If you are a freelancer or content creator, you might’ve come across the word portfolio numerous times. But what exactly is a portfolio? Well, an online portfolio is nothing but a website to showcase one’s work. It typically includes transcripts, certificates, samples of past works, and even letters of recommendation.

Portfolios can easily be built with the help of a website builder, and the internet is filled with them. It’s practically impossible for you to explore every website-building platform to choose the one best suited for you, but don’t worry; that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve handpicked some of the best website builders available in the market to fit the purpose of every creator, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, in the list below. Let’s explore them together!


Let’s begin with the best; Squarespace stands foremost in the pack of portfolio website builders available in the market. Wondering why? It is because, in comparison to other website builders, Squarespace has so much more to offer. 

The website builder features a neat template that will surely help you elevate your portfolio among your peers! But is it beginner-friendly? Absolutely yes, It is an ideal option for beginners due to its affordable premium plans that will help you create eye-catchy beautiful templates.

Besides, the key features of Squarespace include:

● It has on-site guides that help you on your how to optimize your profile journey through both text and video.
● The storage space is a bit of a hassle for everyone out there. But not with Squarespace!  It caters to unlimited storage on all its plans.
● The chief goal of this website is to turn viewers into clients; after all, who doesn’t like gigs and opportunities?


Wix is one of the most versatile and user-friendly website builders. It features great support for SEO optimization for beginners that help you grow audience engagement and reach. With the help of this website builder, you can create a beautiful portfolio website very easily at a very affordable price range.

Besides, it has this amazing drag-and-drop editing feature that helps you customize your site with ease. However, not all people who enjoy this feature find it difficult to create a consistent look across the entire site.

The key features of this website builder platform include:

● With the help of Wix guides and SEO wiz, you can easily create a personalized portfolio.
● Wix offers a certain limited amount of storage to its users that depend upon the plans they choose.
● Wix has a whole realm of high-quality marketing tools for you to access and use to promote your portfolio.


GoDaddy is one of the most renowned platforms that you might have heard about as a place to go to secure a domain name. But did you know that the platform has certainly managed to be listed as one of the ‘best website builders’? Thanks to its AFI builder!

GoDaddy starts building websites by asking a few questions about your site and then proceeds to use your answers automatically to create a website for you. Moreover, you can also further customize your profile until you are satisfied with the results.

Here are the key features of GoDaddy: 

● GoDaddy has its SEO wizard that helps the beginner to optimize the portfolio. 
● Similar to the website’s template, GoDaddy asks certain questions before choosing the right SEO tags for your portfolio. 
● It suggests that targeted keywords rank better on Google.
● It comes with in-built email marketing tools that support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 


Duda is one of the best website builders that provides you with well-structured, professional templates that remain consistent with its design and outlook.

It offers over 90 templates to choose from, most of which are portfolio appropriate. The strength of the platform lies in its stunning flexible design, which puts it 4th on the list. You can easily edit within the guidelines of the template and still expect a desirable result. 

It comes with a free SLS certificate along with features like customizable meta headlines, meta descriptions and URLs, Chronicle tags, and SEO-specific apps. Moreover, Duda also provides you with unlimited storage on all its plans.

However, Duda doesn’t give you access to complete creative freedom. So, for all those people out there who do not want the responsibility of full creative control, Duda can be an ideal choice. 


Carrd has many features that make it stand out from the competition, one of which is its simplicity.

This platform is beginner friendly and doesn’t require learning coding to work. All the templates available are customizable, and additionally, you can add your contact forms and widget.

With the help of the Carrd SEO tools, you can customize both meta tags and contents in the head part of your site. 
You can set the platform to manual mode easily and control the website via your devices.


The Jimdo pre-built website fits right with the purpose of the portfolio.

As a website-building platform, Jimdo’s strength is in its mobile editor, which gives you all the tools needed to ensure a good-looking profile irrespective of the viewer’s screen size.

Given below are other striking features of Jimdo:

● It even gives you access to change the template whenever and wherever you want.
● The featured tools allow you to add alt text, customize URLs, and edit your meta titles and descriptions. 
● The platform features a decent range of eye-catchy website designs, but you won’t spot much in the aspect of creative freedom.

If you’re looking for something that’s professional but also contains some personal quirks, we aren’t sure that Jimdo is the best prospect for you. Keep reading to find what works for you!


Looking forward to building a basic portfolio to showcase a piece of your work? Strikingly is something you would certainly want to go for.

This website-building platform is a beginner-friendly editor that features various helpful support resources for its users. Strikingly comes with a free plan that allows you to build one-page websites with a limited storage space of up to 500MB; the limit increases with the upgrade of plans. 

The platform guides you through optimizing your website for Google with its SEO checklist. You can easily add blogs and even add a small store to your portfolio if you are a small business owner looking to sell via your website.

However, it falls below the market standard in comparison to other website builders available for building portfolio out there. Wondering why? It is because of their outdated template designs that can barely compete with other competitor platforms.

If you’re looking for a perfect, modernized portfolio with advanced template options, then Strikingly is probably not the best option for you. But don’t worry; the list we’ve curated here has something for everyone, so read on!

Wrapping it Up!

In this blog, we have talked about the top 7 website-builders to help you build a stellar portfolio. At the end of the day, your portfolio is the one factor that ensures you can get more clients. So, why settle for the average when you can get the best?

We value quality and are passionate about giving the best advice to our readers and have only recommended the best of all builders after thorough research. Try them out and tell us which one you liked best in the comments below.

If you want to stay updated with all the latest developments in the tech space that can simplify your life, keep returning our website!