Dua Lipa is one of the music industry’s most charismatic and talented artists. Not only do her songs hit the spot, but she’s also a great performer, as was obvious in her Future Nostalgia tour. 

She’s close with the Hadid family, which might be because she was previously dating Anwar Hadid, the brother of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid. However, even though they’ve announced their breakup, the sisters are still close with Dua and invite her to intimate gatherings.

In light of her breakup, the paparazzi have romantically linked Dua Lipa to Trevor Noah after they were spotted holding hands outside a restaurant. Jack Harlow has also shown an apparent interest in the 27-year-old singer; he has literally named a song in his new album (Come Home the Kids Miss You) is named Dua Lipa.

Well, we’re sure Dua will clear the air herself in good time. For now, let’s talk about what we think are the top nine Dua Lipa songs of all time (in no particular order)! 

Blow your mind (mwah)

Album: Dua Lipa (2017)

Body positivity and self-love are among the most talked about concepts in the last 2-3 years. And while it seemingly made sense in the beginning, more and more people started arguing about it as time passed. 

In these confusing times, Dua Lipa’s Blow your mind can offer you a refreshing look into loving yourself and being yourself unapologetically. Plus, you can also dance to disco and electropop beats!  

She stated that the pre-chorus is in the middle of an argument, where she’s trying to understand why someone claims not to like her when they obviously do. She then answers her own question: that they love me (her) blind.

It tells you to enjoy, have fun, and be alive without worrying about changing yourself. It’s only you who has to like you, right? And that’s the spirit that makes it one of the best Dua Lipa songs of all time!

Don’t Start Now 

Album: Future Nostalgia (2019)

We’ve all experienced the “reeling” after a breakup when we finally accept it happened and try to move on. We’re vulnerable during this period; even a small incident can drastically change our future.

Well, Dua Lipa believes that it’s better to look at the positive things rather than focusing on the bad. She clearly states this in Don’t start now, a disco dance-pop banger single. In her own words:

Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe
But look at where I ended up
I’m all good, already, so moved on, it’s scary
I’m not where you left me at all.

Doesn’t that sound so much better than just dwelling on what happened? This song is perfect for your post-breakup rebirth.

New Rules 

Album: Dua Lipa (2017)

New rules might’ve have been your transition to a die-hard Dua Lipa fan. Indeed, this electropop number with a dance-pop beat was Lipa’s first hit number-one single on the UK Singles Chart. 

If you’ve just broken up with someone, we understand how painful it can be, and coincidentally, so does Dua Lipa! She sings about a set of rules she makes to stop herself from going back to the person. In the song, there are three main rules: 

One, don’t pick up his phone, you know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone. 
Two, don’t let him in, you have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend, you know you’re going to wake up in his bed in the morning.

She stated there’s a reason why people break up, and that’s also the reason why you shouldn’t be together. Doesn’t that sound so reasonable?

One Kiss (feat. Calvin Harris) 

Album: Single (2018)

One kiss was the ultimate party song of 2018 and has been a staple at stadium games and get-togethers ever since. It’s also the song Dua Lipa performed her pencil sharpener dance to. 

Although it was a dark time, we need to thank it for the brilliant and mind-blowing performances we got on the Future Nostalgia tour.

Lyrically, One kiss is about its name: falling in love with a stranger with just one kiss. It also has some rather, ahem…, more explicit implications. The song takes you back to those beach-house parties and late-night clubbing; the air is full of opportunities and beautiful people, so something will definitely happen. 

One kiss is all it takes, falling in love with me
Possibilities, I look like all you need.

If that isn’t worthy of being on the list of the best Dua Lipa songs, we don’t know what is!

Pretty please 

Album: Future Nostalgia (2020)

Pretty please is a disco-pop, funk song from Lipa’s latest album, Future Nostalgia. It’s the best song you can scream-sing with your gal pals as you discuss your latest situationships.  

According to Lipa, the song’s first line: somewhere in the middle, I think I lied a little sums it up perfectly. It’s about how we promise someone we want a causal relationship with them, but of course, we end up falling for them. 

