Gone are those days when social media was merely a bunch of digital platforms where people interacted with each other and talked about the happenings of their lives. 

Today, these platforms have not only become indispensable to us but also provide a medium for businesses to establish their digital brand identity.

Countless businesses are using these platforms to engage with their existing customers and, more importantly, to attract new ones. The same is true of the creators, who now have a stellar career path in something they’re truly passionate about. 

If you’re a content creator of this age and time, your success hinges on these platforms. Are you relatively new to Instagram? Or somehow unaware of all the new features the platform has added lately? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you catch up with ten recent Instagram features for creators that can come in handy for you. Let’s get started!

A dedicated marketplace for Creators 

Brand partnerships are an important element in the profession of the creators. These partnerships and collaborations create lucrative opportunities for them meanwhile also helping them gain both experience and exposure.

The standard method of starting brand partnerships is to either seek out brands and approach them or be approached by them.

Instagram has invented a third method by launching the creator’s marketplace, which is a dedicated space for both creators and brands to come together and find better matches for their needs. Because the Creator Marketplace is solely for the benefit of the content creators of the platform, we had to put it first on our list of Instagram features for creators.

The first step of joining this marketplace as a creator is to define your interests and strong suits, which other brands can check out before approaching you. The plan of adding a secure payment method to this market is also in the plan currently and might be available on your app soon! 

A dual video feature to capture dual perspectives

What’s the one thing that all creators have in common? The realization that what they feel is important. Countless people follow them because they believe in their ideas and perspective.

To provide these creators a better scope of capturing their perspective, Instagram has launched a dual video feature wherein you can record something from your back camera while also recording your reaction to it with the front camera. The appearance of this feature is very similar to that of an ongoing video call.

Link attachments in stories

For the longest time, many Instagrammers were pissed at the fact that links couldn’t be active on Instagram. Because links play a key role in multi-platform promotion, it’s a tool that’s highly beneficial for all creators. 

To address the grievances of their creators, Instagram initially launched the story link features only for creators with more than 10,000 followers. This was once again met with resistance, after which the platform decided to open the feature to all users without prejudice. 

To attach a link to your story, all you need to do is open the sticker section, select the link sticker, enter the link address you want to attach, and bam! Your link story is live.


Collaboration over competition is the mantra of the whole creator’s economy. To promote this mantra on its platform, Instagram has rolled out the collaboration feature where two creators can upload content together, or as the Instagrammers like to call it, co-upload content. 

In this collaborative feature, the content uploaded by two creators will be visible on both their profiles. This not only boosts engagement but also doubles the scope of growth for both creators.

Visual Replies on Instagram Reels 

If you’re doing well on Instagram as a creator, you must come across some interesting content ideas in the comment section of your reels every now and then. Suppose you felt inspired to create another reel by one such comment. Wouldn’t it be great to do so with their replies placed in the center? 

The visual reply feature on Instagram is identical to the reply function on TikTok. However, while the idea behind it might not be fresh, it does open up a lot of room for engagement between you and your followers.

Grid-pinning for star posts on your profile

All of us have that one post on Instagram that’s our favorite. And while we might’ve uploaded many posts after that, we always scroll down all the way to adore it. What if we told you there was a way to keep that post at the top of your profile all the time? Yes, you read that right. 

The grid-pinning feature on Instagram is a life-saving tool for creators who post diverse content on the platform. You can either pin your favorite posts on top permanently or keep adding different posts here to boost their engagement.

Auto-generated captions 

The auto-generated captions launched by Instagram have to be the most thoughtful gesture. While it aims to help the hard-of-hearing communities, this feature is also useful for those who prefer to watch videos with the volume turned off. This voice-to-script feature on Instagram is also quite accurate.

Reel Templates to simplify reel creation

Let’s be honest here: reels can be so freaking addictive. They’re like a little medley of pleasing things, people, and places all synced so well on the most amazing part of a song. But if you’ve ever created one of these things on Instagram, you’d know how much time, energy, and creativity goes behind them. 

Have you ever come across that perfect reel with a perfect song and perfectly synced videos and instantly felt bad about not being able to create something like that? Well, with this latest feature on Instagram, you’ll never have to feel blue about such things. 

The Reel Template feature allows you to use the same sequence that this creator has used, and only by adding your own videos to their template can you create your own pretty reel. Isn’t that simply genius? It will certainly make the lives of anyone who struggles with synchronizing videos for reels easier.

The Map update

Can you remember how difficult your life was before Google Maps came around? It’s impossible, isn’t it? Now imagine another map service to help you navigate all the fun (and not-so-fun) places: that’s what the Instagram Map is all about. 

There’s also an exciting bonus for you on Instagram Map. On this map, you’ll also find the pictures, videos, and stories of other Instagrammers who have been there to help you check out the vibe of the place. So, the next time you want to visit the coolest bar or the most aesthetic pottery shop in your vicinity, hit the Instagram Map.

The arrival of Subscriptions 

Let’s welcome the last item on our list of Instagram features for creators: Subscriptions!

All of us are familiar with the concept of subscriptions, wherein you pay a sum of money to gain access to any kind of exclusive. In an attempt to avail its creators of more opportunities to make money online, Instagram announced the arrival of the Subscription to its platform earlier this year. 

Many beta users are testing it already, and you can look forward to using it very soon. Here’s what you can expect from it: 

When someone subscribes to your content, you’ll see a purple crown badge next to their name every time they comment on your content or send you a message. They’ll also gain access to your subscribers-only group chats, stories, live streams, posts, and reels. 

The bottom line 

With this, we’ve reached the bottom of our blog. Having taken a look into everything new that Instagram is adding to its platform, it’s evident that the platform cares deeply about its creators. And it makes a lot of sense, considering the fact that these creators drive a lot of traffic to the platform. 

Of all the latest Instagram features for creators that we explored above, which one was your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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