The fact that health and fitness are the two most important factors in living a good life is something we all are well aware of. Still, being fit is one of the greatest challenges of life for most people.

For anyone trying to achieve overall well-being, being healthy is one of the indispensable requirements. All of us want to be well. All of us want to be healthy. But few of us know how to reach that state of well-being. 

In reality, if life is a journey we all have to go on, then the path of a happy journey is paved with good health. And the task of paving that path rests with you, and you alone.

But how to pave that path? The task of becoming fit and healthy starts with tracking your lifestyle and eating habits, analyzing them, and improving what needs to be improved. While this task is not very easy, it is essential to attaining good health.

Fortunately, technology has simplified the way we take care of our health. All you need to take proper care of your health is a firm determination, an action plan, and a good fitness tracking app. While you must work on the first two things yourself, we will help you with the third one.

Here are the 10 best fitness apps to get your fitness journey started.


MyFitnessPal is an app that can provide you with everything you need to keep track of your eating habits. The app is a one-stop destination for maintaining a good diet, a stable workout routine, and overall health; it has rightfully won the top rank on the list of best fitness apps.

You can track your calories, carbohydrates, and protein intake and set fitness goals to improve your health and diet. With a huge database of nutritional information, the app can accurately help you keep track of your nutritional requirements as well.


Aaptiv is the go-to fitness app for over a million users worldwide. Aaptiv helps you achieve your fitness goals by learning and performing a host of workouts ranging from beginner-friendly exercises such as running and stretching to complex exercises for more seasoned athletes. This app can also help you relax and calm down by listening to music you love.

Apple Fitness+

If you have recently purchased an Apple Watch, this app is for you. The app comes with a paid membership but can be used for free for the first three months since you bought an Apple Watch.

Using an Apple watch alone can improve your fitness routine a lot. And this app can be a great complement to the watch as it can help you track metrics such as heart rates and steps. You can also watch various high-quality training videos to learn more exercises.

Google Fit

Google is everywhere. And this time, it’s the fitness space. Google Fit is a great app to actively keep track of your daily activities in a non-complicated way.

Using Fit is simple. The app gives you Heart Points based on how much and intensely you move your body. The app has collaborated with WHO and AHA to give you activity goals to keep you fit. You can also sync this app with your devices and other fitness apps.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Most of us only focus on our physical health while neglecting our mental health, which is worse than it sounds. You cannot truly be fit if you are not fit mentally.

Headspace is here to remind you of the importance of mental health and improve it through meditation. The app can improve your sleep with calming stories and music and teach you meditation and mindfulness with hundreds of meditations and various courses.

You wouldn’t believe how much an app can help relieve stress and anxiety until you install and start using Headspace.

Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

This is another great cardio-focused app that lets you track over 30 distinct sports, such as cycling, running, skiing, and hiking. You can go on your old routes and explore new ones with the app.

One of the highlights of Strava is its social features. The app allows you to share your daily journeys with friends and participate in challenges to compete on the leaderboard. You can track your weekly progress and analyze your health on various metrics such as heart rate and more.

HealthifyMe – Calorie Counter

HealthifyMe calls itself India’s best dietitian app. And it’s not without reason. As its name suggests, the app tracks your calorie intake and burns. But it’s much more than that.

The app comes with various fitness trackers that can track your workouts, sleep, calories, and even hand washes. This app is another all-rounder in fitness, with a special focus on weight loss. You can efficiently track your calories and change your eating habits with a specialized diet chart.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Who says workouts can only be done at the gym? If you think a gym is essential for working out, this app is here to improve your thinking.

The app’s purpose is true to its name. It contains a host of exercises with directions on how to perform each. You can work on various exercises for your arms, legs, abs, chest, and so on. With photo, video, and animation guidance for each exercise, you can easily work out from home and track your activities.

Want to experience gymming in the comfort of your home? is one of the most well-rounded fitness apps you can come across. takes care of all aspects of your fitness- physical exercises and workouts, weight loss, fitness equipment, and mental health. It is not just an app but an all-around fitness tracking assistant that can help you do online group workouts from home, access gym memberships with Cultpass, and work out alone with cult LIVE.

While you need a paid membership to enjoy most benefits, you get free trials first to decide better.

Adidas Running

For anyone who wants to be healthy, regular workouts are a must. And when it comes to workouts, you can’t go far without cardio.

Cardio workouts such as running, cycling, jogging, or even walking long distances improve your heart health by increasing your heart rate. And Adidas Running is an awesome app that can help you track your cardio workouts and other sports activities.

Using the app, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly goals by activity type and time and track your activity progress. You can also participate in training plans and join challenges.

Closing thoughts

In a world where everyone is busy in what they call “life,” a physically and mentally fit body is the only thing that can keep the fast-paced life going forward. Fitness comes first and foremost.

If you haven’t been able to concentrate on your health for quite some time, it’s about time you started your fitness journey ASAP. Our list of best fitness apps mentioned above can do wonders in kickstarting your fitness journey.

Try out these apps and then decide for yourself which one suits your needs best. If these apps help you be fit, don’t forget to hit us up by sharing your experiences in the comments.

To find more inspirations to embrace your fitness journey, check out our Health & Wellness section today!