There are nearly 200 countries in the world. How many of them are you aware of?

You are aware of the largest, the most populous, or the most powerful nations of the world. You must have read about the mighty USA or seen pictures of the colorful land of India. Or, if you have been more fortunate, you would also have visited some of these nations.

However, are you aware of the small island country with no ATMs? Have you read about the place that gave birth to the oldest form of bungee jumping or the country where the infamous voodoo is an official religion? Have you ever visited the Kingdom in the Sky?

If you are not aware of these countries, you are not alone. We are about to talk about some of the least popular countries in the world, countries you probably didn’t know existed. Nevertheless, it’s time to know about these hidden destinations. 

So, be prepared to be surprised, fascinated, and intrigued for the next few minutes. You are about to find some very interesting places with us: 10 countries whose names you’ve probably never heard of!


Capital: Funafuti

You will hear very little about Tuvalu in the news or read about it in textbooks. Nevertheless, this island country has many things worth noting. 

Tuvalu is a little group of nine islands in Oceania. Besides being one of the least popular countries, Tuvalu is among the smallest in area and population. However, the country is a heaven for nature lovers. Coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, and dense marine life make this archipelago an ideal tourist destination!

But remember to take sufficient cash (Australian Dollars), as you won’t find any ATMs here!

Did you know? Tuvalu is one of the first countries that face a direct & significant impact of rising sea levels due to global climate change in the world.

Is Tuvalu Sinking?


Capital: Sukhumi 

There is a special reason why you would have likely never heard of Abkhazia before. Most nations do not recognize the country and consider it a part of Georgia. Abkhazia, however, maintains its sovereignty as an absolute fact.

Abkhazia is a historically and culturally rich nation with a favorable climate and high-rising mountains. That’s not all. The country also has its fair share of waterfalls and extremely diverse flora and fauna. Besides, it is also an important honey supplier, especially to Russia.


Capital: Djibouti City

Want to experience Africa beyond the conventional destinations of the savanna and the Nile? Stop by Djibouti; you won’t be disappointed.

Nestled silently in the northeastern part of the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is often overlooked due to its small size. However, the small country is geographically important due to its vicinity to the Suez Canal. Besides, the place also bustles with natural beauty and tourism hotspots to make for an ideal trip.

If you plan to go to Djibouti, don’t forget to visit Lake Assal for a breathtaking view. Also, expect to find hot springs, volcanoes, and a lot of coral reefs!


Capital: Chișinău

Moldova is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world, especially in Europe. In fact, it is the least-visited European nation. But that doesn’t mean the country is not travel-worthy!

This small east-European nation is full of fascinating places. That place is home to beautiful monasteries, ancient fortresses, and a lot of soothing natural beauty! 

Oh, and did we tell you the place is a treasure trove for wine lovers? Quite literally. The country proudly houses the largest wine cellar in the world, Mileștii Mici, in its capital city of Chisinau. Therefore, you can literally never run out of delicious wine in Moldova.


Capital: Maseru

Lesotho is an enclave. In other words, it lies entirely within another country South Africa, much like the Vatican.

However, there are many other interesting facts about Lesotho besides its unique location. The country’s lowest point is 1400 meters above sea level– higher than any other country’s lowest point. In fact, most of the country has an elevation of over 1,800 meters. It’s no wonder why the place is called the Kingdom of the Sky.

While the country is small, it is full of natural beauty and ancient wonders. We are talking about dinosaur footprints! Lesotho has many of them, including one measuring 57 centimeters!

Why does Lesotho exist?


Capital: Alofi 

Niue is a tiny nation – overing just a third of the area of New York City – in the South Pacific. But if you think this small island can’t have many interesting things, think again. 

Being a small nation with a small population has its perks. With fewer inhabitants and even lesser tourists, Niue can be your ideal buzz-free travel destination with more peace and less crowd. You can visit this place to enjoy fun water activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and even kayaking.

With so many things to treat yourself to, Niue can be a dream destination for your next trip!


Capital: Port Vila

Another South Pacific Ocean nation on the list, Vanuatu, is an archipelago of 83 islands.

As a group of islands tucked away from the outside world for much of its history, Vanuatu is rich in heritage. The islands are full of ancient traditions and customs, many of which are intimidating at best. Until recently, some tribes practiced cannibalism. Not a very cheerful community, it seems. 

On a more interesting note, the tribes of this place invented an early form of bungee jumping. It is practiced as an annual ritual here when young men and boys jump from high platforms with vines tied to their ankles. It seems a fairly cheerful community, after all.


Capital: Porto-Novo

All those horror movies have portrayed the dark side of voodoo. Now let us introduce you to a country that actually considers voodoo a religion.

Voodoo is an official religion in Benin, but it is nothing like what they show in the movies. Moreover, there is much more to know about this West African country beyond voodoo. Benin is a country of superstitions and traditions. But it is also a country of greenery and rich culture.

When the rest of the world is becoming increasingly advanced daily, Benin is one of the few countries where you will be transported back in time.


Capital: Moroni

Comoros is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is located off the eastern coast of Mozambique and northwest of Madagascar. 

The country derives its name from the Arabic word Qamar, meaning moon. The three main islands of Ngazidja, Mwali, and Nzwani contain most of the country’s population. The islands are of volcanic origins and contain a diverse range of animal and plant species.

But the island is also diverse in terms of culture and people. You will not only see exotic birds and animals but also people of different tongues and ethnicities. 


Capital: Vaduz

What can be a more fitting conclusion to this list than an exotic European destination?

Liechtenstein is a beautiful little country between Switzerland and Austria. The country may be very small, but its sheer beauty is rich enough to compensate for its size. In fact, Liechtenstein is a real-world fairyland! It has massive mountains, beautiful lakes, and imposing castles. Isn’t that the perfect set of ingredients for a fairy tale?

Not many people visit this amazing country, but you can surely drop by to experience the beauty of the place that it is.

Final Words

Our world is more diverse than we can ever imagine. No matter how much you seem to know, you can never know enough of everything this world has to offer. 

Through this list, we have tried to shed light on some lesser-known countries that you’ve probably never even heard of. Consider it our small attempt at widening your knowledge of the world a bit more.

Which of these countries did you find the most interesting? Tell us in the comments. If you love reading about interesting facts about the world, check out our Around the World space to learn more.