about his love life during Christmas. To dodge the relentless questioning, Peter persuades his best friend Nick to join him on a Christmas vacation, pretending to be his boyfriend.

The film explores friendship, family dynamics, and the quest for love.  

The Princess Switch (2018)

The Princess Switch follows the enchanting story of Stacy De Novo, a talented baker from Chicago, and Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro.

The narrative takes a turn when Stacy and Margaret, who bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, swap lives for a few days. The switch explores their starkly different worlds– from the bustling streets of Chicago to the regal elegance of Montenaro. 

The movie has become a beloved addition to the repertoire of holiday films! 

I’m Glad It’s Christmas (2022) 

I’m Glad It’s Christmas follows Holly Bose, an ambitious sales clerk with aspirations of gracing the Broadway stage. At the end of her five-year plan, she meets Jason Murphy, a jingle writer and Santa during the holidays. 

The plot captures Holly’s Broadway ambitions colliding with Jason’s protective stance as a single father. The sparks fly, but the path to romance is laden with hurdles, turning their connection into a delicate dance.

Check out the At Home On Set video for I’m Glad It’s Christmas and see what the artists say about it:

Holiday Rush (2019)

Holiday Rush follows the charismatic DJ Rush Williams, who experiences a sudden career setback just before Christmas. As he navigates unemployment, Rush finds himself with limited resources to provide the lavish gifts his four children are accustomed to receiving.

Rush moves in with his aunt Jo, and together, they create a makeshift, close-knit family environment. As Rush’s children face the prospect of a less extravagant Christmas, they learn gratitude and togetherness.

It’s one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix, both for its portrayal of financial struggles and the lesson on gratitude for kids. Check out the movie’s trailer to see how good this movie is for a holiday night in with family! 

Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square (2020)

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square is a heartwarming holiday musical set in the picturesque small town of Fullerville. The story follows Regina Fuller, who returns with plans to sell the town’s square to a mall developer just days before Christmas. Regina’s intentions stir discontent among the community, challenging the festive spirit.

Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch (2018)

Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch is one of the best animated Christmas movies on Netflix. It retells the classic tale of the green, holiday-hating creature, the Grinch. The story unfolds in Whoville, where the residents enthusiastically celebrate Christmas. However, with his trusty dog Max, the Grinch concocts a plan to steal Christmas by posing as Santa Claus.

Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

Operation Christmas Drop unfolds as congressional aide Erica Miller is tasked with assessing a tradition at a tropical U.S. Air Force base. It involves the annual Christmas Drop, where the military airdrops supplies and gifts to remote islands in the Pacific.

There, Erica meets the dedicated and charismatic pilot, Captain Andrew Jantz, who is deeply committed to the Christmas Drop mission. 

A California Christmas (2020)

A California Christmas revolves around Joseph, a wealthy and work-focused businessman. Tasked with acquiring a family-owned dairy farm in California, Joseph approaches the situation incognito by posing as a ranch hand named Manny. His plan takes an unexpected turn when he meets Callie, the spirited daughter of the farm owner.

The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

The Knight Before Christmas revolves around Sir Cole, a 14th-century knight magically transported to present-day Ohio during Christmas. Brooke, a kind-hearted science teacher, encounters and helps the time-displaced knight. 

Alien Xmas (2020)


Alien Xmas, an animated holiday special, unfolds on the alien planet Xmas, where the mischievous inhabitants, the Klepts, are on a mission to steal Earth’s gravity and atmosphere to replenish their dwindling resources. However, a small alien named X, curious about Earth’s festive traditions, inadvertently discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Alien Xmas is the perfect movie for a holiday night with your family!

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