There are three kinds of shows or movies.

First, there are the big blockbusters that are successful even before they release. These shows fall under the Most Anticipated category and create hype that often leads up to the fans’ expectations.

Then, there are the silent winners. These shows come silently with little hype or anticipation. They don’t carry expectations like the shows of the first category. But they contain the magical blend of creativity, performance, direction, and sound– basically, everything in just the right proportion. And when they pick up momentum, these shows become classics or cults.

But then comes the third category: a rare one. When these shows are announced, they cause suspicion and uncertainty among people. People doubt these shows – either for being repetitive, touching upon familiar topics, or just for being the way they seem from the teasers or trailers. 

But when these shows finally arrive, the presumptions start fading away. Viewers start appreciating the show for what it is, and that’s when these shows blow up.

Fans following Netflix’s latest craze, Wednesday, from the beginning know that the show fits perfectly in the third category. The show has made us go from thinking, “what’s even the need for another Wednesday Addams show” to going crazy over the show’s Bloody Mary trend on TikTok.

The extreme popularity of Wednesday must have made you want to watch it. And we are here to guide you through all that is to know about the show before you binge it. Here are ten things to know about Wednesday on Netflix to enjoy it without confusion. Don’t worry; we won’t give any spoilers.

Wednesday Addams is a popular cartoon character.

Yes! The show’s titular character, Wednesday Addams, was originally a popular fictional character – a pretty old one, in fact. 

Charles Addams, an American cartoonist, initially created the character as a member of the Addams Family cartoon series in 1938. The cartoon appeared in The New Yorker and soon became quite popular among the readers.

And why wouldn’t it become popular? The dark, intense, yet comical portrayal of the Addams Family was simply too new and intriguing to ignore. All thanks to Charles Addams!

Wednesday got her name from a nursery rhyme.

When Charles Addams created the Addams Family for The New Yorker, he didn’t name the family members. But it didn’t stop the cartoons from becoming excessively popular, so much so that it eventually became a TV series in 1964.

It was only with 1964’s television adaptation that The Addams Family members got their names. For naming Wednesday, Charles Addams took inspiration from Monday’s Child, a nursery rhyme for children. The rhyme had a line, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” A perfect description of the character, indeed!

Wednesday loves blood and death!

That’s essentially what Wednesday Addams is all about! But she is not alone. The whole Addams family is weirdly interested in death and the macabre. We can also say that blood, gore, and death are undoubtedly some of the favorite words for Wednesday and the fam. 

And this is what makes her special. You’ll find spookiness, mystery, and darkness– all ingrained deep into Wednesday Addams. She loves the topic of death. She loves doing strange scientific experiments. And she loves being hostile and reserved to almost everyone.

You would find her in a black dress and black shoes, with her black hair in two ponytails, carrying a vibe of darkness within!

The show is a spinoff.

Obviously, Wednesday on Netflix is not the first among the Addams Family franchise. The 1964 TV series was the first-ever ever on-screen adaptation of the show and ran for two years.

Then came the 1973 animated adaptation of The Addams Family, which returned in 1992. The first movie came in 1991, followed by spinoffs in 1993, 2019, and 2021. Clearly, the show has been tried and tested several times before.

However, Netflix’s 2022 spinoff has quickly become the most successful of all the shows. The show is special in many ways, but we won’t spoil it for you. Watch it yourself!

Tim Burton has directed the first four episodes of the show.

Yes, the same Tim Burton who has given us movies like Edward Scissorhands and Planet of the Apes. The person knows how to make movies on horror and the supernatural, and you know that it’s going to be interesting. 

Creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have directed the other four episodes of the series. Nevertheless, all the directors have done a commendable job. And perhaps that’s the reason why the show has become the second-most viewed Netflix series ever.

The series is shot in Romania.

The vibe and architecture of Romania made for a perfect fit for the Nevermore Academy– the school of outcasts, freaks, and monsters. The Cantacuzino Castle in Buşteni serves as the exterior of the Nevermore Academy with its unique style and haunting feel.

But that’s not all. The show has also been shot in other places in and around Bucharest (the capital of Romania). So, while watching the show, you’ll also see glimpses of Palatul Monteoru, Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu, and the Gara Regala station.

Wednesday loves torturing her brother.

This is arguably the least weird trait about Wednesday Addams. After all, every sister loves torturing her brother! But Wednesday is anything but similar to normal people.

And therefore, the ways she tortures her brother Pugsley are too intense for us normal folks. So, we will keep it for another day. But interestingly, she can’t stand someone else torturing her brother.

“The only person who gets to torture my brother is me,” says Wednesday before dropping piranhas into the pool where some boys – who are supposedly torturing Pugsley – are swimming. So, you get the point.

Jenna Ortega was born to be Wednesday.

That’s not just us who are saying this. Ask any fan who has watched Wednesday on Netflix, and they would say the same thing. Wednesday is popular for many things, and Jenna Ortega‘s performance as Wednesday Addams is at the top of that list.

Even Ortega has confessed that she has been compared with the character since she was six! Besides, her dark humor, big eyes, and intrinsic sense of dark humor make her a perfect fit for the dark character of Wednesday. But you won’t realize it until you watch it!

Wednesday has a stellar cast.

While Jenna Ortega is clearly the greatest highlight of the show, Wednesday is also packed with an amazing supporting cast. 

Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role of Morticia Addams (Wednesday’s mother). And Luis Guzmán plays the father– Gomez Addams. Thirteen-year-old Isaac Ordonez has performed the role of the ever-tortured Pugsley Addams. Other cast members include Gwendoline Christie as Nevermore’s principal, Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill, and Victor Dorobantu as Thing.

A second season is coming!

That’s true. As we are talking about the latest blockbusting hit from Netflix, the second season has already been announced. Netflix announced Season 2 through a teaser video on January 6th. 

Here’s the video; take a look!

Therefore, as you prepare to start your Wednesday experience with a bang, Netflix is preparing to bring more to your plate! And that means we will all see more of Wednesday’s smartness, sarcasm, and idiosyncrasies soon. 

But before that, you need to watch the first season. And you don’t want to miss it, do you?

Are you ready?

With the above ten facts, we have ensured that you don’t miss any important detail while watching Wednesday on Netflix. We have intentionally not mentioned several details about the premise and the background to save you from spoilers.

But you can be sure of this: watching Wednesday will be nothing short of an enjoyable and memorable experience, to say the least. So, without further ado, start watching it right away.

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