The landscape of the smartphone sector is on the rise in the contemporary age. And the technology in our world today is advanced. Therefore, we believe you are still struggling with simple phone activities because you aren’t availing the advantage of automation apps. 

Please start utilizing them right away if what we said is accurate because you are losing out on a lot. If you are unsure where to begin and come across an enormous list of apps sprinkled online, we can help you. 

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best automation apps for your smartphone available in the market right now. Using them will help you quit using your phone for tiresome tasks every day. 

Are you up for it? Let us start by listing each one individually below!


Would you prefer if your phone automatically turned off when the battery ran low? Why not use Tasker for it? 

When looking for the best automation apps for your smartphone, we believe you should consider Tasker. Although the app is the best for efficiency, beginners can find it tricky. But we promise that after you download the app, you will also find it really easy to navigate. 

Tasker helps you manage various tasks, as you could have inferred from their name. This automation app has has two settings: Profiles, where you can build different profiles based on your requirements. Here, you can specify a list of tasks this application should perform. 

The next category is Scenes, which are used as visual effects throughout task execution. You can control anything with the on/off button, including Bluetooth connectivity, playing specific music files, and much more.

Action Blocks

People with cognitive limitations or still unsure about using phones can live simpler lives courtesy of Action Blocks. With only one tap, they can accelerate your daily chores. Naturally, it is easy to navigate and does not swamp you with options right away.

Using this Android automation tool, you can create action block widgets on your home screen for various simple and complex tasks. We should also point out how simple it is to make widgets. 

You can use the app to aid with making choices and remembering things. It will guide you with virtually anything that your Google Assistant can handle.


We’re convinced that Automate is recommended by the vast majority of the best automation app applications online. The app has one of the top ratings in the Google Playstore: 4.5 stars!

Beginners can pick from a few predefined choices, while experts can use the variables and functions. 

More than 350 preconfigured action blocks are also included in the app. When using the app, you’ll see that it uses a flowchart where action blocks are connected to create flow. 

It will help you complete the actions, like messaging a friend while driving or turning on Bluetooth or wifi at a specified time of day.


MacroDroid is a simple automation app that is also on our radar. This application is for you if you want to automate your daily workflow quickly. 

MacroDroid comes with a simple wizard that can help you create macros. This macro is the automation script that does tasks for you. They fall into the three categories of trigger, action, and constraint. 

When you start the app, you can see that it offers over 100 different actions for you to choose from. The trigger serves as the signal for the macro to start, and you may choose the action you want to automate (such as starting a timer). Then you can optionally configure constraints to assist you in controlling when the macro fires.


IFTTT is an exceptional service that boosts productivity in several ways by using the conditional statement If this, then that. You can automate processes per your requirements by integrating your devices, apps, and services. 

IFTTT has built-in applets that you can use to carry out specific tasks. You can also enable or disable these applets from the website or the app according to your needs. Furthermore, you can use them for free unless you require them for business. 

If you have an iPhone and use Fitbit to periodically sync it with the iOS health app on your phone, you may find this applet to be helpful.

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is a crucial automation app for your smartphone. Your app still needs a thorough cleaning, even if you think it’s neat. You may modify and enhance the speed of your phone with the aid of these cache cleaners.

The finest part is that you can finish everything with only one press of the app cache cleaning. Your phone’s apps will be arranged by which has the largest cache of the app. Click the “clear all” button, and all of the app’s cache will be removed in a matter of seconds.

RuleBot: Automation tool

If you want to automate your phone using your own rules, Rulebot is one of the better options to consider. With this time-based automation manager, you may cover location services, phone, and time scheduling, among many other options. 

It has capabilities that help you save settings for routine tasks so you can conveniently do them in the future. If you often find advertisements obnoxious, you can remove them by making an in-app purchase from their shop section. 

More than 30 separate events can be created and saved at once. Furthermore, you can complete two different actions with a single swipe.


You can entirely customize your smartphone using Locale, an automation app. The app has fantastic features and operates and maintains settings using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Due to all of this, it is a user favorite. 

All features of Locale are easy to use, focus on the most popular location trigger, and use a geofencing algorithm to identify them. Using this automation app, you can play with features like your wifi, Bluetooth, and ringtone. 

They can practically complete every popular automation request you can think of. You can also increase your options by using some add-ons, such as the local SMS or headphones plug-ins.


BitWarden is a smartphone password manager that helps you protect your online identity. It gives you ease and lessens the risk of cyberattacks on your internet presence. This open-source password manager presents all the security features you would expect from a high-end password manager. 

Do you know that 256-bit AES encryption is used by the government everywhere in the world? Well, this app uses it as well to safeguard your data. If you are more concerned about security, they also provide an alternative local data storage option. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) further increases online accounts’ security by one more layer. Therefore, make sure you download and use this application.

In the end

With this, our blog has come to an end. Let’s briefly go over what we’ve already covered. 

We talked about the top 9 automation apps for smartphones. They make your smartphones the most innovative gadgets by enabling them to complete tasks in a flash. Obviously, many of these apps are available for various needs, and narrowing the options might be daunting. 

We hope that we were able to resolve your problem. If you wish to explore more aps that can make your life easier, you’re always welcome to check out our Tech & Innovation section.