Talk about cultural influence, and the word “India” is bound to cross your mind. 

For thousands of years, the country has represented cultural diversity in its true sense. Be it the mesmerizing classical dances like Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi, the beautiful art forms that have stood the tests of time, or the enthralling rhythms of Indian classical music—the cultural roots of India spread far and wide. 

Considering this rich cultural heritage, expecting a world-class, one-of-a-kind cultural center in India should only seem fair. 

Yet, when news broke that Nita Ambani—one of the country’s most notable businesswomen and wife of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani—has launched the NMACC Mumbai, we couldn’t control our excitement.

The updates and clippings from the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center (NMACC) grand launch event are spreading like wildfire. Surely, it has managed to make everyone curious and excited.

Even if you are not excited yet, we bet you’ll be by the end of this blog. Because here, we are about to present ten amazing facts about this brand-new Cultural Center that will blow your mind. 

The realization of a lifelong dream

Most people know Nita Ambani as a philanthropist, businesswoman, and the wife of millionaire Mukesh Ambani. But did you know that she is also a classical dancer?

Mrs. Ambani has been a Bharatnatyam dancer since she was six. She is an admirer of dance and art as a whole. And it was her love of the craft that planted the earliest seeds of the NMACC Mumbai.

The Center has been her dream for several years. And now that the NMACC has finally launched and is attracting all the eyeballs, the main credit goes to Nita Mukesh Ambani!

The first of its kind

Despite possessing an unparalleled history of cultural diversity, India has always lacked a proper cultural center. Well, there are a handful of autonomous cultural centers across the country. But so far, none has been able to do justice to the myriad art forms and artists of India.

However, the inauguration of the NMACC has changed that. With its world-class facilities, the Cultural Center fills the gap and shows the path for more such centers. It can give artists and performers the platform they deserve and provide audiences with the experiences of a lifetime!

Unforgettable experiences for everyone

The more we talk about the NMACC, the better it gets. No, not because of the Bollywood and Hollywood luminaries who attended the launch event and are now making headlines. But because of all the things that are on the cards.

In the words of Nita Ambani, the Cultural Center’s vision is to “spotlight Indian arts and culture at its best, both for the audience and the artists.” The vision not only includes grand shows and events that will showcase India’s diverse art forms to the world. The Center will also host art programs and competitions for school and college students!

Free for children, accessible for the differently abled

The Reliance Foundation—founded by Nita Ambani—has a reputation for generous philanthropic efforts. While the NMACC is not directly linked to Reliance Foundation, the same values also reflect here.

The Cultural Center is free for children under seven, senior citizens, and students. For people with disabilities, the Center is not only free but also accessible. 

The Center is Braille-friendly to accommodate visually impaired people and offers assisted listening equipment for people who need it. Clearly, the Center aims to accommodate, not segregate. Isn’t that amazing?

At the heart of the city of dreams

The grandeur of the Center matches the beauty of the city of dreams. Surely, it’s the perfect location for a platform like this.

The NMACC has been built in an apt location in one of the country’s major cultural centers—Mumbai! Located in the heart of the city’s Bandra Kurla Complex, the NMACC is part of the Jio World Center. Click here for directions.

Graced by seasoned artists 

The greatest highlights of any cultural center are the memorable performances that mesmerize the audience. And the NMACC has been envisioned to host such performances. 

The artists and presenters lined up for the upcoming shows are veterans who have entertained us for years and decades. Be it The Great Indian Musical, directed by Feroz Abbas Khan and performed by Ajay-Atul, or the Carnatic Classical led by Padma Shree Aruna Sairam, the NMACC will have plenty of great artists to vouch for.

No matter which forms of art you are interested in, the Cultural Center will surely serve you nothing but the best!

The Fountain of Joy—a true visual spectacle

We have talked enough about what makes the Cultural Center a great place to be in. Now, let’s talk about something that makes the place a treat to the eyes—The Fountain of Joy.

Just outside the NMACC, the Fountain of Joy exudes water, lights, amazement, and of course, joy. The set of 664 LED lights imparts an unmatched vibrance to the fountain. And the water jets soar as high as 45 feet! Together, the lights, jets, and mists produce an effect beyond description—all synced with music playing in the background!

The breathtaking The Grand Theatre

The inside of the NMACC contains some of the best viewing spaces you will come across in any cultural center in India and the world.

Capable of hosting 2,000 spectators, The Grand Theatre is the crowning jewel of the NMACC. It is the most advanced theatre in the country, with some mind-blowing features you won’t find anywhere else.  

A magnanimous seating area lies below a one-of-its-kind Swarovski ceiling that ensures a surreal viewing experience. The Dolby Atmos Surround Sound takes your listening experience to another level. Moreover, the Diamond Boxes are for you if you prefer an unrivaled VIP lounge experience.

The intimate Studio Theatre and The Cube

Performances at The Grand Theatre are for the masses. But the place also has dedicated spaces for performances for a much smaller audience.

The Studio Theatre serves the purpose of budding artists with a focused audience. Like The Grand Theatre, it also has a Dolby Atmos Surround Sound system for enhanced listening. This space can house up to 250 people.

With a seating capacity of just 125 people, The Cube is best for performances that feel cozy and personal. As a result, the difference between the performer and the audience fades. And you almost feel like having a conversation with friends!

The perfect getaway for anyone and everyone

The NMACC is the best cultural center in India in every respect. But it is also the most inclusive place for people of all ages and interests. 

When we say inclusive, we mean the variety of performances you can get engrossed in here. Extended musicals, standalone shows, singing performances by the best singers, and classical retreats by veterans and awardees—the Center has it all. 

However, we also mean community programs for school and college-goers, Art awards for teachers, and Art-literacy programs for everyone! Surely, these things make the NMACC an all-inclusive and all-encompassing cultural center.

In the end: Is the NMACC for you?

Those were some amazing facts about the NMACC. And honestly, we are glad your mind is still intact; we would never want to blow your mind! 

Jokes apart, we hope you liked reading about the NMACC Mumbai. After all, a cultural center is not only about showcasing the cultural heritage of a country. It is equally about shaping the perception of the country’s culture among its people. 

A place like the NMACC can transform how the world thinks about a country’s traditions. More importantly, it can change how you think about the same. So, if you are still wondering if the NMACC Mumbai is significant for you, know that it is if you care about your culture.

Did we miss any interesting facts about the NMACC Mumbai? Tell us in the comments!

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