“What are you doing this weekend?” 

We all have asked and answered this question several times in our busy lives, sometimes on busy Monday mornings while having a cup of coffee with colleagues and remembering the weekend that just passed, but most times on exciting Friday nights while being ready for the two work-free days that lie ahead.

There is a myriad of interesting ways to make your weekends wholesome, enjoyable, and memorable. And while a night out with friends or eating out with family are two of the most common options, there are still many other ways to spend your free time with fun.

On those occasions when none of your friends are around, or it’s too cold outside (it soon will be!). OR you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, not many things can provide you with a feeling of an awesome weekend the way a good movie or series can.

Everybody likes a good movie or series, and watching them is no problem when you have a Hotstar subscription in hand. Whether you love heart-warming romance dramas, mind-bending psychological thrillers, or gut-wrenching horror that gets stuck to your soul, Hotstar has it all. But the question is, “Which shows to watch?”

You can leave that to us. The leading streaming platform has produced quite a few remarkable releases this year that deserve a loud shoutout. Here are the top 10 new Hotstar releases you must watch in 2022 (in no particular order).


From the house of Hotstar has come a promising mystery thriller that can keep you hooked to your seats during the course of its nine episodes. Dahan revolves around the myths, legends, and superstitions that rule the land of Shilaspura – a place full of mysteries.

As IAS Officer Agni Raut faces the angered inhabitants protesting against the mining activities of the government, she learns about the people, history, spirits, and a curse that lingers on the land. Will she face the consequences of going against the curse and the legend, or will something totally unexpected happen? Watch the series to know all about it.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Your favorite Avenger, Thor, has decided on a unique quest this time – the quest for peace. Thor wants to take a break, but his plans have to change when he receives a distress signal from Sif.

As Thor learns of the havoc that Gorr – the God Butcher – is doing, he embarks on a mission to stop him. What happens next makes the film a rollercoaster ride through action, adventure, and occasional comedies as Thor battles Gorr. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it NOW!!

Werewolf by Night

In the shadows lurks a group of hunters. No ordinary hunters– monster hunters. The monster hunters have arrived at the Bloodstone Temple and are ready to compete in a hunt to decide their leader.

But the hunt is more than what it seems to be. The wielder of the powerful Bloodstone– Ulysses– has died, and his widow, Verussa, has some hidden intentions. Will hunter Jack Russell succeed in this hunt? If you love Marvel movies and haven’t watched this masterpiece yet, make some room in your “MCU favorites” list!

The White Lotus: Season 2

The White Lotus is one of those rare shows that manage to find that sweet spot with an ideal blend of great direction, flawless writing, phenomenal performances, and commendable cinematography.

The show’s second season returned in October this year. And has it managed to keep up with the expectations set by the first season? Hell Yes!

Fans and critics cannot stop praising this season that explores the topic of sex and sexual politics in a satirical way. All the more reason to add it to your new Hotstar releases watchlist right now!

The Bear

Let’s accept it – comedies are highly underrated. We talk about the importance of watching other, “more serious” genres, sidelining comedies. Well, The Bear is here to change that.

The story follows Carmy– a young chef trying to come to terms with his brother’s suicide and the events that follow. As Carmy returns to Chicago and his family sandwich shop with an experience that doesn’t seem to fit here, he handles disobeying staff, dysfunctional relationships, and insecurities. Watch this heartwarming show to know how everything pans out.

No Exit

Had enough comedy and drama and want to tune into a fast-paced suspense thriller? No Exit is the show you were looking for.

The show – which happens to be one of the most popular new Hotstar releases – follows a college student named Darby Thorne as she has to take shelter in a highway rest shop due to a blizzard. But the people who are staying along with her have some mysteries surrounding them, with a kidnapper lurking among the crowd.

Start watching this No Exit to know if Darby finds out the kidnapper’s true identity and how she handles the situation.

The Rehearsal 

If No Exit seems too serious for you, hop into The Rehearsal to watch a multilayered premise that not only gives you some food for thought but also prepares you for various challenging situations in life.

Life is uncertain, and Nathan Fielder beautifully tries to help people rehearse such uncertain situations beforehand. You will stare, laugh, and think as Fielder goes around helping people rehearse difficult and complex situations.

This one-of-a-kind comedy documentary is certainly one of the new Hotstar releases you must not miss out on.


We cannot finish this list without mentioning a science fiction recommendation. If you want to get confused, surprised, and entertained simultaneously, Parallels is an ideal choice for you!

This French-language show follows the story of four childhood friends as their lives get wrapped in a complex puzzle of varying timelines. All thanks to an experiment conducted at the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

As the show unfolds, you might feel everything going straight over the head. But hang on there with patience, and you won’t be disappointed.


This is a movie that has made us wait eagerly for years and years. And when it finally dropped at the theaters in September this year, we couldn’t stop being excited.

If you somehow couldn’t watch this movie in the theaters, which is unfortunate, you will soon be able to watch it from the comfort of your sofa or bed. The epic fantasy is all set to drop on November 4 on Hotstar. You must watch it to experience the beauty of ancient Indian myths blended with the modern world.

House of the Dragon

Game of Thrones might not have ended the way we wanted it to. But its prequel has proved its mettle nevertheless and has fans singing praises for the show.

Set two centuries before the events of GOT, House of the Dragon is the highly anticipated prequel based on G.R.R. Martin’s book “Fire and Blood.” The story revolves around House Targaryen and the civil war that breaks the house against King Targaryen.

Action, drama, and, most of all, the essence and vibe of Game of Thrones are delivered exceptionally well on House of the Dragon. You can’t miss this!

Before the end

If films and movies interest you, one of the easiest ways to fulfill your interests is to get a Hotstar subscription and start binge-watching the amazing TV shows, originals, and movies the platform offers.

We have talked about ten of the new Hotstar releases that have entertained and are still entertaining millions of viewers worldwide. We have provided you with ten exciting shows to add to your watchlist for 2022. So, the next time your friend or colleague asks, “What are you doing this weekend?” invite them to your home and start binging together!

Which one of our recommended new Hotstar releases are you going to watch first? Tell us in the comments. If you have some recommendations, don’t shy away from sharing them with us

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