If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram in the past year, you’ll know the extent of Doja Cat’s trendsetting. All her recent songs have been tremendous hits among Gen Z and Millennials alike, helping her gain mass popularity and a large fan following.  

Known for her unique blend of genres, catchy hooks, and unapologetic lyrics, Doja Cat has captivated audiences worldwide with her energy and undeniable talent. From viral TikTok hits to chart-topping singles, her music has taken the music industry by storm, leaving listeners craving more.

So, if you’re new to R&B and pop music, Doja Cat has one of the best portfolios for you to start with! Here are the top 10 Doja Cat songs of all time, in no particular order! 

Juicy feat. Tyga

Album: Amala deluxe edition
Released: 2019

Juicy feat. Tyga was Doja Cat’s breakthrough in the music industry. 

In her own wise words, Doja “like butts and I think about butts and I felt like making a butt song.” The uncomplicated meaning is so refreshing! 

In the song, Doja calls her hips’ juicy,’ meaning she has big hips, which most people like. 

The hook line – If you could see it from the front wait till you see it from the back – is from her own experience. She’s always had a big butt that she could see in the mirror, even from the front. But the main show is the back, so wait till you see that!


Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

Woman is undoubtedly one of the biggest Doja Cat songs; it earned her worldwide fame, especially in Europe. The song went viral on TikTok and Instagram, where it even started a trend! 

The song is a mixture of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop. The lyrics are praises of womanhood and divine femininity. It shows the power of women, and how they can make a family and provide love, all while being underappreciated. 

There’s also some mention of how men try to pit women against women to bring them down. Doja’s vocal performance in Woman is compared to Rihanna, whom she also mentions in the song.

Woman – Doja Cat – Official Video

Need to Know

Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

Need to know was yet another trendsetter on social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. The lyrics will take you inside the mind of a confident woman who doesn’t need anything and gets what she wants. 

In the song, she’s trying to get with a new guy and wants to know if they’re on the same page and his likes and dislikes. There’s a lot of, umm, suggestive vocalizations, so watch out before playing the song with your dad in the car! 

The last verse of the song takes it to a whole new level; the vocals go from slow and sensual to fast as Doja Cat shows off her signature rapping style. 

Say So feat. Nicki Minaj 

Album: Hot Pink
Released: 2020

Say so is at the top of many fans’ ‘Doja Cat songs’ list. The song is a part of her second studio album and was a sleeper success. Although it didn’t get much praise when it was released, a TikTok trend featuring the song went viral, and soon, Say so was eighth on the Billboard Hot 100! 

In the song, Doja Cat asks a man to just say what he wants, and boy, can we all relate to this from the bottom of our hearts. 
She asks him why he’s beating around the bush and to ‘never knock it ’til you try.’ The lyrics are slightly repetitive but catchy, making the listeners want not to miss a single line. 

Kiss Me More feat. SZA

Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

Even if you know nothing about Doja Cat, you’ve probably heard this song on TikTok or in clubs. Soon after its release, Kiss me more became a fan favorite among Gen Z. 

As you can guess from the title, the song is about kissing. Doja sings about how, although she loves cuddling and having sex with her boyfriend, she’d like him to kiss her more. 

SZA’s verse, on the other hand, includes her talking about her ex, who, to his disappointment, doesn’t have access to her amazing body anymore. And while she doesn’t have any regrets about the breakup, she does imply that if he gets his act together, they might still have a chance. 

Ain’t Shit

Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

If you’re one of those people who love women-empowering songs, Ain’t shit is going to be your jam. The song’s full name contained a racial slur (the n-word), which is why it was elicited from the title. 

Doja sings about useless men who don’t have money, loyalty, maturity. Men who stink up your place and snoop in your fridge and ask for change. 

She’s had enough of it, and she’s now going to listen to her friends who aren’t blinded by romance. It’s true; dating someone doesn’t mean that you have to take their financial responsibility. 

Get Into It (Yuh!)

Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

Get into it (Yuh!) was one of the most popular songs of the year 2021. Parties, hangouts, gyms: Doja Cat knocked it out of the park with this one! It was playing everywhere, and it was all you could hear about. 

In an Instagram live, Doja Cat stated that this song is more about delivery or performance; in fact, the second verse is a total BS verse. 
She basically talks about going out and having fun, and not just talking about it in the past tense (due to the Coronavirus). She also pays homage to one of her idols Nicki Minaj in the last couple of lines. 

You Right feat. The Weeknd

Album: Planet Her
Released: 2021

You right isn’t a song you’d like to have on your playlist. Not because it’s not brilliant; it one hundred percent is. The beat is slow and sensual, perfectly capturing the essence of the lyrics. 

You won’t want this song on your playlist because of its meaning. In the song, Doja and The Weeknd are lovers who’ve been engaged sexually for some time now. However, she has ‘got a man,’ as well.

She’s torn between this illicit affair and her official partner, as she seems emotionally connected to both of them. 
The Weeknd apparently knows about her partner but doesn’t care. He thinks that no matter how loyal Doja is (ironic), she won’t be able to resist after having sex with him. Hmm. 


Released: 2022

An electrifying single from Elvis Presley’s biopic Elvis, Vegas is a classic R&B song that’ll get you on your feet in twenty seconds, tops. 

Doja sings about a guy who is a hound dog, a half-man, who she let sit with her in first class. The guy is actually undeserving of her attention and only wants to be with her for a sexual relationship.

 But Doja isn’t going to let go that easily, saying that ‘this ain’t stayin’ in Vegas,’ contrary to literally everything else because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! She’s going to let everyone know the kind of man he is. 

Boss Bitch

Album: Birds of Prey
Released: 2020

Boss bitch is Doja’s first soundtrack appearance, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint!

The song is the typical girl boss anthem for your morning run or gym session. Doja sings about being the boss everywhere, no matter how clumsy she might be in heels. She likes her bad pics and all the good ones, and she gets paid in advance because she deserves it! 

The chorus is repetitive, with the words I’m a bitch, I’m a boss, I’m a bitch and a boss I’m a shine like gloss, which feels so good you can almost use it as a positive affirmation. 

Boy, is this the best song to get out of those Monday blues! 

In the end

As we end this blog, we hope we’ve converted y’all into die-hard Kittens.

These are the top 10 Doja Cat songs of all time that showcase her talent and energy. From the catchy hooks to the genre-blending magic, Doja Cat has created a musical legacy entices listeners across the globe.

Each song on this list shows Doja Cat’s ability to push boundaries and carve her unique path in the industry. Whether it’s the chart-topping success of “Say So” or the fierce empowerment anthem of “Boss B*tch,” her music resonates with fans of all ages, backgrounds, and musical preferences.

Doja Cat’s ability to blend genres like pop, R&B, and hip-hop has resulted in a sound that is uniquely hers. Her music is perfect for dancing, singing along, or simply embracing the catchy melodies that’ll get stuck in your head.

Did we miss any of the top Doja Cat songs that you think should’ve been up here? Tell us in the comments below! To explore more timeless hits by your favorite singers and rappers, keep visiting our Music & Entertainment space.