She then asks this mystery person to “put my mind at ease, pretty please” with (apparently) stress-relieving, sweet relief-inducing sex. Well, that’s surprisingly bold, but it has Dua’s charismatic and playful signature. 

As far as vocals are concerned, the New rules singer knocks it out of the park with slow, anxious whispers laced with sexual tension. Although the music makes you get on your feet, the lyrics are vulnerable and intimate as she tries to make her muse stay and help her out. 

High (& Dua Lipa) 

Album: Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack (2018)

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the movies’ soundtracks are a marvel, filled to the brim with unique concoctions of renowned artists. Seeing Lipa’s vocal range, it was only a matter of time before she contributed something to the movie soundtrack. 

High was an advanced release, but people already had a pretty good idea of where the post-production would place it. It captures the sexual tension between Christian and Anastasia perfectly, with Dua’s coy suggestion, “why, why, don’t we get a little high, high?” being the cherry on top.

Whethan described the song the most accurately: alternative and bedroom pop. So, if you’re in a spicy mood, there’s nothing like High to escalate the mood to right where you want it. 

Sweetest Pie (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

Album: Traumazine (2022)

When Megan Thee Stallion saw all these fan edits of her and Dua’s songs, she expressed an interest in working with her. Of course, Dua replied in the affirmative, and Sweetest Pie was thus created. It’s quite different from Stallion’s usual work, but it still hits the spot. 

The song is Hansel and Gretel-themed, where Dua and Megan are femme fatales offering men a slice of something that might end up being more than they bargained for. The song is also filled to the brim with sexual innuendos.

The first verse is full of enticing “offers” to lure in the unsuspecting men, but soon, Megan starts making her demands as well. He a player, but for Megan, he cutting the whole team.

At the end of the third verse, Megan explains how attracting men with treats always puts women in control. 

Good in bed

Album: Future Nostalgia (2020)

If you liked Pretty Please, then you’ll love Good in Bed, too! 

Have you ever had a casual relationship where you both like each other and what you have but can’t take it further? Maybe it’s because they seem uninterested to you, or you don’t know how to proceed. 

You almost wish you didn’t know them so you could avoid all this drama, right? However, at the last moment, they do something so sweet and understanding that you fall back into the vicious cycle. Well, that’s what Good in bed is all about!

I’ve been thinking it’d be better
If we didn’t know each other
Then you go and make me feel okay.

Dua also cannot forget them or move on because this refusal to move forward apparently makes them good in bed. 

I know it’s really bad, bad, bad, bad, bad
Messin’ with my head, head, head, head, head
We drive each other mad, mad, mad, mad, mad
But baby, that’s what makes us good in bed.
Well, it’s not an ideal situation, but to each their own. 

Anyhow, she’s still aware enough to know that it’s really bad, so that’s a win, right?


Album: Future Nostalgia (2020)

Lastly, we have the Top Song of 2022, Levitating. Also called one of Dua Lipa’s “best ever” creations, Levitating won over the hearts of pop lovers and picky listeners alike. Whether you’re going on your morning runs, an intense gym session, or a light rewind through dance: Levitating is your one-stop destination.

One of the most pleasant earworms you could get, critics describe Levitating as a “straight up sugar rush,” “dancefloor ready,” “summery jam,” “a starry-eyed love song,” and “intergalactic adventure.”

And it’s exactly what it sounds like. Dua sings about what it’s like to fall in love and compares the feeling to levitating. She also adds space adventure metaphors to add a bit of that glittery-glam, which works!

Instagram and TikTok users also released dance trends and transitions on the song. 

In conclusion

Dua Lipa is one of the most famous and talented pop stars of her generation. Her music has spirit, life, and acute meaning. You can cry to it, dance to it, but most of all, relate to it.

This list contains what we think to be the best Dua Lipa songs of all time. That being said, we know that there are going to be many such lists for every reader; after all, we all have different tastes.

We’re also sure there are a few hits that we might have left on this list. Thankfully, we have you to tell us about our mistakes, right? Let us know in the comments section if we’ve left any songs out!

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