Getting married is a memorable experience of your life that you will cherish forever. Everyone anticipates taking a romantic vacation with their spouse after the ceremony. 

You and your partner have a lifetime together, and you will also have larger and greater family gateways. The honeymoon, however, is a unique getaway that necessitates meticulous planning, including a well-thought-out budget. 

You and your partner can travel to amazing places worldwide to discover the alluring beauty of these romantic locations.

Are you getting married soon but haven’t decided where you’ll go on your honeymoon? We know that you will receive numerous recommendations from friends, family, and even the internet, leaving you seriously perplexed. 

But don’t worry; we’re here to ease your anxieties! Before you make your plans, check out our list of the 10 best honeymoon destinations in the world. And take all your time to choose your perfect honeymoon destination with your significant other.

Bora Bora

If you wish to enjoy a slice of paradise and an island lifestyle with your partner, pick the French Polynesian island, Bora Bora. 

It has bohemian white sand beaches and mesmerizing mountain views and is popular among newlyweds. It’s one of the world’s top destinations for honeymooners and has a variety of tourist attractions to offer. 

This honeymoon destination is perfect for individuals who like to think outside the box! You may partake in several aquatic activities thanks to the coral reefs. You should also book an aqua bike tour and a shark and stingray feeding tour while you’re there.

You can go cycling, snorkeling, or scuba diving with your partner. A great choice for this wonderful experience is Matira Beach. You have the opportunity to tour this captivating island. Visit Vaitape Town, Pofai Bay, and the Lagoon. 

You can also benefit from the deals many resorts offer, including couple’s massages and candle-lit dinners. You should also go for wellness treatments to vitalize your body and mind.


Does your perfect honeymoon include spending a night sky in a thatched-roof hut on a quiet beach with your partner? This wish might come true if you book a flight to the Maldives! 

With over 200 gorgeously landscaped inhabited islands scattered here, this island country is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

To take in the whole beauty of these islands, you must hop from one island to another. Additionally, you know that the Maldives have sandy beaches you can visit with your significant other. But did you know that you may even ask for a massage in the sand? If not, you must treat yourself to a couple’s massage while visiting the Maldives. 

You must visit the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant while visiting this top honeymoon destination. Moreover, if you consider yourselves an active couple, spice up your date by scheduling a whale submarine off the coast of Maldives through your hotel. 

You can also take part in the treasure hunts that several resorts provide. Searching the deep waters for treasure with your companion is quite an exciting activity. Don’t forget to take a helicopter ride to obtain a bird’s-eye view of the gorgeous islands! 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is waiting for you and your spouse if you appreciate a calm tropical environment, fascinating cultures, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. 

When you are here, you won’t have to travel far to find accommodation that fits your budget. Bali has lodging options to suit every requirement, whether you wish to book an opulent villa or a modest beach hut. Indulging in recreational pursuits is quite simple for newlyweds in this place. 

These activities, from diving and snorkeling to mountain treks and kite surfing, would be fun for couples. You can visit different temples, observe the production of traditional textiles, and soak in some cultural performances by the locals.

You can look out for the schedules for the opening parades of the Bali Arts Festival or the Bali Kite Festival if you happen to be there. Additionally, while you’re there, visit the artistic villages of the artisans, such as Pakudui, to meet the people. 

The natives are kind and will allow you to observe them creating jewelry and other products. You might even be able to create some of your own with their help!

The Bahamas

Thanks to its breezy atmosphere, glittering coasts, and beaches, the Bahamas is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

You will visit isolated islands with beaches, which are popular with honeymooners. If you and your lover are food enthusiasts, you must try their authentic Bahamian conch salad and macaroni. 

Couples who enjoy shopping can visit the art galleries and craft shops on Nassau’s Bay Street and purchase anything they choose. So, venture out to get jewelry and cologne to bring home.

Exploring the area on horseback with your partner is the one romantic activity you must undertake. You can take your sweet time taking pictures of the scenery. 

And what would a Bahamian honeymoon be without the ocean? Take the opportunity to dive into the shallow reef and swim with the dolphins to witness various aquatic life, including tropical fish and octopuses.


Do you and your partner prefer the beach, or are you both adventurers? Or perhaps you enjoy getting away from cities! Hawaii is the only spot to go for your honeymoon, no matter what you desire from it. Widely considered one of the best honeymoon destinations around the world, this state has a lot of diversity in store for you.

Naturally, Hawaii has a lot of beaches, but it also has some stunning black and red sand beaches that you must explore. So, make sure to visit Punalu’u and Kaihalulu beaches. 

You can hike to the Makapuu Lighthouse on Oahu, where you will be rewarded with a picturesque view.

You can try your hand at kayaking together, even if it’s the first time for either of you. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself. There are locations where you can get instruction and guided trips. 

