John Green should appear on your list of favorite authors if you enjoy reading young adult novels. He is an American novelist who has experienced phenomenal success ever since the publication of his first book, Looking for Alaska. He has a way of connecting with people like no other. 

You can find chronic sickness in practically every one of the author’s stories because he is known for pushing it to people’s attention. He is also known for being able to relate to the lives and personalities of teenagers.

He has the power to seize our minds and take us to unfamiliar places. You will fall head over heels for a character who you have never met or who doesn’t even exist. 

All of John Green’s characters are likable and blessed with a unique charm that distinguishes them from one another. So, if you’re a reader seeking some suggestions for John Green’s book, we’ve covered it for you. Check out the 5 best John Green books you really must read right now.

The Fault in Our Stars

While we’re on the subject of best John Green books, it’d be impossible not to include the classic The Fault in Our Stars. After all, no book can compare to this contemporary masterpiece, which has left readers with a lasting memory. 

Yes, there have been several writings of tales of young people experiencing love. However, John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars adds another emotional layer by including two main characters battling terminal illnesses. 

So, this book’s emotional conflict is the finest if you tend to cry easily! You have to read this book if you really wish to appreciate how complex and lifelike the characters are. It is an emotional whirlwind. 

It’s easy to love characters like Augustus and Hazel. They are the team that wins over the reader’s affection. They would charm you with their quick wit and the fearlessness they show in all situations. These characters that Green has created are authentic and vulnerable. 

The book serves as an example of how perfection is not what defines your existence. The characters are scarily realistic, despite the fact that you could assume they are romanticized at moments.

You would be overcome with emotion and have tears streaming down your face with this book. If you have observed the buzz surrounding this book, we can promise you that it is worth reading.

This John Green book was also adapted into a movie. Here’s the trailer if you want to check it out:

Paper Towns

If you’re a fan of John Green and want to catch a glimpse of his imagination and literary brilliance, Paper Towns should be your first choice. The main character, Quentin, has been in love with Margo, his neighbor since they were young. As they mature, their connection weakens, and Q turns into a band nerd and Margo into a popular child. 

Margo made a startling comeback into Q’s life just before their high school graduation. She persuaded him to accompany her on a quest for vengeance against her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. 

The real action starts when Margo disappears the next morning after a night of adventure and leaves Q with hints to find her. The author skillfully strikes a balance between humor, heartache, and adventure to create something that is so unrealistically beautiful to read. 

This book will surely motivate you to go after your dreams and never look back because nothing will taste better when you get there. Paper Towns is the answer if you’re looking for a wonderful plot, equally great characters, and outstanding writing.

An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines is yet another amazing read by the author. The characters in this novel are different but special. 

Throughout the novel, Colin, a quirky and genuinely fascinating character, spews random information that gives the book its flavor. 

But the peculiar aspect of his personality is that he only wants to date any woman named Katherine! Perhaps you can now see why John Green chose this name for his book. 

Hassan is unquestionably the comic relief of this great story. But he is also quite important to the plot. After being turned down by 19 Katherines, Colin sets out on a road trip with his friend Hassan. He is on a quest to seek his “eureka” moment. 

He wants to establish The Theorem of Underlying Katherine, a mathematical theorem that predicts the outcome of any relationship. Also, just to remind you, the main character is attempting to develop a theorem, and the author jumped right into mathematics. But just be assured that the book isn’t dictated by math, so don’t let your dislike of math stop you from enjoying this classic.

Looking for Alaska

If you know John Green, you know that Looking for Alaska started it all for him and his readers. His first book is about Miles Halter and the friends he made in a boarding school in Alabama. This John Green book will fill your head with wise quotations, so you must read it at least once throughout your life. 

Looking for Alaska touches on many deep and unsettling subjects, including the meaning of life and death. 

However, it’s also a fantastic choice for bookworms because it deals with issues like love and friendship, as well as everything in between. 

The book will make your head spin if you want to try and understand Alaska’s complex personality. However, it would simply hit you where it hurts following her cryptic death. The incident would leave you bewildered, just like all her friends and Miles. This book is for you if intriguing plots draw you in.

Turtles All the Way Down

There’s a good reason for Turtles All the Way Down to acquire the first place among the best John Green books on our list. In case you were curious, has novel has nothing to do with turtles. The storyline of the novel is about a young girl named Aza Holmes who battles severe anxiety and OCD. But what really burns her are the irrational thoughts.

As a reader, you would spend a great deal of time inside her thoughts. She is constantly at war with her own thoughts, which are perpetually out of control. 

She helps her closest friend Daisy in search of billionaire Russell Pickett, who has vanished under suspicion of fraud. But the story also revolves around her trying to be a good friend and a good detective.

It’s not quite a classic thriller despite having a missing billionaire and a search for him to make money. The author does a fantastic job of conveying the fears of youth through this book. It is another classic that came out of Green’s head and is certain to leave a mark on any teenager’s mind.

In the end

John Green has carved his way into the hearts of many book lovers. The novels we have suggested would make you feel a range of emotions. However, they are so breathtakingly beautiful that you wouldn’t stop swooning (and crying) over them. 

We have introduced you to the 5 best John Green books every bookworm should read. These books are perfect for you if you have seen enough buzz about him and his writings but are unsure where to start. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick your favorite from the list!

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