Lights, camera, laughter! Are you ready to embark on a wild and wacky journey through the world of sitcoms? Get ready to hit play on Netflix; we have 9 sitcoms that’ll have you laughing and crying at once!

Whether you’re a fan of awkward office encounters, quirky group dynamics, or unimaginable adventures, these sitcoms have it all. They transport us from our lives into hilarious and absurd worlds filled with lovable characters, ridiculous situations, and punchline-packed scripts.

So, get ready to get on a laughter-filled train with the top 9 sitcoms on Netflix. Happy binge-watching!


You’ve probably heard of this very popular Netflix sitcom, but we still can’t leave off our list of best Netflix sitcoms. 

Friends revolves around the lives of six 20-something adults as they navigate breakups, relationships, marriages, jobs, and kids in New York. 

Monica Geller is a meticulously organized chef with a strong desire to please. She is joined by her older brother Ross, a lovable paleontologist whose romantic endeavors often take center stage.

There’s also Chandler Bing, whose wit and quick humor provide endless laughs. Joey Tribbiani, Chandler’s roommate, adds charm and comic relief as an aspiring actor with a heart of gold.

Lastly, there’s Phoebe Buffay, a quirky masseuse with her unique tunes, and Rachel Green, a former spoiled rich girl seeking independence and finding her way in the world.

The show blended humor, romance, and friendship, exploring various topics from career aspirations, love, and heartbreak, to the trials and tribulations of adulthood. What could be better than a quiet Friday night in with pizza in bed while Friends plays on your laptop?

The Big Bang Theory (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix)

If you’re a science geek who loves comedies, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom on Netflix and Amazon Prime that’s right up your alley. It chronicles the lives of a group of socially awkward but brilliant scientists and their interactions with the world outside their intellectual bubble.

The show primarily revolves around roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper. Leonard is an experimental physicist with a more socially adept personality, while Sheldon, a genius theoretical physicist, is eccentric and obsessive-compulsive, often providing comedic moments.

They’re joined by their friends and colleagues: Howard Wolowitz, an aerospace engineer with a quirky personality, and Raj Koothrappali, an astrophysicist with selective mutism in the presence of women. There’s also the delightful Penny, a down-to-earth aspiring actress who becomes a central figure in the group’s dynamic.

The group gradually expands with Bernadette Rostenkowski, a microbiologist, and Howard’s eventual wife, and Amy Farrah Fowler, a neurobiologist who becomes Sheldon’s eventual spouse.

The show explores the challenges these characters face in their personal lives, relationships, and professional pursuits. From romantic entanglements to the complexities of their genius minds, it’s filled with humor, scientific banter, and endearing moments of growth.

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a hilarious but heartwarming sitcom on Netflix story of a wealthy family’s journey from riches to rags. It captures their transformative experiences in the small town they once purchased as a joke.

The show centers around the Rose family: Johnny Rose, a video store magnate; his wife Moira Rose, a former soap opera actress; and their adult children, David and Alexis.

When their business manager embezzles their fortune, the Roses are left with nothing but the ownership of Schitt’s Creek, a town they once bought as a gag gift. Forced to rebuild their lives in a town beneath their former status, the family moves into a motel and experiences culture shock while adjusting to their new surroundings.

A unique aspect of Schitt’s Creek which is still quite rare in modern-day TV is the complete acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, as seen in David and Patrick’s relationship. Unlike shows that feature the LGBTQ+ community as social cause to fight for, in Schitt’s Creek, it’s shown as a completely normal and ordinary lifestyle.

And just this small gesture holds an unnerving amount of depth to it. We can only acknowledge the individuality traits and quirks of a relationship after getting the homophobia out of the way, won’t you agree?

One of the best Netflix sitcoms, Schitt’s Creek is cherished for its endearing characters, hilarious moments, and heartfelt storytelling. It’s a reminder that even in the most unexpected circumstances, genuine connections and personal growth can lead to happiness and fulfillment.

The Good Place

The Good Place is unlike any other Netflix sitcom that has previously graced the comedy television world. It’s based on the idea of an afterlife, specifically The Good Place and The Bad Place. It follows the journey of Eleanor Shellstrop, who mistakenly finds herself in The Good Place after her death.

In this afterlife realm, individuals are rewarded for their virtuous actions on Earth. Eleanor, with her morally questionable past, realizes she’s not for the Good Place and tries to hide her nature from Michael, the architect of the neighborhood.

She’s joined by Chidi Anagonye, a moral philosophy professor, Tahani Al-Jamil, a wealthy socialite, and Jason Mendoza, a lovable but dim-witted DJ. With the help of her fellow residents, Eleanor tries to become a better person and earn her place in the Good Place.

The show explores ethics and philosophy with humor and memorable character dynamics. Each episode opens new layers of the afterlife, challenging the characters and the viewers’ perceptions of what it means to be good.

The show’s impact extends beyond entertainment, sparking discussions about ethics and inspiring viewers to reflect on their lives and choices. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a police precinct workplace sitcom and also one of the best Netflix sitcoms you can binge-watch. It revolves around a group of tightly-knit officers who work in the NYPD Brooklyn. All the characters have very specific, quirky personalities but are entirely believable, which sells the whole thing. 

The main character is Detective Jake Peralta, a talented but immature detective with a knack for solving crimes unconventionally. He often clashes with his strict, by-the-book new captain, Raymond Holt, who eventually becomes his mentor and friend.

