Do you also find it tricky to balance work and daily responsibilities? If that’s the case, hello and welcome aboard. 

The majority of people desire work-life balance in order to lead satisfying lives. Although it may seem simple, juggling your professional and personal lives can be a lot difficult. There are times when work comes first in our life and rules everything else. 

Sometimes, in our desire to advance professionally, we may disregard our own needs. However, as is common knowledge, this is not how one should live. You must aim for a reasonable schedule rather than a flawless one in order to achieve this. 
Sometimes you might appear to have everything under control, just for the following day to derail your plans.

In this blog, we provide five books that preach work-life balance to support you in your efforts. So, let’s get right to talking about them.

Couples That Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work – Jennifer Petriglieri

The dual-career couple is the new standard in today’s society. Jennifer Petriglieri has taken into account these couples’ and their relationships’ increasingly complicated lives while writing Couples That Work. 

You’ll discover how Jennifer has pinpointed three crucial professional and personal transitions that every couple experiences. These phases must be sorted out if these partners want their partnership to survive longer. 

The initial phase’s concern is “how we can make this work.” You would learn about the couples’ journey from independence to reliance. 

The second phase addresses the query, “What do we really want?” Here, we discover that in order to make the bold adjustments necessary to transition into a new relationship, couples must reexamine their prior decisions. 

The third phase frequently discusses “who we are now.” You would discover how the couples develop a new journey by treating their setbacks as chances to grow closer to one another. 

You can see how the author redefines the idea of working in the book and then strengthens it with provocative questions that get the reader to reflect. The book is rich with practical advice that you may apply to your relationship at any point.

Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working From Home – Charlie Warzel and Anne Petersen

Out of Office ponders problems about the job and the future in great detail. We all, it can be said, have a love-hate relationship with our workplaces. But we had little clue that the 2020 pandemic would actually happen at the time. 

The book looks into how our workplaces of the future will run. It goes beyond the standard books that babble on about working from home because we fail to attain work-life balance. Notably, our job schedules occasionally leave us feeling worn out and fatigued, which eventually undermines our relationships.

Most of us stayed inside the walls of our homes throughout the outbreak and went about our business there. The book is a must-read for every boss and office worker who is unsure whether to return to the workplace now that they must.

It also explores the rationale behind why being flexible is better for your workplace than it is for you. 
The significant concern is how we organize our family in the same area where you will be working. Therefore, be sure to read this one!

Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance – Gail Golden

Setting limits and focusing on the things that are most important to you are the main themes of Curating Your Life by Gail Golden. This is the reason efficiency is its main focus, but the book also acts as a manual for creating leaders. 

This wonderful book will show readers how to make their own decisions. You would learn how to divide your time and energy. In doing so, you will learn to plan your life and understand how to pick pursuits that are both rewarding and interesting for you. 

So, once you master the art of figuring out your strengths, it will enable you to live a more productive life, and Gail teaches you how to do that. Therefore, we would be able to achieve a work-life balance, too, if we carefully curate our lives and make some difficult decisions.

In actuality, the book is not intended for beginners searching for simple hacks in life. It is a masterwork for those who are busy and seeking greater purpose in their life. So, if you’re compiling a list of books you must read, including this one.

Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work-Life Blend – Tamara Loehr

The subject of Balance is B.S. by Tamara Loehr is the place of women in our society. You might be curious about reading about the difficulties women encounter when juggling their personal and professional lives. 

It talks about how tough a woman works at home has no bearing on how hard she works outside. The key issue is that their workload has increased even while they continue working the same or even more at home. 

It demonstrates how women struggle to strike the perfect work-life balance but ultimately feel terrible because they can’t. So, please know that if you battle to combine work and a family while still wanting more, this book will be beneficial to you. 

You’ll read some good, sensible advice that will help you to achieve balance. Therefore, this book will empower you to stop beating yourself up about maintaining a healthy work-life balance, regardless of your sector or degree of skill. 

By the end of the book, you will embrace the positive features of both of these decisions. So, make sure to include this masterpiece in the list too.

Do Nothing: How to Break Away from Overworking, Overdoing, and Underliving – Celeste Headlee

Do Nothing is a much-needed reaction to the nasty hustling mindset of exhaustion that plagues our society today. The book’s title does a good job of encapsulating its subject and setting the tone for how it approaches work-life balance from the outset. 

The author of this book states that despite our ongoing efforts to manipulate our minds for maximum performance, we really labor harder than ever. Headlee adds that we always live harder lives rather than smarter lives. 

The book suggested a new way to include a global perspective in the thinking process to quit self-destroying our health. If you read the book, you can reclaim the influence you once had over your life. 

It will also help you get over your need for false strength. You’ll be more focused and enjoy your downtime more.

Wrapping up 

It can occasionally seem impossible to try to balance your personal life and be a successful adult. Despite your overpowering feeling, you must realize that striking the right balance is achievable. The one thing you need to do in this situation is to organize and plan your daily activities. 

Even while it can appear easy, it can be tricky to change your daily pattern, especially if you have done it for your entire life. This is the rationale behind our recommendation of the five books that preach work-life balance. So, look them over and start making changes to how you live.

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