What genre is popular right now, in your opinion, if you enjoy reading and keep up with trends in the reader base? You might have noticed that dystopias are currently a hot topic of conversation. 

The setting of dystopian books typically depicts a dire situation. These novels provide detailed portrayals of turmoil, depression, oppression, and death. It is safe to state that not all of us enjoy these books. 

However, you are in the perfect place if you enjoy dystopian literature or have always wanted to read one. In this blog, we will introduce you to the best dystopian novels for young adults. Be prepared to indulge in dystopia fiction and fantasy that will blow your mind!

All These Things I’ve Done – Gabrielle Zevin

All These Things I’ve Done is a fresh arrival in the dystopian fiction genre. Gabrielle Zevin tracks the development of the character Anya, a bright and vivacious 16-year-old in the year 2083. 

Her life is already in disarray due to her parents’ loss. She also has to take care of her elderly grandmother, her older brother Leo who is disabled, and her younger sister. But things become considerably more difficult for her because she is the true heir to her father, who is an infamous criminal leader. 

The world has experienced a substantial change in this dystopian book. Books are hard to come by, water is rationed, and alcoholic beverages like coffee and chocolate are outlawed. But everything was controlled until her ex-boyfriend was poisoned by the chocolate her family made. And you know who the people pointed their finger to, right? 

The plot begins to pick more steam when Anya unintentionally becomes involved in it all. You must bookmark this one if you’ve been looking for a mind-blowing read!

1984 – George Orwell

You must read 1984 by George Orwell if you’ve taken the plunge into a dystopian world. The book is used as an example of a dystopian novel. The gloomy dystopia that permeates the entire book serves as a warning against authoritarianism, leaving a lasting effect on your mind. 

The plot of the novel centers on Winston Smith, a disgruntled lower-ranking party member who, like every other citizen, suffers at the hands of his menacing tyrant Big Brother. The situation of London in 1984, which the all-powerful party governs, serves as the backdrop for the novel. 

The people have been brainwashed into mindless submission to the ruling class. Readers would be baffled to read about London while living in a society where political persecution and perpetual terror are the norms. 

The book contains a lot of dystopian elements. You’ll see how a tyrant dictator manipulates people’s lives, minds, and, ultimately, their history, making it nearly hard to flee. The descriptions of the exploding bombs and food shortages were so accurate that they would make you shudder to read them.

V for Vendetta – Alan Moore 

V for Vendetta is another book by Alan Moore that meets several dystopian qualities. In this book, you will encounter a very different Great Britain than what you’ve seen till now. Wondering how? Because the government that oversees this Britain is genuinely neo-fascist

The administration is adamant that those who are different have no right to life and should be executed. The slaughter of homosexuals, political activists, and anybody else who does not match their notion of a deserving human being is described horrifically.

There is a mystery freedom fighter by the name of V who is there to overthrow the government with the help of a woman named Evey. Don’t forget to bookmark this mind-blowing dystopian thriller if you wish to read a classic dystopian novel.

The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games trilogy is among Suzanne Collins’ best-written dystopian masterpieces. The themes of violence and terror dominate the book’s entire length. This book includes a number of dark elements that are typical of dystopian literature. 

The story of Hunger Games is set in Panem, a dystopian future version of North America where environmental catastrophes have become an everyday affairs. While the capital of Panem is wealthy and technologically advanced, they’re also corrupt and thrive on the sufferings of the 12 districts they rule.

To amuse themselves and assert their power on these impoverished districts, the Capital organizes Hunger Games – an annual match to the death between 24 candidates. A boy and girl are selected from each district to participate in it – regardless of their will or agreement. They must battle until the end to prevail in this death match. 

To further agonize its subjects, the Capital also broadcasts this brutal bloodbath in all the districts as a spectacle.

There would be indications of a totalitarian regime and a complete absence of any type of free speech. This series is a must-read if you’re in the mood for some gloomy dystopian literature.

The Hunger Games Trilogy was so well-loved by the readers that it was later adapted into movies. Here’s a peek into the first one for you:

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale is another iconic dystopian novel by none other than Margaret Atwood – the world-renowned poet, novelist, and literary critic who has won the Man Booker Prize not just once but twice! The story of this futuristic dystopian novel is set in near-future New England. 

In this heart-wrenching story, the government is tyrannical and doesn’t permit people to have individual opinions and thoughts. The majority of the characters are women, and every woman who is not with her first husband is considered an adulteress ward of the state. 

The protagonist of the novel, Offred, is forced to leave her family and live as a sex slave. She is mistreated, and her body is viewed as an instrument to produce children, just like the other handmaids in the storyline. She hopes to return the people to normal life in this heartbreaking dystopian story.

You should certainly read this book if you like dystopian literature. Atwood does a fantastic job of capturing a totalitarian government’s effects on a population. So, please keep it bookmarked for your next read.

Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel 

The novel that ranks at the top of our list of best dystopian novels for young adults is Station Eleven. The main theme of this brilliant dystopian thriller is the decline of Western civilization at the hands of a flu outbreak. In the novel, Emily St. John Mandel portrays how the breakout takes down not only people but also their humanity.

The story begins with the sudden death on stage of a well-known actor acting in King Lear in Toronto. A terrible disease that starts killing people causes terror around the world, and 20 years later, the story follows the lives of a group of artists and musicians. 

The grim tone of the novel will make you picture a world that runs on the norms of anarchy and mayhem. Based on the author’s depiction, it is only logical to assume that a future post-apocalypse would be exceedingly chaotic. While reading the novel, you’re bound to find yourself surrounded by terror and chaos, unable to get out easily.

In the end

Dystopian novels are for you if you like reading stories with darker themes, and dark humor is your thing. There is still hope, even though these works are described as being dark and depressing. 

The hero tried to win, and there is a concept that good always triumphs against evil. We hope you enjoy our pick of these 6 best dystopian novels for young adults.

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