The rest of the squad includes the tough and mysterious Rosa Diaz, innocent, dedicated, and ambitious Amy Santiago, and Terry Jeffords, a gentle giant and devoted family man. There’s also Charles Boyle, Jake’s quirky and lovable best friend; Gina Linetti, the eccentric civilian administrator; and Hitchcock and Scully, two detectives with questionable work ethics.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another sitcom on Netflix which has quite a progressive outlook on the LGBTQ+ community. It showcases characters like Captain Hold and Rosa Diaz, who defy stereotypes and present multi-dimensional representations. The show sparks conversations about coming out, and workplace discrimination as well.

The ensemble of characters, including supportive allies, promotes inclusivity, acceptance, empathy, and understanding. The show is light-heartedly hilarious; Jake’s immaturity, Amy’s competitiveness and weirdness, Boyle’s innocent but creepy one-liners, Rosa’s tough demeanor, and Holt’s deadpan reactions will win your heart. 

Overall, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a feel-good sitcom that appeals to audiences of all ages, delivering laughs and positive messages about teamwork, inclusivity, and the importance of embracing one’s unique qualities.

After Life

If you’re a fan of British comedies, Ricky Gervais is your Christmas present from us! The English Comedian stars as the protagonist of this dark-comedy Netflix sitcom, After Life

The show is set in the fictional town of Tambury, which is filled with quirky but unforgettable, thought-provoking characters. It tells the story of how Tony Johnson deals with his grief when his wife unexpectedly dies from breast cancer. Consumed by sorrow, he contemplates suicide but instead embraces a new philosophy: to say and do whatever he pleases, no matter the consequences.

Through Tony’s journey, the show delves into themes of loss, depression, and the search for meaning. It explores the impact of grief on Tony’s relationships with his friends, co-workers, and the quirky residents of his small town.

While After Life tackles heavy subject matter, it uses humor to navigate Tony’s despair. The show’s witty dialogue, comedic moments, and emotional authenticity resonate with audiences, eliciting both laughter and tears.

The series has been praised for its honest portrayal of grief and mental health and its exploration of the importance of human connections and kindness in times of adversity. 

Never Have I Ever

Now this one is especially for those teenagers who can’t get a handle on their suddenly blooming social lives. Surprisingly for all of you young ladies, Devi Viswakumar will one-up you, no matter what your craziest story is. She isn’t the most chaotic protagonist of all time for nothing! 

Our main girl, Devi, is a relatable Indian-American teen trying to conquer high school, boys, and her quirky family. With her hilarious BFFs, Eleanor and Fabiola, the trio is the ultimate squad goal.

And that’s not all. Paxton Hall-Yoshida is the hot crush with abs that could rival Greek gods. Then there’s Ben Gross, the nerdy rival turned potential love interest, who’s got the brains and awkward charm. The swoon factor is off the charts!

But Never Have I Ever isn’t just about romance. It also tackles real-life issues like grief and cultural identity, adding depth and emotion to the show, which makes it one of the best Netflix sitcoms. It’s like a comforting hug from your favorite oversized hoodie.

Never Have I Ever is relatable, entertaining, and a reflection of the quirks and challenges we face. So grab your avocado toast, and settle in for a binge-worthy journey that’ll have you saying, “That’s so me!”

Rick and Morty 

Rick and Morty is an animated adult science-fiction Netflix sitcom based on the interplanetary adventures of a cynical, mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted, nervous grandson Morty Smith. 

The series blends dark humor and clever writing and storytelling to explore existentialism, family dynamics, and the nature of reality. It’s like an acid trip through the cosmos, filled with pop culture references and absurdity.

Rick is a brilliant yet morally ambiguous scientist with a disregard for authority and a love for interdimensional travel. Morty is a naive and impressionable teenager who finds himself reluctantly dragged into his grandfather’s crazy adventures.

The show’s unique animation style and humor have garnered a passionate fan base. We all know it for its witty dialogue, outlandish plotlines, and ability to blend hilarious moments with existential crises. Whether they’re battling aliens, exploring alternate realities, or confronting their own flaws, Rick and Morty’s adventures are filled with twists.

Beyond the sci-fi madness, the series explores the search for meaning in life, the consequences of one’s actions, and the complexities of family relationships. 

Whether you’re a fan of mind-bending sci-fi, dark comedy, or philosophical explorations, “Rick and Morty” offers a wild yet intellectually stimulating ride. 

The Office (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix)

The Office, of course, is an unforgettable mention on this list. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea with an awkward, cringe workplace humor theme, but it’s undeniably funny. 

Set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it revolves around an ensemble cast of quirky and memorable characters, each with unique personalities. The show’s central figure is regional manager Michael Scott. He constantly tries to be the funny and misguided boss, resulting in awkward situations.

The Office provides a humorous yet relatable portrayal of the workplace, capturing office politics, mundane tasks, and interoffice romances at Dunder Mifflin. The interactions and dynamics between Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, and the other employees create a tapestry of comedic moments, pranks, and unexpected friendships.

The show’s documentary format, with characters speaking directly to the camera and breaking the fourth wall, is another hilarious aspect. It allows for insightful commentary on the absurdities of corporate culture.

Considered the best among all Netflix sitcoms, The Office balances comedy and genuinely emotional moments, tackling topics like love, friendship, ambition, and growth. It has a strong ensemble cast that brings the characters to life, allowing viewers to connect with their joys, frustrations, and aspirations.

In the end

And there you have it, folks! These 9 best Netflix sitcoms are waiting for your next binge-watching session. From the iconic Friends to the mockumentary hilarity of The Office (US) and the detectives of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, these shows are cultural touchstones, bringing laughter into our lives.

So, gather your friends, family, or even your fluffy pets for a binge-watching adventure that will leave you in stitches. These sitcoms are not just shows; they’re invitations to laugh, connect, and create lasting memories.

Which great sitcoms did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!