We have all noticed how quickly the skin and hair care industry has begun to expand. Nevertheless, nothing can stop you once you start this skin and hair care journey. 

We are aware that finding the ideal component to match your skin as well as your hair type can be a challenging affair. Additionally, the overwhelming number of available options does not help the situation.

However, one component unquestionably wins the prize and excels at caring for both our skin and hair. Peppermint oil – the essential oil you need for healthier skin and hair. In this blog, we’re going to discuss ten uses of peppermint oil for both these purposes. Stay with us till the end!

Direct scalp massager

Have you ever utilized any natural hair treatments? We are confident that you have seen peppermint oil described as a key component of your hair. 

One of the life-saving uses of peppermint oil is that it does a wonderful job of curing hair health and has been a trusted ingredient for a long time now. You can find DIY hair growth routines that make heavy use of this oil. Do you want to learn the best way to use it?

Please pick up your oil bottle and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it. Moreover, you can apply the mixture to your scalp, massage it for about 20 minutes, and then give your hair a good shampoo.

Ultimate dandruff treatment

The cold winters have arrived at our doorsteps, which of course, has made our scalps irritable once more. However, very few of us have been able to eradicate our dandruff-causing frizzy hair and dry scalps completely. 

Do you happen to know how to get rid of dandruff completely? Yes, peppermint oil is the solution.

Its anti-inflammatory qualities aid in calming your irritated scalp. Brew a single chamomile tea bag. The tea must then cool before adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and five drops of peppermint oil. 

Besides, make sure to wash your hair, then use the mixture to massage your hair for five minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and feel the difference. 

Skin toner for glowing skin

We have all heard of the rose or lavender toner in multiple beauty regimes, correct? However, let us ask you, how many of you have heard of peppermint toner? Well, if you haven’t, we will tell you the secret to making this cooling peppermint toner. 

Add ¼ cup of filtered water to ¾ cup of apple cider vinegar. Pour 20 drops of peppermint oil initially and check if there is a need for more. The toner is ready, so grab a cotton ball, pour the toner onto it, and apply it to your face for healthy-looking skin. 

Acne treatment

Acne on our faces has the reputation of showing up unpredictably, isn’t it? You wake up prepared to attend something important, and they sit comfortably on your face. 

Well, we aren’t comfortable showing them off and hence try picking them with our fingers, which isn’t a nice idea. But do you know what a good idea for the problem actually is? Peppermint oil! 

Just like tea tree oil, peppermint oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help in soothing angry acne breakouts. Furthermore, the presence of menthol in peppermint oil supports gentle exfoliation of your skin and opens the clogged pores.

Go and add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to your moisturizer and facewash. Apply the moisturizer as normal after washing your face with the facewash to acquire clear skin.

Adieu sunburns

Who doesn’t love a little time in the sun having a nice beach day in winter, right? But everything is fun and games until you feel your skin all red and itchy. 

Sunburns hurt, and you can feel the stinging in your eyes. However, peppermint oil can treat it – thanks to its anti-bacterial qualities – and provide the cooling impact you need right then. 

Use 5 ml of aloe vera and add one drop of peppermint oil to it. You should also mix two drops of chamomile and lavender oil for a better result. Apply the paste at night and leave it to dry. You’ll undoubtedly feel much better in the morning.

Say goodbye to chapped lips

Dry and chapped lips are painful and bothersome. Additionally, you have this impulse to constantly lick your lips, which is, once again, not a very good habit. The worst part is, once your lips are chapped, it isn’t easy to get them back to their soft, plumpy condition.

Peppermint oil can help with that. Its hero ingredient – menthol – offers your chapped lips with two major benefits. It acts as a topical analgesic, soothing the pain, and is also known to enhance the blood circulation of the area you apply it to. Well-circulated lips are bound to look plumper and more radiant. Isn’t that just another one of the surprisingly helpful uses of peppermint oil? We know!

Melt a little amount of soy wax, then stir in some cocoa butter. After that, whisk in your peppermint oil to the mixture. You can add a little beetroot powder for color and let the mix cool down to apply it to feel the cooling effect and get rid of cracked lips.

Say no to head lice

Are you upset about the lice in your head? Why don’t you try peppermint oil to get away from them? You simply need to apply them to your hair after diluting them with your carrier oil. 

You can make a DIY mix by adding 2 ounces of olive oil and 18-20 drops of peppermint oil. Apply the mixture to your hair with some cotton balls and let it sit overnight. 

Now, comb your hair in the morning to remove the lice and shampoo your hair afterward. Comb again when your hair is a little wet to eliminate the remaining ones.

Itch-free skin

Nobody likes having angry or itchy skin; therefore, we want to get rid of it as soon as we can. Skin itches are pure torture but never think that it is difficult to get rid of them. You haven’t tried the peppermint oil hack if you cannot get away with the constant skin itches. 

Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil to 2-3 tbsp of unscented lotion. Then mix in 30 drops of clove essential oil with 15 drops each of peppermint and chamomile oil. Put it in a container and apply it to your affected areas to soothe your skin.

Face scrub

DIY peppermint oil skin treatments demonstrate that having healthy, attractive skin doesn’t have to be extravagant. Exfoliating our skin is essential in our skincare regime because it deeply cleanses our pores. 

Many of us are hesitant to try different products, but did you know that you can create a good face scrub on your own? Add ¾ cup of white sugar into ¼ cup of coconut oil and mix them well. 

Next, add 8–10 drops of peppermint oil, stir once more, and then store it in a bottle. You can apply this all-natural scrub twice or thrice a week for brilliant results.

Peppermint oil mask for damaged hair

We all detest rough hair and despise it much more when someone calls it out on us! You can certainly hunt for remedies to make your hair seem softer once again. 

Don’t worry; the peppermint oil mask we are about to help you prepare gives instant results. Grab the bottle of your favorite hair conditioner from the bathroom and add a few drops of peppermint oil to it. Use it after you have rinsed the shampoo off your hair.

Key takeaways

Peppermint oil has several benefits, and we all are aware of it! Undoubtedly, people have been using it in their DIY skincare regimes for ages. 

In today’s blog, we’ve introduced you to ten uses of peppermint oil that can work wonders for your skin and hair. Make sure you go over each one of them and integrate these DIYs into your daily life for that perfect skin and shiny hair.