What were you doing as a kid? We bet you did pretty much the same things as we did.

For ordinary folks like us, childhood passed like a dream. We spent our days playing with friends, fighting with friends, walking on puddles, flying kites, playing again, going to school, coming back home, watching TV, playing again, and sleeping a little more. Ah! How wonderful the world used to be back then! We can’t help missing those good old days, can you?

While ordinary folks are fondly reminiscing our experiences of the long-lost golden days of childhood, some young chaps out there are living an entirely different version of that golden era. These “children” are young, but their minds are more advanced than most of us.

A person’s intelligence is often measured by an IQ test, which analyses the intellectual capabilities of people compared to others who have taken the same test. While the accuracy of IQ tests is still a topic of debate, these tests are quite common worldwide.

The children you are about to read about have some of the highest IQ scores in the world, surpassing even the scores of several intelligent, well-known figures. Here’s a list of the 10 children with the highest IQ Levels around the world as of 2022.

NOTE: Mensa is the world’s oldest and most widely-known high-IQ society. It conducts one of the most trusted IQ tests of its kind and analyses the IQ scores of participants based on their performance in the test of their respective age-wise categories. The IQ scores of many children mentioned below have been arrived at through this test.

Ophelia Morgan-Dew, England

IQ Score: 171

Ophelia is one of Britain’s youngest child prodigies, and that is not without reason. With an IQ of 171, Ophelia surpasses the scores of other children we talked about earlier. 

She started speaking at the age of eight months and hasn’t looked back in terms of academic development. An astonishing memory power backs her exceptional IQ Score- at the age of four, she could remember some events that happened when she was just a year old.

Reiss Sanders, England

IQ Score: 162

Ten years-old Reiss Sanders is a big fan of football. He also likes to read books. His exceptional cognitive abilities can be understood from the fact that he read Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings at age six.

His parents have always known that their son is extraordinary, but they were also (pleasantly) surprised when they came to know that their son has scored the maximum score on the Cattell B III test. Reiss is exceptionally good at remembering shapes and numbers and is academically inclined.

Kevin Sweeney, Scotland

IQ Score: 162

Kevin Sweeney is a twelve-year-old autistic kid from Scotland with an unusually bright mind. He can remember accurate details and descriptions from a book he reads and can understand complex topics that are beyond the grasp of other kids his age.

Sweeney’s inner calling is not to be a physicist, mathematician, or scientist. Rather, he currently loves music and singing more than most other things and can play the guitar, piano, and chanter. Whatever his final aim, his parents know that their child is a prodigy and can bring big changes to the world.

Barnaby Swinburne, England

IQ Score: 162

Twelve-year-old Barnaby Swinburne from Bristol, England, is another prodigy who scored a perfect 162 in the Mensa IQ Test for the under-18 category. Barnaby asked permission to take the test last year as a Christmas present.

Although his mom says he is “an absolute joker and a class clown,” Barnaby is also very ambitious about his career. With a keen interest in mathematics and chemistry, he aspires to pursue a career in programming.

Adhara Peréz, Mexico

IQ Score: 162

A ten-year-old girl living in the slums of a Mexican borough suffering from Asperger’s syndrome might not sound like a good story. So it was with Adhara Peréz until her extraordinary intellect was discovered during her therapy sessions

Adhara Peréz completed her high school at the age of eight. After that, she pursued two online degrees. Not just that, she has also written a book called Do Not Give Up that talks about her own experiences and insights. Peréz has been featured in the “100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico” list.

Ramarni Wilfred, England

IQ Score: 162

Ramarni Wilfred attained this astonishingly high IQ score at the age of 11. Again, 162 is the highest possible score for people under the age of 18. While his exceptional performance as a child is shocking to the world, his parents are the least surprised.

Ramarni started hinting at his exceptional cognitive skills even as a toddler when he liked reading encyclopedias rather than story books. At age 10, Ramarni wrote a paper on the philosophy of fairness, which received critical acclaim. We cannot wait to see what opportunities await this smart young girl.

Rajgauri Pawar, England

IQ Score: 162

In 2016, Rajgauri Pawar, then a twelve-year-old Indian-origin kid living in England, scored 162 on the Mensa IQ Test. A score of 162 is the highest one can get under the age of 18. By attaining this score at 12, Pawar showed her intellectual potential to the world.

A bright student from the very beginning, Rajgauri Pawar is lauded by both her parents and school teachers alike. She loves academics and has a keen interest in Physics.

Kashe Quest, USA

IQ Score: 146

When the parents of Kashe Quest of Los Angeles, California, started realizing that their daughter was way smarter than other kids of her age, they got interested in exploring her intelligence more deeply.

At the age of 1.5 years, little Kashe started learning the alphabet and numbers. She could also identify colors and shapes at that age. By age 2, she could identify all the fifty states of the USA and elements from flash cards. No wonder she got an IQ of 146 on the Mensa test.

Anala Beevers, USA

IQ Score: 145

At just four years of age, Anala Beevers of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, was accepted into the elite Mensa Club of high IQ people. With a score of 145, Beevers was an official genius at age 4!

By the age of 10 months, Anala could identify all the letters of the alphabet. At eighteen months, she could recite numbers and digits in two languages: Spanish and English. She memorized the names of all the states of the US and their capitals by the time she was five.

Alannah George, England

IQ Score: 140

Alannah George is a certified genius with an IQ of 140 on the Mensa test. She is a child prodigy who taught herself to read even before starting school.

Her memorization capabilities are as surprising as they seem. Her reading capabilities were confirmed to be at the level of a seven-year-old child, and her spelling capabilities were the same as those of a six-and-a-half-year-old child. All this at the tender age of four.

Closing thoughts

The average American has an IQ of 100. The kids mentioned in this blog surpass this value by leaps and bounds and are truly a source of wonder.

The IQ scores mentioned in this blog are not a precise measure of the child’s mental capabilities- no such method can determine the human brain’s capabilities. But these children certainly have some really interesting minds more capable than most of us adults.

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