Even if India is known for its hot and humid weather, the versatility of India’s weather will surely surprise you. From the snowy mountains of Kashmir to the hot deserts of Rajasthan, you can see it all in this land of diversity.

You can easily escape the long and sweaty summers and visit these destinations that boast snow-covered mountains and cool climates. 

Take a trip with your family and enjoy the beauty of nature and unique traditional cuisine or try adventurous activities if you are an outdoorsy person. 

We have come up with the perfect list of the best hill stations in India which will suit your personality. From warm and cozy to sporty and adventurous, this list of top 10 hill stations will help you plan your next vacation. 


This hill station deserves its place on this list as it provides the perfect balance of beautiful nature and tradition. 

Dharamshala is well known for its scenic, calming views and pleasant climate. But what makes it special are the old buildings and monasteries, which give this hill station a touch of spirituality. 

Dharamshala is the best place in Himachal Pradesh if you want to learn and experience Tibetan culture and tradition. Moreover, if you’re a sports fan, you can also visit the HPCA Stadium, the highest cricket stadium in the entire world!

This tourist destination is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of life and will rejuvenate your soul with its fresh air.


As you ride along the roads of Shillong, experience the beautiful view of the mountains and the houses built along them. Pine trees surround this dreamy city, and the pleasant weather provides relief from the heat during the summer. 

If you love nature and live for the hills and the mountains, visiting Shillong will be the best decision you will ever make. The climate is pleasant all year round, and the beautiful mountains give it the name Scotland of the East


You can expect to have the most relaxed and memorable time if you visit Mussoorie for your next vacation. 

Known as Queen of The Hills, Mussoorie promises a peaceful and tranquil environment with lustrous nature and an unforgettable view.

Plan a trip with your friends, family, or even colleagues and enjoy the cool and pleasant environment. If you’re wondering how the climate is so different here compared to the rest of the country, it’s because Mussoorie is 7000 feet above sea level!

This hill station’s beauty makes it a popular choice among honeymooners. 


People of north India frequently visit Nainital, as it’s close to Delhi and Dehradun. The scenic view and the pleasant weather are perfect for a short getaway with your friends and family.

Visit during the summer to escape the heat and give yourself a much-needed rest amidst the peaceful nature to recharge yourself. 

Built around Naini Lake, from where it gets its name, you can go on a boat ride and visit the Naina Devi Temple. The snowy mountains and beautiful lakes make it one of India’s most popular hill stations.


The tea gardens and the lush mountains of Darjeeling will melt your heart and give you the comfort of a warm hug on a cold night. 

The sunrise view around Mount Kanchenjunga makes it one of the best hill stations in eastern India. It is known for its spectacular view, the old-world charm, and the welcoming nature of the locals. 

As the climate is usually cool and romantic, Darjeeling makes for a very popular honeymoon spot. 

However, avoid visiting during the monsoon as the weather, roads, and pretty much everything else gets wet and messy. 


A popular summer destination during the British Raj, the snowy mountains and mesmerizing habitat of Dalhousie will surely sweep you off your feet. 

Situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, this popular tourist destination boasts misty mountains and dreamy views. 

Because of the British influence, you will the Victorian-era architecture in Dalhousie even today. The old buildings and pine-clad valleys will give you the feeling you have traveled back in time. Visit here with time in your hands to explore the rich history and Victorian aesthetics. 


Once you visit, you won’t want to leave this beautiful place known for its historical buildings and unforgettable views. You can take the toy train to the hiking spots and participate in many adventurous sports. 

As you stroll around the town, enjoy the old historical spots and stained glass churches built during the British Raj. The breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains and the overall architecture will leave a lasting impression on you. 


Ooty was originally established as the summer headquarters by the East India Company because of its lustrous mountains and romantic weather. Today it is the most sought-after vacation destination to escape summer’s hot and humid weather. 

Because of its favorable weather all year round, Ooty will become your favorite vacation spot where you can enjoy a picturesque view and relax. 

The blue mountains of Nilgiri Hills surround it, and you can experience the view by climbing the Doddabetta peak. 

You can also visit the Government Botanical Garden, which is part of the summer festival. 


Well deserving of the name Paradise on Earth, Srinagar is undoubtedly one of India’s most beautiful hill stations.

The lush valleys of Srinagar are 1585m above sea level and are in the heart of Kashmir valley. You can take a boat ride around Dal Lake and visit Asia’s largest tulip garden, which holds a tulip festival annually in April.¬†

The gardens of Srinagar were cultivated during the Mughal period, and the influence can still be seen. Srinagar’s natural beauty is well known worldwide, and the heavenly view will leave you dumbfounded and wanting more. 


Do you wish to want to indulge in adventurous activities while relishing in the natural beauty of a hill station? Book your next trip to Manali!

The snow-covered mountains of this charming town of Himachal Pradesh attract a lot of attention from travelers all across the country. You will feel closer to nature in this stunning tourist destination.

While Manali is a popular summer destination, if you wish to explore it without dealing with the thick crowd of tourists, the winter months are ideal for you.

Manali is also well known for its ancient temples and forts, which you can explore at leisure. And the cozy cafes and shops will surely make it a comfortable visit. 

Summing it up

With this list of the top 10 hill stations of India, we bring you an easy way for you to plan your next vacation.

These hill stations of India have been popular among Indians and the colonials since the British Raj. Even now, these places will not cease to surprise you and might even make you want to move there permanently.