Welcome to a melodic journey through the discography of one of the most successful alternative rock bands of our time: Imagine Dragons. Since their breakout in 2012, Imagine Dragons has delivered anthems that resonate deeply with listeners worldwide.

In this blog, we will embark on a countdown of the top nine Imagine Dragons songs of all time. While the band has an impressive repertoire of hits, today we’ll discuss the tracks that are most loved by their fans, and showcase the band’s range.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Imagine Dragons, join us in celebrating the band’s musical genius by exploring together 9 most popular Imagine Dragons songs of all time. Without further ado, let’s uncover the gems that have become timeless anthems in their own right.

Radioactive (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Album: Night Visions
Released: 2012

Radioactive was nominated for two Grammy awards, won the award for Best Rock Performance, and is also a certified Diamond record! 

Some say Radioactive is about someone who’s just gotten out of jail. A few references in the song support this theory, like the use of the words prison bus. 
This person is now out in an entirely new world, with no place to call home and no one to call their own. 

Radioactive is a song that refreshes the mind and invigorates the body, especially the pre-chorus:

I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones,
Enough to make my systems blow. 

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons


Album: Night visions
Released: 2012

Demons is for all the people who don’t believe they are good enough and those who try to hide their inner darkness and insecurities. These people know they need help but don’t or can’t ask for it, choosing to distance themselves from their loved ones. 

The song’s lyrics sound like a man is trying to protect someone, most probably his daughter or his significant other, from the dangers of the world and the danger that is him. 

Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide.

These lines can easily sum up the theme of the song. 

Enemy (with JID) – From the series Arcane League of Legends

Album: Arcane League of Legends (soundtrack)
Released: 2021

Written for the soundtrack of the Netflix series Arcane League of Legends, Enemy speaks about a treacherous world in which no one is without ulterior motives and everyone is united against the successful people. 

The singer describes his struggles as he moves through life with the people around him, just waiting for their chance to pounce and bring him down. 
The song’s hook, along with the beat drop, brings it home. See it for yourself:

Oh, the misery
Everybody wants to be my enemy
Spare the sympathy
Everybody wants to be my enemy-y-y-y-y.

I’ll make it up to you

Album: Evolve
Released: 2017

I’ll make it up to you is a refreshing break from all the other dark and mostly cynical songs on this list. 
Although the song’s overall theme is still sad, it resonates with hope, forgiveness, and love. 

Dan Reynolds wrote the song for his wife, Aja Volkman. He missed most of her pregnancy with their child as he was on tour with his band. He wishes to make up for all the lost time with his wife and daughter, Arrow Reynolds. 

In the song, Dan isn’t trying to excuse himself, he fully admits his mistakes and only hopes for his wife to stay with him for one more night so that he can make it up to her. Isn’t that romantic? 


Album: Evolve
Released: 2017

Thunder has to be one of the most widely-known and loved among all the popular Imagine Dragons songs on our list. It is not a lyrical masterpiece, nor is it particularly unique in its beats and tempo. What sets this song apart is its energy, which says, “I’m going to do everything I want.”

In the song, the word ‘thunder’ is uttered repeatedly by the lead singer and background artists, especially in a highly-autotuned voice. Although it is obvious that there was supposed to be some meaning behind it, it doesn’t hit the mark and feels boring and repetitive. 

However, the song is still a motivational anthem for people still waiting for their time to come. Thunder asks those people not to sit tight but instead to go for it. 


Album: Evolve
Released: 2017

This song needs no introduction. One of the most popular Imagine Dragons songs to ever be released, Believer changed the entire music industry when it was released back in 2017. The lyrics, the beat drops, and the tempo: all hit their targets effectively.

The best possible addition to the song could’ve been a music video, and Imagine Dragons did exactly that. Even if you don’t understand the meaning of Believer with the lyrics, the video will tell you exactly what it’s all about.

The song speaks of hard work, patience, and of course, pain. The singer talks about how pain made him believe in himself and become a believer. It’s adversity that brings out your identity, and Imagine Dragons have captured this message beautifully. 

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Whatever it takes

Album: Evolve
Released: 2017

If you would’ve heard the title Whatever it takes on a pop artist’s album or EP, you’d have probably assumed it to be about a guy doing whatever it takes to get the girl. However, Imagine Dragons is onto something much bigger than that.

Whatever it takes is about the eternal grind and determination that comes with the hunger for success and a strong goal. The singer speaks about loving the adrenaline in his veins when he achieves something and how that surge in his blood drives him to work harder and longer.

Listen to this song in the gym and trust us, you’ll be unbeatable. 

It’s time

Album: It’s time
Released: 2011

Most songs by Imagine Dragons are excerpts from the members’ lives, and it’s highly plausible that this one is, too. It’s time might not be one of the most famous songs, but the song’s feeling is so raw and relatable that it would’ve been a shame not to add it to the list. 

In It’s time, the singer is singing about not wanting to let down his family as he drops out of school/college/university to pursue his passion (most probably singing). He also doesn’t want to leave his hometown, but he has to if he wants to achieve what he wants in life. 

And even after he feels like it’s all getting to his head, it isn’t, and he’s still the same person he was. The song’s main theme revolves around change, which is the only constant in our lives. 


Album: Mercury- Act ll
Released: 2022

Dan Reynolds confessed in an interview that he has seen his friends die due to drug addiction, which wasn’t an easy loss for him. As has been with most of the band’s music, this song is also inspired by their real-life struggles and wins. 

Bones takes us to pretty dark places like death and identity, which are not the things you generally want to think about when listening to music. Nonetheless, the singer talks about the fragility of life and denial in the face of death. 

 But the song ends on a note of some much-needed optimism, saying that there’s ‘magic in my bones,’ and that nothing can defeat him. 

In the end

From anthems of resilience like Radioactive to introspective ballads like Demons, Imagine Dragons’ music resonates deeply with fans around the world.

While this list highlighted the 9 most popular Imagine Dragons songs, their entire discography is worth exploring. Their tackle personal and universal themes with honesty and vulnerability, thus creating a lasting connection with listeners.

While we’ve tried our best to include all the versatile fan favorites, we do understand that it’s impossible to sum up Imagine Dragons’ brilliance in just nine songs. So, if we’ve missed your favorite Imagine Dragons song, let us know in the comments below!

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