Do you want to bring some greenery and energy into your home? It is natural to wish for this because we all grow weary of a dull interior at some point. We have a quick suggestion for you if you’re thinking about the same thing. 

Your home can always become greener by adding some indoor plants. Adding plants is a fantastic method to change the ambiance in your home. This is the reason we have compiled a list of 10 low-maintenance indoor plants to make your home greener. What do you think? 

So, are you ready to bring some plants into your interior? Well, you must keep scrolling down to start crowding your space with these popular houseplants to make your home greener!

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns are standard houseplants that require little maintenance and do a great job of keeping your home green. You can keep them indoors all year long since they grow slowly. 

They certainly form a beautiful ground cover when positioned in an area with the appropriate amount of protection. Keep the ferns close to bright and indirect sunlight since they prefer warm, humid environments. 

Please note that they must be watered frequently to keep their soil from drying. Additionally, remember to clip the ferns when they grow out of control. 

You can place these wonderful ferns to give your guest rooms or kitchen a little more personality. These Boston ferns are available in hanging baskets and plastic containers. So, make sure to buy them and hang them around your windows.

Holy Basil

Holy basil, or the queen of herbs, is one of the most typical household items in Indian homes. It is the ideal houseplant due to its sensitivity to the scorching afternoon sun.

The plant is rather easy to grow since they require moderate temperatures. Make sure the soil is moist around this plant, but don’t let it become too wet.  

People adore adding its leaves to tea since this plant is renowned for having excellent medical effects. Make sure to keep them at your home because the plant’s aroma and beauty can never be matched.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are the perfect option if you want an indoor plant that needs little to no maintenance. The plant’s striking beauty and a few added advantages when placed in your sleeping area also contribute to its popularity. 

You can keep them in your bedroom because they can also survive in conditions with little natural light. The plant is reputed to block out dangerous pollutants and to be beneficial against allergies. 

But please keep in mind that overwatering the plant is one of the main causes of its death. They will benefit you with their beauty and air-cleansing abilities if you simply keep them wherever in your home.


Dracaena may thrive in medium to bright indirect sunlight and can also tolerate draughts just as well. If you choose to keep them indoors in your living space, keep in mind that these low-maintenance indoor plants thrive in low light. Try to avoid making their soil too wet and instead just keep it damp when it’s time for their growing season. 

You must prune them whenever you feel like it if you want them to grow beautifully. The pruning will also manage their height or shape so that it matches the interior design of your home. Another incentive to keep this decorative plant indoors is that it is known to contribute to better air quality.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a separate, hugely popular indoor plant that you’re likely to find in every home. You’ll be astonished at how easy it is to grow the plant. Growing them might not just be for aesthetic purposes because they have a number of benefits. 

Our faces, hair, and burned areas can all be treated with aloe vera. Aloe vera plants can be grown in full shade or without sunshine. 

You should also be aware that they don’t need watering every day. Simply water them minimally to keep them moist and promote their survival.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are well renowned for being minimal maintenance plants. The plant is well recognized for its ability to filter the air and requires medium to low light to thrive. 

This plant is another one that could die from overwatering, so please keep away from it. You can check on them once or twice a week to see if they need some watering. 

You must fertilize this plant once or twice a year in order to maintain a balanced fertilizer. Make sure to buy them because they add a little more color and vitality to dark areas of your house.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are another plant that many people believe to be lucky when planted indoors. It won’t be difficult to maintain the plant because it can survive low light and is naturally adaptive. 

You simply need to water them once every two to three weeks for them to grow. The stems of this plant can be clipped to maintain their shape. 

Another motivation for buying them is the widespread idea that the plant draws cleansing energies. Therefore, if you want to add more green to your living spaces, be sure to get a couple of pots of these plants.

Areca Palm

The areca palm is one of the best options for interior decoration to make your space greener. Just avoid getting their soil wet because doing so may cause their roots to rot, which is something that nobody wants. 

Don’t bother about trimming them because they don’t need much; just make sure they are exposed to some bright light. Make sure to put them in your living areas for a greener look. You should also fertilize the plant during the spring to encourage a bit faster growth.

Money Plant

Money plants are another plant on our list that thrive when kept indoors. You can find plants in homes since they are supposed to bring prosperity and wealth to the home. 

The plant not only looks good, but it also naturally purifies the air. It should be kept in a location with lots of indirect light. 

There isn’t much maintenance required for this fuss-free plant, even in terms of soil. Just make sure to have well-drained soil and fertilize the plants once a month to keep them consistently green. Remember to water them every one or two weeks in order to keep them healthy and to grow.

Lucky Bamboo

You’ve certainly seen a lot of lucky bamboos indoors since they are one of the most common indoor plants in residences and workplaces. This plant is frequently given as a gift because people think it will bring luck and success to the recipient. 

You can cultivate these low-maintenance indoor plants in soil or in any container with a glass interior and water. They simply require moderate or indirect sunlight, so upkeep is minimal. However, make sure to clip it from time to time to maintain their plant’s health. You can also keep it at home to decorate with.

The bottom line

We are all aware of the life-giving power that indoor plants have. So, We have introduced you to 10 low-maintenance indoor plants that make your home greener. 

We made sure to put together a list of easy-to-care-for houseplants you would love to have indoors. So, what are your go-to options to make your home look greener? We are waiting for your responses in the comments.

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