The Navratri holidays are coming, and you probably want to book a nice trip for yourself or your family. However, planning a trip, especially for a large group, becomes increasingly frustrating as you keep switching between multiple apps and websites to meet your travel requirements. We can imagine your head must be buzzing with a hundred different questions about your itinerary!

Where do you get the best flight offers? But you also don’t wanna miss out on the amazing duty-free products and top-notch services at airport lounges! Can’t decide where to book the best hotels for a luxurious staycation? 

Look no further because something new has just dropped in the Indian digital landscape. The Adani One app is here – your one-stop digital savior for all your travel needs!

Eager to know its superpowers and added benefits? Adani One is an all-in-one app (yes, you read that right, no more stress jumping between apps) where you can book flights and check flight schedules. Moreover, you can access airport lounges and get lucrative offers for duty-free shopping. 

There’s even more! Through the Adani One app, you can find the best restaurants and hotels and avail cabs and parking facilities. Now that you’ve gotten a good glimpse of this convenient platform let us dive into the details a bit further. 

The Adani One App – An Overview 

With the launch of the Adani One App on December 19, 2022, the Adani Group took a major step forward on its digital journey. Right now, the app is in its alpha stage, and you can download it on both iOS and Android devices. It mainly provided services for Adani’s airports vertical, but now it also facilitates train bookings by partnering with the Trainman app.

According to Mr. Nithin Sethi, chief digital officer of consumer business at Adani Group, the ultimate objective is to roll out a digital twin working parallel to their traditional businesses. 

Moreover, stay tuned because the company plans to introduce a superapp to integrate their customers’ needs seamlessly on a single unified platform. They have also partnered up with Uber to provide cab services at all the major Indian airports. 

Adani One Services – Flight Tickets and More!

Let’s dive headfirst into the exciting new features of this incredibly user-friendly app that gives you a hassle-free travel experience. Before you start booking all your favorite spots, log in with your mobile number. Next, choose your airport from the options to browse through the available services.

For flights and hotel bookings, you can get attractive discounts on domestic and international bookings for more than Rs. 1000. You can avail discounts through ICICI and Federal bank payments, AU credit card payments, and UPI payments. The Adani loyalty program allows you to earn redeemable points on bookings and shopping for other products.

For the college friend groups out there, don’t fret over your group bookings for the next Goa trip! The Adani One app has a special feature to assist you with big group bookings and find you the best deals.

Next time, you don’t have to worry about missing your flight while bantering away with your friends! Now, you can check your flight statuses through the Adani One app. It’s super easy and simple: just put in your airport name, select your date, and choose from the arrivals and departures. 

Get ready to splurge on duty-free products

The Adani One app is ready to spoil you with the most attractive offers on duty-free products ranging from expensive whiskeys to bewitching perfumes. The duty-free shopping service comes with exclusive offers and discounts.

Once you’ve chosen your airport terminal and verified your age, you can browse through hundreds of duty-free products ranging from alcohol to perfumes available at the pick-up stores. You can even select your favorite products 30 days ahead of your flight! 

When you go to pick up your products, just show the given QR code at the pre-book collection counter and receive your package of goodness. Ready to go ahead and indulge yourself a little?

Pranaam packages to suit your extra needs

You can opt for Adani One’s Pranaam service to ensure safe and dedicated assistance throughout your journey. If you’re a solo traveler or traveling with children with special needs, you’ll be escorted by Pranaam officers throughout your airport experience.

Further, if you want to be assured of your grandparents’ safety and comfort when they’re traveling alone, Pranaam is the one for you. You can choose between their Elite and Platinum packages.  

In case of arrival, Pranaam officers will give you a warm welcome at the entry point. For international arrivals, they’ll guide you through the immigration process. Then, you’ll be led to the baggage collection area and will be assisted by a porter to collect your luggage. 

You can even get shopping assistance at your chosen duty-free outlets! The Pranaam officer never leaves your side until you safely reach your vehicle. 

