The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most recognized English language proficiency exams, and it demands all of your commitment. When deciding to register for classes, IELTS test candidates may find it difficult to select the program to help them master the exam. 

Many people today opt to take online courses since they are quite accessible and convenient. These online courses will also increase your comfort level with computers if you plan to take a computer-based test along with your studies. It works well for anyone who must balance multiple tasks simultaneously as well. 

These courses will assist you in getting ready for all four IELTS examinations and align you with world-class experts, which is a perk too. Are you open to enrolling in one of the many IELTS courses? If so, this blog will direct you to six online courses to help you with your IELTS preparations.

IELTS Online Preparation Course: Kaplan

Kaplan offers one of the best IELTS courses available online. Any English student with an IETLS band 4.0 should enroll in the course. You can also choose to take Kaplan’s IELTS Live Online Preparation course with live online instruction if you enroll with them. 

But with only an online preparation course, you get to study at your own speed and use the recorded lectures to enrich your learning. You will receive 18 hours of instructor-led video classes in addition to six months to access all the materials. 

All of the practice examinations are available to you via Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English. It is a paid course, and certification is guaranteed. You have access to IELTS flashcards and a total of 140 video lessons.

Furthermore, if you’d like, you can always get in touch with them via email.

IELTS Test Preparation Course: Magoosh

The IELTS test preparation course from Magoosh is one of the most trustworthy programs people prefer. Since the entire course is online, you can study at your speed. 

You will receive in-depth tuition in speaking, listening, reading, and writing throughout the course. You will also receive around ten complete mock tests to evaluate your performance. 

Once you choose their premium subscription, you’ll have immediate access to 1000 practice questions and 120 video lessons. For each of these practice questions, there are explanation videos available.  You can pick between two plans: $109 for a monthly premium and $129 for a six-month premium.

You will get access to one graded speaking and writing assessment for the monthly plan. However, members of the six-month plan will get four graded speaking and writing assessments. 

You will also receive a target band score guarantee and unrestricted access to ask expert questions. If you don’t get the band score you want with them, Magoosh guarantees to offer you a full refund.

IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course: Udemy

This course from one of the top online programs – Udemy – must be on your list if you’re considering getting a Band 7+. Students who prefer an all-encompassing academic and general exam strategy should take the course. But have in mind that you must have intermediate English in order to take the course. 

It will fix all of your troubles if you’re anxious about listening tests. They also promise to improve your reading ability to Band 8+. The test preparation will also include speaking and writing techniques and point you toward the exam’s requirements. 

They will also instruct you on time management skills to improve your performance. After enrolling in the course, you will get access to 15 articles, 89.5 hours of video content, and assignments. 

A completion certificate and 165 downloadable resources are also included in the course. The cost of the course is INR 4,299, or around $54.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation Course: edX

The IELTS Academic Test Preparation course offered by edX is the next course on our radar. edX has a reputation for providing some of the best online courses, and IELTS is no different. 

This self-paced course includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. It will take you around eight weeks to complete this course if you keep putting in 5–10 hours weekly. You’ll be competent to take the exam by the end of the course. 

More than 80 hours of interactive practice materials are included in this course, which professionals developed at The University of Queensland. Presentations and exercises will be accessible based on the patterns of IELTS. 

Although you can upgrade if you’d like, the course is free. However, unless you select the verified track of the course, you won’t get your certification. The course costs INR 13,433, or approximately $169.

IELTS Preparation Specialization: Coursera

Are you prepping for your IELTS exam but unsure which course to sign up for? We advise Coursera’s IELTS preparation specialization. Your course instructor will go over all the details of the subjects so that you can score well in your exam.  

The specialization includes three courses that prepare students for the IELTS exam:
Course 1: IELTS Writing Section Skills Mastery 
Course 2: IELTS Listening and Speaking Sections Skills Mastery 
Course 3: IELTS Reading Sections Skills Mastery 

The course will help you rehearse speaking and broaden your vocabulary in English. You can complete the course in three months if you put in 2 hours every week. You’ll value having 1 flexible hour in a virtual classroom. 

Your lecturer will also provide homework and record the class for later reference. You will also receive a certificate at the end of the program. Anyone can enroll in the course, and it is free.

Understanding IELTS: British Council 

Understanding IELTS is a helpful guide for exam preparation. Using it, you may hone your abilities and learn strategies to perform better on all tests. You’ll receive advice, practice questions, and solutions for the four test sections—speaking, reading, writing, and listening. 

The courses are naturally divided into weeks and activities to help you keep track of your learning. A range of short to extensive readings, audio, and practical exercises is offered to help you get the most out of the session. 

The course requires a 12-week commitment overall. You can finish each course under it in around three weeks if you put in 3 hours weekly. After finishing this course, you will surely achieve your professional goals and receive qualifications that the field has acknowledged. 

During the free 7-day trial period provided by the British Council, you can evaluate whether or not this full ExpertTrack is ideal for you. There is a necessary $39 subscription fee after that, which you can cancel at any time.

Summing it up

Now that the blog has ended let’s review all we have covered thus far. We talked about the six courses to help you with your IELTS preparations online.

IELTS is undoubtedly one of the most prominent English language competency tests for higher education worldwide. However, due to its popularity, we are frequently pulled into a whirlpool of courses that individuals market, leaving you feeling disoriented by the options. 

But we do hope that we were able to refine your options so that you could select the best to crush the test! To stay updated about all the best courses available in the online education space, keep visiting The Countdown List.