Have you ever thrown a lavish five-course dinner party for all your friends? You probably placed pretty flower arrangements and candles on the table and decorated your space with twinkling fairy lights.

Maybe you even brought out your finest china set? And during the post-dinner gossip, your friends complimented not only the extravagance of your dishes but also the table arrangement. 

Do you remember how euphoric you felt after a long day of preparing the dishes and setting everything up? It felt like ingesting a happy pill, right? You felt validated for the effort you put in to express your love and admiration for your friends. And that’s the beauty of heartfelt compliments! They’ll never fail to put a huge grin on your face!

However, there are those moments at a party or a work meeting when you or your female friend have received uncomfortable compliments. These may look like “your legs look amazing” or “that neckline looks inviting” and usually make your skin crawl. 

You see, women receive a lot of unwanted attention because of their outward appearances. In a world marred with patriarchy, you often observe girls dressing up to cater to the male gaze. Our society has rarely allowed women to be comfortable in their bodies and express themselves through their appearance for their own happiness without judging them. 

Even though the trend is changing now as more and more women are shunning the male gaze, we still have a long way to go. So, before you get stressed about giving the perfect compliment to that special lady in your life, let us help you with the etiquette of complimenting women. 

Are you ready to learn the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of complimenting women in different social settings? Let’s dive in!

Learning to respect women: Let’s begin at home

You’re always surrounded by brave and hardworking women in almost every space you step in. Of course, the question of how do you praise a strong woman? needs to be first answered with respect to the women in your household. 

She can be the woman who birthed you and brought you up with the greatest love and care. Your daughter, the apple of your eye, the little one to light up your life! Your sister, your lifelong partner-in-crime, your confidant. Or your significant other, the one who entrusted you with her heart! 

Complimenting women in your life with meaningful tokens of love can strengthen your relationships with them. When she’s feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, your words of encouragement and faith in her can particularly boost their self-esteem and determination. 

Take the time to respect and cherish the women around you

Every now and then, you can stop to admire their contribution to your life and cherish their love and devotion towards you. Now you can get inspired from our compiled list of compliments women love to hear:

1. To the women who enrich your life, you can say,

“You make life so much more meaningful, fun, and worthwhile!”

2. Do you wanna write a Mother’s Day card for the woman who cooked food and washed nappies for the ‘baby you’? Try this:

“You made me the person I am today; you mean the world to me.” And perhaps, you can add a cute handmade crochet bag for her.

3. Proud of your daughter, who takes care of you and prepares your meals while juggling office work?

Write her a note saying, “I’m so proud of the woman you have become, keep it up!”

4. Do you wish to thank the friend who has always helped you ace your math exams?

Get her an elegant bracelet and write a note of thanks that reads, “Hey there, I’m glad I found such a helpful and trustworthy friend in you.”

Or something like, “I sincerely thank you for your help with my studies.”

If you wanna follow our advice, why not write down some praises on Post-its and stick them on the refrigerator? Also, don’t forget to capture that heartwarming smile on her face!

Praising her work ethic: perfecting the skill of workplace compliments

You know, if you’re wondering about how to compliment a strong woman, applauding her on her professional achievements is always the right move! For example, you can choose to compliment her dedication to her job, her working style, or her office mannerisms. 

Or perhaps you want to compliment your female teacher at school on Teachers’ Day. You can show your respect and admiration for how much you have learned from her and how she shaped you into a better person.

Okay, time for some customized free advice! Some workplace compliments for female colleagues or teachers are as follows- 

5. You can start by complimenting your female co-worker on her competence. Maybe over some post-work drinks, you can slip in your note of thanks:

“Your dedication to our last group project inspired me to do better!”

6. If you’re a surgeon, an expression of gratitude to your nurse will validate her dedication to her tiring service. It may sound a lot like, “I’m really thankful for your service in my operation theater.”

7. You can express your respect to your female teacher by saying, “Thank you for the gift of knowledge you’ve granted me.”

Don’t forget to get her a bouquet of sunflowers on Teachers’ Day!

Steer clear of the creepy, condescending attitude!

If you’re a man, complimenting a woman on her looks in a workplace environment is highly undesirable. But maybe on some special occasions like celebrating her company’s golden jubilee, you can indulge in some classy compliments about her appearance. 

Most importantly, you should remember to avoid giving out condescending compliments such as “You’re too bright for a woman” or “I can’t believe women can be so good at driving.” They are actually quite demeaning to women. Hence, always treat them as your equal, and you’ll even receive lovely gestures of thanks.

Complimenting women on dates: Praise to Impress!

Now, we’re here to hold your hand while you explore the tricky waters of dating! But fear not; we won’t let you embarrass yourself and have your date leave you at the table. Yikes! That last line brought back some nasty memories, didn’t it?

You need to remember that complimenting a woman on her body is the oldest cliche in the book! Being the beautiful girl she is, she probably hears that seven days a week. Think about it: Are you really bringing anything new to the table? 

Yes, for sure! Talking about your date’s hobbies and talents and complimenting women on these things can certainly secure that second date for you. 

Why don’t you ask her about her favorite books and songs of the year? Thereafter, please go to compliment her impeccable tastes in literature and music. You never know; someday, you might even find yourself dancing with her under the dim kitchen lights to one of her favorite songs!

So, what compliments can you give a girl you really like that goes beyond outward appearances? Don’t worry, we got you! 

Make the right moves with deeper compliments!

Now, let’s go through some compliments that will make your date feel at ease and nice about themselves:

The next time you’re seated across a pretty woman with the voice of a nightingale, surprise them with a compliment on their voice.

8. It could be a simple “oh I love the sound of your giggle” or “you have a really beautiful voice, are you a professional singer or what?” You will instantly notice the positive change in their mood.

9. Or, for instance, you guys are cooking at her place, and her chicken lasagna tastes fantastic. Don’t forget to let her know with this compliment:

“I’m a huge fan of your cooking, can’t wait for the next time I get to taste this delicious dish!”

10. Imagine you meet someone nice at a social gathering and start hanging out. You find out she’s majoring in ancient history.

You can definitely commend her choice of subject by saying, “I’m really interested in your subject! Would you like to show me around your favorite historical museum?”

When you’re out partying with your girlfriend, compliment her by praising her makeup skills or asking where her outfit is from. It can make her fun little evening ten times better! 

Complimenting Women: The Key to Their Hearts

Genuine compliments, without a doubt, make every woman feel good in their skin. It can be a compliment about her kindness, hardworking nature, or her sense of justice. 

Instead of throwing away superficial praises, shower her with thoughtful compliments. It really makes a huge difference. To all the men who are reading this, don’t be shy to respectfully compliment women’s bodies. Allow yourself to admire women’s outfits and their fashion sense. 

It is important to note that while complimenting women, it is the impact that matters, not the intention behind the compliment. Even if you have good intentions behind your compliments, they may not be properly phrased or delivered.

Remember to read the room before you say anything. Above all, pay attention to her body language and the tone of her response to your compliment. When you remain sensitive to women’s emotions and feelings, they’ll treasure your companionship forever.

If we were able to give you something to think about, please feel free to explore our All About Life space, where we break down the more sensitive, ambiguous aspects of life. Until next time!