India has searing heat, and it’s not unusual to get up drenched in sweat when summer swings hard. And summertime is for trips and a quick break with your loved ones! 

You’ll be happy to learn that the nation has a diverse list of great summer vacation spots where you can cool off and dodge the sun! However, this lengthy list frequently overwhelms us. And we are certain that we are not the only ones finding it difficult to choose which of the best destinations to explore this year. 

Hence, you can focus on packing and telling your family while we choose the ideal locations for you! We have jotted down the top 10 summer holiday destinations in India to help you plan. 


There is no destination like Manali if you wish to spend your next summer vacation getting away from the city’s crowds and mingling with nature. This majestic Indian hill station has everything you will need, whether you need to take a hot sulfur bath after a hike or go mountain biking to draw in some outdoor air. 

You must visit the place to enjoy the local cuisine, whether the hot lotus stems or siddu. Go to Naggar Castle or the Hidimba Devi temple if you want art and calm! 

Additionally, even though winter is still months away, you must visit the Solang Valley to see the snow-capped peaks!


Rishikesh: the world’s yoga capital, is another ideal recommendation for summer holiday destinations in India. Whether you want to enjoy the calmness of sitting at Ganga Ghats, looking at the magnificent mountains, or indulge in adventurous water sports, this city can provide you with both!

However, if you visit Rishikesh, you must look forward to the budget-friendly yoga courses and the Ganga Aarti. River rafting is a popular activity if you want an adrenaline boost. You must also try the river zip-lining across the Ganges in Shivpuri. 

If you made it to Rishikesh, don’t forget to go souvenir shopping for your friends back home!


Shillong comes to mind when anyone asks us to mention a place that feels exotic and is yet largely untapped. Since there are so many incredible things around, the place is well worth a visit. 

Shillong, or the Scotland of the East as it is famously referred to, is also home to many bistros and aesthetically lovely cafes where you could spend your summer evenings. Nothing beats the vibe these venues create with their open mic night and the satisfaction of enjoying a yummy meal. 

The Umiam Lake and the Elephant Falls are both must-see attractions while you’re there. And if you want to take a boat ride, do it on the clear waters of the Dawki River!


Gangtok must be the most bustling, happy location you could choose for a summer vacation. The place will keep you hooked when you visit their International Flower Festival. It is put on by the state every May, but you should verify the festival’s schedule before booking a flight to be sure you won’t miss it. 

And no, the region has more to offer than just monasteries and mountain view – it also contains waterfalls, such as the Banjhakri waterfalls. Near the waterfall is an artificial lake where you can go boating. 

Make sure your travel arrangements align with the Saga Dawa festival if you are traveling in May or June. Paragliding and rafting in the Teesta River are other options in this place. 


Where else than Ooty, the queen of Hill stations, can we find the luscious green hills and refreshing rain showers that India’s unbearably hot temperature needs? 

While you’re here, you can visit the Botanical Garden and Wax Museum and tour the tea plantations. Do you know there are over 20,000 different varieties of roses in the Ooty Rose Garden? Would you want to pass up the chance to view this? 

Additionally, you must visit Doddabetta Peak for breathtaking views of the entire district. While there, stop at the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary to see tigers, panthers, and even birds like the Grey Jungle Fowl.


If you have young children, Dharamshala is a place to get away from the heat wave. You should see the Dharamshala cricket stadium if you are a game fan. Take a boat ride or relax by the Dal Lake to enjoy the water’s view. 

The location serves as a base for large hikes in the summer, which is also the ideal season for adventure sports like mountaineering and rafting. Additionally, if you prefer camping, this area offers you the chance to do it beneath gorgeous skies while enjoying the fresh air. 


Visit Kasol to enjoy the fun of your life if you wish to enjoy the finest sky views. You would love to go on any of the great treks. Additionally, you should go to Old and New Kasol to experience the bakeries and reggae bars. 

Furthermore, the trance parties Kasol throws during the summer will truly awe you. Also, to have a more memorable stay, book your own Itsy Bitsy cabin, a one-of-a-kind mountain cabin that may provide mesmerizing valley views.


When you’re planning your summer first trip with friends and need to pick a spot, the venue has to be Ladakh. One of the most-traveled summer holiday destinations in India, Ladakh is the paradise you must explore once in your youth.

The Gravity Hill or Magnetic Hill is a must-see in Ladakh since the location is truly an enigma. You must visit the once-home of Leh’s royal family, the Royal Leh Palace. Additionally, Tso Moriri remains one of the summer’s tourist hotspots.  You must visit

You can view exotic bird species, such as black-necked cranes, and if you look closely at the forests, you might even spot a Tibetan wolf. At last, your trip is incomplete without seeing the clean, crystal blue waters of Pangong Lake.


If they have a summer getaway planned, nature enthusiasts will, especially like the Valley of the Shepherds, Pahalgam. The location is the most popular because it is the historic Amarnath Yatra route between Pahalgam and Amarnath. Naturally, you can attend a full-fledged fair and festivals at this place around the Yatra season. 

Camping at Tarsar Lake and the Lidder River Valleys is a sanctuary for thrill seekers. The region also provides thrilling whitewater rafting and excellent fishing spots. 


Ranikhet is a popular all-year destination, and for a good reason. You should know that this area is highly regarded for having one of the best hill golf courses in the country if you want to try playing golf. 

And if you want to go on a hike, consider going from Chaubatia Orchards to Holm Farm because it’s a popular route among tourists.

If you’re looking for some delicious food, you’ve come to the correct place because the restaurants here serve a variety of cuisines, including local Kumaoni foods and Tibetan cuisine.

In the end

India is a country brimming with surprises; thus, there are many great places to go on summer vacation there. We presented you with the top 10 summer holiday destinations in India to prove our point. 

You will have everything under care if you select any place from the list we have put together, including lovely weather, delicious food, and adventure-seeking activities! 

Which destination have you chosen to visit this summer?