In case of departures, apart from the above assistance, the Pranaam officers will also help you quickly move through baggage check-in, security, and boarding. Want to settle in the lounge for a quick refreshment and duty-free shopping? Let Pranaam help you to relax.

Other services to ease your travel nerves

Just landed in a new city with no one to pick you up? Thanks to the Adani-Uber partnership, you can get cab services to and from major airports. Just put in your location and enter the date and time. 

At selected airports, you can opt for buses and auto rickshaws for your commute. Not only that, but you can also pre-book porter services provided by Skycap porters on the Adani One app. 

Also, if you’re worried about missing your flight while hunting for a parking spot, you can pre-book your parking spot for a specific period of time. After you choose and pay for your package, you’ll get a QR Code. All you need to do is show that code at the parking counter when you arrive. Okay, you’re all set to hop on your next flight!

The Adani One Experience – What’s it All About?

When talking about the Adani One experience, you certainly can’t miss out on the loyalty program. On the Adani One Rewards Program, you can book and binge shop to your heart’s content and get rewarded with points! 

Still not convinced to book that Navratri trip via the Adani One app? Well, we’re sure you don’t wanna miss out on some bonus points. Attention all the first-time users! You can earn an extra 700 reward points on your first flight booking that you can redeem on your later purchases. 

Comfort first for mothers and passengers with special needs

Changing diapers amidst a crowded airport is extremely difficult for all the new moms out there. Let the Adani One app help you to locate and avail one of the baby care rooms available at multiple airports across India. These rooms are well-equipped with changing and nursing facilities. Therefore, you and your little ones will be surrounded by the utmost comfort and privacy.

Trips and vacations should be comfortable for everyone, right? If you’re a person with reduced mobility and/or special needs, you can easily reach for assistance through the app at various checkpoints throughout the airport. You can also request your airline for wheelchair assistance if the need arises.  

Rooms for specific needs

The Adani One app has joined hands with airports to take care of your spiritual needs. In case you need privacy for your prayer rituals, you can locate one of the peaceful and distraction-free prayer rooms available at the airports. 

Craving for some pre-flight relaxation? Take a break from the hustle and stretch in your own sleeping pod at the airport. Apart from the above experiences, you can also gain lounge access and locate smoking zones, ATMs, pharmacies, and charging points at airports through the app. 

Adani One App – the Referral Program

The Adani One Rewards Program also features a referral program. What are you waiting for? Go refer the app to your friend and get 150 points back! You’ll receive 50 points once they join and another 100 points after they make their first transaction. 

Adani One Acquiring Trainman App – Here’s What You Should Know

Recently, the Adani Group has bought an almost 30% stake in Trainman, an online train booking platform. After buying a 20% stake in Flipkart-owned ClearTrip, this is Adani’s second venture in the travel and booking industry. As a business-to-consumer partner of IRCTC, Trainman contributes up to 0.13 % of total online reserved ticketing. 

For customers like you, it just got easier to book your flights and trains in one place. The Adani One app simplifies the process of purchasing train tickets by saving you time, money, and effort. Train schedules, PNR status, discounts, and best prices- all in one place!

Adani One App: A Baby Step Toward Adani’s Digital Takeover

With the introduction of the Adani One app, the Adani Group is taking a step forward in the digital marketing industry. More and more facilities are being added to airports other than the Adani-owned ones. 

Recently, the Adani Group has also acquired huge stakes of around 74% in Flemingo Travel Retail. This has opened up a new area of opportunity in the duty-free outlets at major Indian airports. 

The app is designed to keep your comfort and needs at the very forefront. Right now, the app has over 500K downloads on the Play Store and over 11K reviews with a 4.4 rating. 

Although there have been a few instances of flight booking inconveniences among customers, the customer care service has been very quick to provide help to solve their issues. Hence, the Adani One app’s future looks promising as it prepares to integrate with the upcoming Adani super app. 

So, pack your bags, refer to your friends, and get your tickets ready for your next trip through the one and only seamless Adani One app. Also, don’t forget to score the loyalty points for your next vacation!