Swifties, assemble!

Taylor Swift has sung and been featured in about 206 songs in her glamorous career, each song better than the last. It’s difficult to choose only ten of them, let alone rank them.

In this blog, we will pay more attention to her recent works than her EP years. 

As Rob Sheffield said in his Rolling Stones article about Taylor Swift songs, “Every fan would compile a different list – that’s the beauty of it.”

So read on for our take on the top 10 Taylor Swift songs, in no particular order! 

All Too Well (Taylor’s version) – 10-minute version 

Album: Red (Taylor’s version) 

Released: 2021

After the Fearless album re-recording, the world was waiting for Taylor’s next move with bated breath. And although Red (Taylor’s version) was released nearly seven months later, fans were not disappointed. 

Oh, the infamous red scarf! All Too Well is about a relationship that was long gone but not forgotten. The song – which has rightfully earned its place in the list of Talyor Swift’s top 10 songs – beings with a revisit to the good ol’ days, meeting the family and dancing around the refrigerator at midnight.

However, it soon progresses into a messy breakup anthem, with the girl telling him how she remembers everything that happened.

Although the song stirred up more than a little controversy regarding her relationship with American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Swift hasn’t cleared the air herself. 

Cruel Summer

Album: Lover

Released: 2019

Cruel Summer could’ve been the summer song of 2019 if Taylor had released it at the time. Instead, she chose to release ME! with Brendon Urie. Swifties will forever ponder upon this decision. 

The song is a mix of excitement, desperation, and infatuation. Although the girl likes the ‘bad, bad boy,’ she still can’t let go of how things can go wrong easily. And while she knows it isn’t going to end well, she can’t stop herself. 

In fact, at the end of the bridge, she finally says it! 

“‘I love you’ ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?”


Album: 1989

Released: 2014

Style is one of the evergreen Taylor Swift party bangers. 

The song speaks of a relationship where nothing seems to be working, yet the couple still cannot let of each other. Although they aren’t the best match, they seem to have a lot of fun. 

They are each other’s type; with the James Deen daydream look in his eyes to her classic red lip thing, they never go out of style! 

Rumors say this song is about her relationship with Harry Styles, but like most times, Taylor hasn’t said anything about the matter. 

New Romantics

Album: 1989 deluxe version

Released: 2014

It would’ve been a crime not to include new romantics on this list. She rocked the pop music world with this song, as every single line is a lyrical masterpiece! 

The song starts by describing how the typical rich kids in big cities live. They’re all waiting for something that’s never going to happen, and enjoying it, too! 

They spend their days working through the motions while coming alive at night in nightclubs. They’re falling in love, getting their hearts broken, and doing it all over again because “the best people in life are free!”

This song screams of freedom, friends, and life. It shouts hangovers, breakfast at midnight, and throwing up while your friend pulls your hair back. 

Love Story (Taylor’s version)

Album: Fearless (Taylor’s version).

Released: 2021

Who here hasn’t sung love story in the shower right into your favorite shampoo bottle? This song perfectly depicts the teenage adrenaline of being in love, along with hope and longing.

The song is about the middle school punk boyfriend our parents never approve of, but we don’t care because we’re in love. 

Taylor loved the story of Romeo and Juliet, but not how it ended. So, she took matters into her own hands and sang a song for the iconic couple while changing the ending to a marriage proposal! Isn’t that romantic? 

Don’t Blame Me

Album: Reputation

Released: 2017

Taylor Swift is a punk girl who walked straight into a church with this song, and we loved the vibe. Don’t blame me has everything a pop song needs: versatile vocals, iconic beat drops, and the most powerful lyrics. 

Instead of being scared of public declarations of love and feeling uncertain about the guy, Taylor has transformed into something completely different. 

She sings about how only God can save her as this guy is the drug she’ll be using forever. She also doesn’t mind being insane as long as she’s his. For him, she’ll cross the line, lose her mind, and waste her time.

It’s a prayer, request, and a ballad: all at once. 


Album: Folklore

Released: 2020

If you’re an indie-pop fan, you must be aware of the infamous Betty-James-Augustine triangle, right? Folklore revolves around that love triangle, the best three songs on the album being betty, august, and cardigan. 

Betty is sung by James, who cheated on her with Augustine. He’s apologizing to Betty now after spending the summer with the other girl. He asks her if she’d ever forgive him and repeatedly tells her how he’s “only seventeen, I don’t know anything, but I know I miss you.” 

Right Where You Left Me 

Album: Evermore

Released: 2020

Evermore is a fictional album based solely on Taylor’s imagination. Yet, the songs carry just as much emotion and hurt as a song inspired by true events would. 

Right where you left me is about the girl who used to think her life was sorted out. She loved this guy, and everything was going to be just right. However, the guy met someone and broke up with her at a restaurant. 

Since then, the world moved on, but the girl couldn’t. She stayed there on the table as dust collected on her hair, and people pointed at her as the girl who lives in delusion. The pain of being left behind is so visible in the track, making it one of Talyor Swift’s top 10 songs.

You Belong with Me (Taylor’s version)

Album: Fearless (Taylor’s version)

Released: 2021

This song perfectly captures that feeling of longing, frustration, and sadness you feel when your crush just doesn’t understand! 

The girl in the song is different, unlike the other girls who put on makeup and talk about boys. But her crush seems to like one of those girls, which is totally unfair, right? He just can’t see how much better an uncomplicated girl like her is!

Although the song’s protagonist can come across as a pick-me girl, who hasn’t been one in their teenage years? It’s the cringe feeling that truly hits home. 


Album: Speak now

Released: 2010

Taylor Swift has proven time and again that she isn’t a member of the “he might have a girlfriend” club, like in the song gorgeous; she only considers that possibility after falling for the guy. 

Jokes aside, enchanted gives a feeling of both wistfulness and resignation. You hope he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but it doesn’t really matter because you’ll probably never see him again. 

A few fan theories claim that the guy she’s talking about here is Vance Joy; you might’ve heard his famous song riptide. Still, there’s no way to find out for sure. Unless… Well, she’ll never tell us, so why bother, right?

In the end

At the end of this blog, we can only hope we’ve converted most of the readers into die-hard swifties by our list of Talyor Swift’s top 10 songs. Which of our Taylor Swift songs was your favorite one from day one? Tell us in the comments below!

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