You can head down to ‘Anaeho’omalu Bay with your partner and spend a romantic evening there as dusk falls. You should also get Hawaii’s Lomi Lomi massage therapy, which uses warmed lava stones to relax your body.

Santorini, Greece

There is no other place like Santorini for newlyweds, with its breathtaking scenery and uniquely romantic atmosphere. 

On this Greek island, couples can enjoy the romantic time of going on a date as the moon trails behind. If you and your partner are foodies, enjoying the mouthwatering cuisine of Greece is something you will both undoubtedly look forward to. 

You must try out the local cuisine from Santorini. You should also plan a day to visit Oia, a lovely village known for its delicious Greek cuisine. 

Moreover, on your honeymoon, you must set aside a day to view sunsets. We should tell you that it is the most romantic thing you can do, and Oia’s magnificent sunset won’t let you down. Be sure to visit Red Beach with your spouse to enjoy some time in the sun, a picnic, and, if you’d like, a dip in the ocean. 

You can enjoy pleasant water activities like scuba diving or soak in the nearby hot spring. Check out Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni to spend an unforgettable evening with your spouse if you want to learn more about these hot springs.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy’s paradise, is a vision worth a look at, offering everything from love and passion to music and dancing. The city exudes charm, and if you get there by water boat bus, it will be simple for you to explore. 

If you visit Venice, take a Gondola ride; otherwise, your trip will seem incredibly lacking. Take your spouse canal-cruising and kissing beneath the arches. Numerous eateries along the canals go out of their way to make romantic dining possible for couples. Therefore, act quickly to seize the opportunities you see.

Additionally, you must split a gelato with your spouse because the residents of this city are obsessed with them. You also have the choice to visit Teatro La Fenice to watch live ballet performances if you enjoy art.

Additionally, if you happen to be in the Dorsoduro district, don’t forget to do souvenir shopping. If you were to ask us for solid buying advice, we’d recommend their masks and, of course, their glass jewelry.

Another compelling reason to spend your honeymoon in Venice is that such an opportunity might not be around forever. The water level around this city is rising constantly due to climate change and global warming; at this rate, the whole city might be underwater by the 22nd century!


The gorgeous paradise island of Mauritius is just another one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

You must arrange a romantic beach date with candlelight for yourself and your lover. If you’re unsure which beach to choose, Grand Bay or Belle Mare are excellent options. 

You and your partner should also set up a parasailing session. You should try a variety of cuisines, not just in upscale eateries; you should also put on your shoes and have some amazing street food. While you go out with your significant other, don’t forget to sample the Mauritian dholl puri.

Get a rental car while you can on this island so you may leisurely explore the markets and sugarcane plantations. The Chamarel village, well-known for its vividly colored surfaces, should be on your agenda while you’re there.

You can unwind in the spa with a range of Indian, European, and even African therapeutic spas after a long day.

Goa, India

If you want to make lasting memories on your first trip together with your significant other, Goa is the place to be. 

The area’s beaches, which are its heart and soul, are divided by the North and South beaches. The northern beaches are perfect for you if you and your partner are party animals. However, please visit the south beaches if you like something more private and magical. 

You can go to Ashwem Beach at night to view the stars. Butterfly Beach is one of the coziest spots here, where you can take a romantic walk, spot dolphins, and bask in the sunset.

Additionally, if a couple enjoys shopping together, Goa’s bustling markets are a great way to brighten their spirits. You need to feed your passion for shopping by getting some fantastic handicrafts, beachwear, and hats. To buy gifts for your partner, you must go to Calangute. 

You can enjoy water skiing and windsurfing there, among other water sports. You can spend evenings on the beach with your partner while enjoying cocktails and live music. Besides, you should travel to Sinquerim if you and your companion both appreciate the adventure.

Paris, France

Who wouldn’t want to visit the city of love, Paris? With the enduring symbol of love – the Eiffel Tower – at its heart, this European country ranks at the top of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Nothing could be more romantic than seeing the Eiffel Tower and taking the perfect picture in front of it. 

One of the largest museums and a famous tourist attraction in this gorgeous city is The Louvre, which you should visit. If you believe in myths and magic, you must go to the Temple of Love. People believe that kissing your significant other in the middle of the temple will boost your relationship. 

As one of the finest specimens of French Gothic architecture, you should also see the Notre Dame Cathedral with your partner. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy a couple’s dance with your partner by the Seine, as well as lay back and enjoy the other couples’ antics while sipping a glass of French wine. 

We all know about and yearn for delectable French sweets, right? Why not register for a cooking class together and learn to prepare them? Choose one and enroll in one of the many French culinary lessons available.

In the end

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and you deserve to unwind after your wedding at one of the world’s top honeymoon spots. Finding an ideal honeymoon destination may seem difficult, but if you and your partner manage to do so, the effort will be worthwhile. 

To help you decide, we have come up with the 10 best honeymoon destinations in the world that would leave you with lifelong memories. So, tell us, which destination has captured your heart?