It’s official! Prince Harry’s memoir has set records! 

According to Guinness World Records, the autobiography Spare holds the record for the fastest-selling nonfiction book ever. The controversial and candid book sold 1.43 million copies on the very first day of sales in the UK, the US, and Canada. 

The memoir hit the shelves on January 10, 2023, and more people are now buying it as a result of the juicy details it includes. The book has people running to get it, and here are the top 10 reasons that will compel you to read Prince Harry’s memoir today.

William, Kate, Harry, and the infamous Nazi costume

Do you remember the Duke of Sussex’s infamous Nazi uniform incident from a “Native and Colonial”-themed costume party in 2005? The Sun newspaper featured a photo of the prince in the Nazi outfit on its main page when he was 20 years old?

Additionally, onlookers could see the red wristband bearing a large swastika in that scandalous soldier costume. In any case, Prince Harry has provided an explanation for the incident, and guess on whom he has sensationally placed the blame? 

Yes, his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. He asserts that they were the ones who “encouraged” him to wear the costume at the time in the memoir. 

Would you not like to go more into the details of one of the biggest mistakes of his life?

Brothers at war

It is obvious to everybody who pays attention to the royal kingdom that the royal brothers are having difficulty getting along. Therefore, it is not surprising that the biography has generated interest from all around the world. 

Moreover, the book has revelations regarding Prince Harry’s personal challenges, in particular those involving his royal brother. Additionally, he disclosed a fierce argument with Prince William, claiming that he knocked him over and more. You must read the memoir to learn more, given that the allegations have occupied the headlines of the British media in particular.

King Charles and his marriage to Camilla

Prince Harry’s biography does not “spare” anyone, not even his father, King Charles, or stepmother Camilla. He has acknowledged that he asked King Charles III, his father, not to marry Queen Consort Camilla. 

The prince didn’t stop there; he also charged that Camilla had appeared bored during their initial encounter, regarding it only as a formality. Additionally, he was worried she might turn out to be his “evil” stepmother. 

The royal sources claim that King Charles is not going to read Harry’s memoir, and you would know why when you read it yourself!

The re-creation of Princess Diana’s final moments in Harry’s Memoir

In the book, there have been devastating admissions about Prince Harry’s grief at the loss of his beloved mother. He elaborates a bit more about driving through the same tunnel in Paris where Princess Diana’s fatal car tragedy occurred in 1997. 

He mimicked the key events during the Rugby World Cup semifinal in Paris in 2007. In addition, he instructed his driver to pass through it at 65 mph, which is the speed at which the police claim Princess Diana was driving. You will certainly shed tears when reading Prince Harry’s autobiography, which is a conflict tinged with love for his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince Harry’s military days

It goes without saying that Prince Harry’s much-awaited book will have military overtones. He revealed how many people he had killed in Afghanistan while on duty, and the Taliban leader also made remarks about it. 

Military analysts claim that the prince broke four military codes by including the Afghan account in the book. However, now that it’s there, you may read it and perhaps take part in the discussion.

Unfunny jokes from King Charles

The prince talked of King Charles’ “remarkably unfunny” jokes in the memoir. The King would joke about how they weren’t father and son, and this particular tale was among his favorites. 

The prince also remembers not getting the humor in his father’s words at the time. Now, similar jokes are frequently told in families, and we know it! 

However, considering the persistent claim that Major James Hewitt, one of Princess Diana’s past lovers, was actually his father, it was insensitive! Read the book to know more. 

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, and the last goodbye

The words from Harry’s memoir are spreading thick and fast, and Prince Harry has also talked about Queen Elizabeth II. He remembers the final moments when he hurried to the Queen’s bedside at Balmoral Castle in Scotland before her passing. 

Additionally, he shared about the close bond he maintained with her late grandmother. Sadly, he arrived too late to say farewell before her demise, but he nonetheless said his last goodbyes in her resting place. He wished she was happy and back with Prince Philip.

Prince Harry and drugs

Prince Harry was expected to make a number of unexpected revelations in the memoir. However, it looks like he is leaving no stone unturned to reveal some of his secrets too. 

He has talked about his early experiences in his youth. It would also be shocking to read him talk about his drug use. 

The prince stated that it was crucial to “acknowledge” his usage of drugs when he was younger. There seem to be even more reasons to read Harry’s memoir and learn more about those times, right?

Meghan called Kate a baby brain?

Prince Harry, in his memoir, has discussed how his wife was told off for making baby brain remark about Princess Kate before their wedding.

The American-born royal said Kate must have a baby brain because of her hormones. It was when Kate gave birth to her third child just weeks before the wedding. Markle was offended by this telling-off, so let’s wait for Kate to comment on the entire situation!

William and Kate were Suits fans

Prince Harry’s memoir release undoubtedly sent the world into a frenzy. However, were you ready to learn that Prince William and his wife were Suits fans? Well, at least Harry claims them to be in the memoir! 

In case you didn’t know, his wife, Meghan, starred in that TV show. The prince has shared that he kept his relationship a secret even from his family. 

However, he made the decision to tell his sister-in-law and brother, who were both excited and curious about the new union. Get a copy of the memoir now to get more glimpses of the inside story.

To give you more reasons to read Prince Harry’s memoir, here’s a clip of his interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show:

Wrapping up

You’ve probably heard about Prince Harry’s recently published book, Spare, if you’re a fan of the British royal family. If not, you must be wondering why there has been such a media frenzy! After all, the prince conducted multiple high-profile interviews to gain publicity for the book.

The record-breaking sales of this frank account of the prince’s life are sufficient evidence that people have a great interest in it. We have introduced the ten reasons that will compel you to read the memoir in the blog. 

So, when will you buy a copy of the much-anticipated memoir? Let us know your thoughts on the book in the comments. Interested in adding more books to your bookshelf? Check out our dedicated blog page for more fascinating suggestions today!