In 1978, the tomb of a fifty-year-old woman was unearthed in the prehistoric site of ʿAin Mallaha in northern Israel. The woman’s skeleton was found cuddled up on the ground, her left hand resting on another, much smaller skeleton– a puppy’s– lying near her head. What’s most striking is the fact that the tomb dates from 12,000 years ago.

The above findings provide one of the earliest pieces of evidence known about the domestication of dogs and a testament to the millennia-old relationship between humans and dogs.

We all have read, heard, and known that dogs are our most loyal animal partners, and we don’t need any proof to accept and testify to this fact; dogs have always been an important part of our lives, more important than any other animal. The bond between humans and dogs is one of the oldest interspecies relationships in the history of humanity.

Due to this historical connection, we see our canine partners as naive, loyal, humble pets. But this assumption is far from general. 

Not all dogs are suitable for domestication. Some breeds are best left alone, away from too much human intervention. And if taken as pets, they should be trained well, lest they prove too harmful if not handled with caution. If you love dogs and believe they cannot harm you, be prepared to change your opinion. And if you don’t like dogs, be ready to get more reasons to keep your distance. 

Here are ten of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

Pit Bull

Average Height: 18-21 inches
Average Weight: 50-70 pounds

Pit Bulls are hands down the most dangerous breed of dogs worldwide. Various varieties of pit bull and pit-bull-like dogs are the cause of the greatest number of dog-bite-related fatalities (DBRFs) in the United States.

Strong, well-defined jaws, broad heads, and dark eyes are some features that give them a unique look– graceful yet dangerous. Their height-to-weight ratios make them a suitable breed for hunting and attacking. These medium-sized dogs are not only stronger for their size but also the most aggressive.


Average Height: 24-27 inches
Average Weight: 95-135 pounds

All the dogs we just talked about are nowhere near Rottweilers when it comes to being dangerous. A Rottweiler is not one of those lovely, harmless dogs you’d come across; it is one of the most dangerous and deadly dogs in the world.

Rottweilers cause the second-largest number of dog-related deaths in the US. If you want a great protector and guard for your house and family, Rottweilers would be one of the best options. But for any intruder who comes unwelcome in your house, Rottweilers can be a fatal danger– thanks to their large, muscular body that serves the purpose. 


Average Height: 25-27 inches
Average Weight: 110-130 pounds

Another breed of dog that is both aggressive and large enough to be dangerously harmful– Bullmastiffs are some of the most dangerous dogs in the world. Easily distinguishable by their broad head and dark eyes, Bullmastiffs have a great body that is both strong and fast.

Although these dogs are a good option as pets, you need to spend quality time training them to control their aggressiveness, which is not easy to handle once gone off the limits.

Siberian Husky

Average Height: 21-24 inches
Average Weight: 40-60 pounds

If you spot a wolf in a cold, snowy place, look again. It might be a Siberian Husky instead. Known for their resemblance to wolves, Huskies are medium-to-small-sized dogs that were once used as sled dogs in the Siberian Arctic region.

Don’t go after their size; these dogs can be stronger and more dangerous than they might seem. They don’t just look like wolves but also behave somewhat similarly. They like to chase smaller creatures. So if you have children in your family, think twice before adopting Huskies as pets.

Great Dane

Average Height: 28-32 inches
Average Weight: 140-175 pounds

Great Danes can seem like one of the calmest breeds ever. But they are not as peace-loving as they might seem. Not that Danes are not calm– they can be the best canine partners for your family. But they can become very dangerous if not looked after properly.

Besides being taller than most other dogs, Danes also have heavy muscular bodies with alert minds. A Great Dane knows how to take care of itself and its masters and can be fatally dangerous if you try to disturb its calm and wake its inner beast.

Doberman Pinscher

Average Height: 24-28 inches
Average Weight: 70-100 pounds

Just like German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers are intelligent dogs that are not only smart but also have strong, well-built physiques. Their alert ears, straight back, and smooth gait make them one of the most professional-looking dogs.

Besides having a sharp mind, Dobermans also possess large, powerful, heavy, and muscular bodies that are both fast and easy to identify. They can react surprisingly fast and can keep intruders at bay. So, if you spot a Doberman guarding a house, better not to tread anywhere near them.

German Shepherd

Average Height: 24-26 inches
Average Weight: 65-90 pounds

German Shepherd is a common breed of domesticated dog. You might have seen people having a German Shepherd as a pet. But these dogs are also commonly used by the police and military due to their exceptional physical strength and energetic nature. They are highly active and smart and react pretty quickly if they feel in danger. 

Although you can easily train a German Shepherd to become the ideal pet, it can prove to be one of the most aggressive and dangerous dogs when the situation demands, which is why you should maintain a safe distance from these dogs unless they become familiar with you.


Average Height: 23-25 inches
Average Weight: 65-75 pounds

Boxers can be very patient and calm most of the time with their owners if they are trained well. But then, they are also quite possessive and protective about the safety of their owners. 

Boxers have often been used for hunting because of their strong physical capabilities and can deliver fatal bites with their strong jaws to keep their enemies under their control. An untrained boxer can be quite dangerous if not treated and handled patiently, so avoid being near and disturbing boxers unless you’re sure of your safety.

Alaskan Malamute

Average Height: 23-24 inches
Average Weight: 75-85 pounds

Large, powerful, and loyal are three terms that appropriately describe Alaskan Malamutes. Their dense, furry coating makes them a great companion in colder climates as they have naturally been made for them.

Although Mals can be pretty dangerous due to their large build, strong body, and resemblance to wolves, proper training can bring them under control and transform them into loving pets. However, training them is not very easy, so make sure to train them from a young age.

Saint Bernard

Average Height: 28-30 inches
Average Weight: 140-180 pounds

St. Bernards are mostly thought of for their loving, playful nature as a common domesticated dog breed. But in some rare cases, these dogs can become quite dangerous. 

With their big, powerful bodies that can sometimes weigh up to 200 pounds, these dogs– despite being a great option for a pet– can become problematic if enough care is not taken while training and domesticating them. Due to its large muscular body, a Saint Bernard can become difficult to handle if gone astray.

Woof Woof!

We all know dogs as a species that can be kept as a pet. And while this notion remains true, it overlooks the dangers some dogs might bring to the table.

Dogs can be dangerous and, sometimes, even fatal. And in this blog, we have told you about ten of the most dangerous breeds of dogs that must be dealt with warily. These dogs can serve as great pets, but they must be trained and prepared to be friendly to avoid trouble.

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