We all have spent countless sleepless nights trying to complete that last assignment in school and college, preparing for the exam the next morning, and completing that important project before the deadline. In these wee hours, as we struggle against the rising urge to sleep, a cup of hot, brewed, strong coffee is always our silent savior.

Each of us is aware of the benefits of coffee as an energy booster. Be it trying to stay up late during some nights, or being ready for a long workday, a cup of coffee gives us the energy we need to be active throughout the day and night.

As much as we crave our beloved cup of coffee, most of us are familiar with just one aspect of this wonder plant – that of an energizer. In reality, coffee seeds are far more beneficial than most people seem to realize. The benefits and uses of coffee go beyond their traditional notion, and more people should know about them.

That’s why we have prepared this blog for you. In the following lines, you will discover some fascinating lesser-known uses of coffee as a home remedy, which you can apply and experience the hidden wonders of coffee.

Here are ten uses of coffee as a home remedy, in no particular order.

Reduce your puffy eyes with ground coffee.

True, coffee can help you keep yourself awake late at night. But truth be told, staying up late is not good at all, and continuous lack of sleep can have several adverse effects, including puffiness around the eyes. Well, coffee has got your back yet again.

Caffeine- the substance in coffee responsible for the energizing effect- helps dilate blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help reduce the puffiness under and around your eyes. 

Take some finely ground coffee seeds and make a thick paste by mixing it with coconut oil. Apply the paste to your puffed areas and keep it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. You will likely see the effects the next morning after a good sleep.

Here’s how you can make your own under-eye serum using coffee.

Coffee for glowing skin.

Coffee is good for your energy and is beneficial to your eyes. What’s more, coffee is great for your face as well. The rough texture of the coffee powder, along with the goodness of caffeine, can help your skin glow and shine naturally without those misleading fairness creams.

To make the most of the goodness of coffee, mix one tablespoon of ground coffee or coffee powder with 1.5 tablespoons of milk. Apply the mixture on a clean, towel-dried face, keep it there for around 15 minutes, and rinse it with cold water.

A cup of coffee a day keeps several diseases away.

Drinking coffee does more to your body than keeping you active for the day. Coffee, when consumed regularly in a balanced way, can help control and prevent several diseases.

A few cups of black coffee every day can help ease your condition of diabetes. Wondering how? Because of the antioxidants present in it; just like chia seeds, coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. The power of antioxidants can help keep sugar levels under control. Drinking coffee regularly can also help prevent liver diseases and keep your heart healthy.

Coffee for an acne-free face.

Ground coffee can be the best natural scrub for you if your face is full of irritating acne or pimples.

Acne develops when dead skin cells mix with the oil on your face and clog your facial pores, resulting in inflammation and infection. The antioxidants present in coffee can help flush out dead skin cells and declutter clogged pores.

Merely scrubbing your face with coffee powder can enhance your acne-prone face. For better results, mix the powder with coconut oil (or honey), and cinnamon powder and apply the paste to your face for 10-15 minutes before washing it off.

Coffee: A proven remedy for gallstones.

If you asked us to describe gallstones in a single word, we’d go with “painful” without a second thought. These small pebble-sized stones can develop in your gall bladder for various reasons, most of which are related to unhealthy eating and drinking habits.

Whatever the reason, a cup of coffee can provide a possible solution to gallbladder stones. Several studies conducted in recent years concluded that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day significantly helps reduce the size of gallstones and also the risks of developing one.

Coffee seeds – a great exfoliating solution for your skin.

We have already discussed how ground coffee is an excellent solution for a glowing face. However, using ground coffee for cleansing is not limited to the face alone.

Ground coffee powder can easily kick out dead skin cells from your skin. Studies have also claimed that the antioxidants present in coffee promote overall skin health by preventing premature aging of skin cells. 

Mix an adequate amount of ground coffee with lemon juice and apply it to your skin. Rinse it off after a few minutes.

Coffee for healthy hair.

A healthy face and skin are incomplete without healthy hair, preferably without resorting to chemical treatments. And guess what? Coffee can be beneficial for your hair as well. Healthy hair has the appropriate amount of acidic qualities. And coffee can provide those qualities to your hair that needs acidic nourishment.

With a pH value of 5.11, coffee is sufficiently acidic to balance the pH levels of your hair. Applying coffee grounds on wet hair and scalp can be a great way to keep your hair healthy.

Your personal assistant in your weight loss journey.

Let’s admit it. Losing weight is not easy. And the most you can do to lose some pounds is regular workouts, a low-calorie diet, and some lifestyle changes.

Interestingly, drinking black coffee can contribute greatly to your weight loss journey. As you perform regular workouts to shed some pounds, a short break with a cup of black coffee (without milk and sugar) can help decelerate the process of glucose formation, thereby reducing fat formation.

Using Coffee as a natural hair color.

We all want our hair to feel and look beautiful. And the beauty of our hair depends a lot on its color. Well, coffee and hair color go hand in hand. The natural dark brown color of coffee seeds can impart a brown texture to your hair if that’s what you want.

To use coffee as a hair color, soak your hair and scalp with a few cups of strong coffee and keep them wet with the coffee for about an hour. Rinse your hair after that to get a brown hue on your hair. The more the coffee content, the darker the color your hair gets.

The safety of using coffee as a hair color.

Be prepared for a sunny day.

By now, you would have been astonished by reading about so many health benefits of drinking coffee and applying it to your face, hair, and skin. While we can go on and on, here’s the last use of coffee as a home remedy.

According to a study conducted in 2015, antioxidants like polyphenols in coffee can protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While the beneficial effects of coffee against sun rays have not been studied as extensively as required, the advantages of coffee against sun’s rays have been proven by people alone. There is no harm in trying, right?

Closing thoughts

The positive effects of coffee on your body are far more than what is known by even the most health-conscious people. In this blog, we have tried to shed some light on coffee’s various wide-ranging health benefits.

Brewed coffee, coffee seeds, and ground coffee can be applied in several ways on the face, skin, hair, and scalp to provide extraordinary results. However, you must remember that even a healthy drink like coffee must be consumed in a balanced way. After all, excess of everything is bad.

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