Happiness comes in infinite forms. 

Ask a kid what happiness is, and he may reply with childish delight, “Getting to play more every day!” Ask a young teenager who has just fallen in love. And they might say with a blush on their face, “Talking with my love all day!” Ask a mother the reason for her proud smile. And she will probably tell you some good things her child did the other day.

In fact, happiness is the chirping of birds at dawn. The arrival of the first rain of the season. A cold evening breeze after a hot sunny day. Or a full moon in a cloudless sky. Happiness is found in the littlest things, in fleeting moments of joy that come and go but never stay forever.

For many of us, watching our favorite sports and seeing our favorite team win an anticipated match is also happiness. And in many ways, this is special. After all, nothing beats the excitement and joy of witnessing that unexpected catch or that winning goal.

However, do you know what’s more special than being happy? Sharing your happiness with others! Being in a state of shared excitement and joy is way more intense than experiencing it alone.

And as far as watching sports is concerned, stadiums offer us this shared excitement we need. The feeling of watching a match with tens of thousands of other spectators is truly insane!

The larger the stadium, the greater the joy. So, let’s talk about the ten largest stadiums in the world that provide us happiness and an unforgettable experience to cherish forever!

Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Capacity: 132,000

North Korea has the largest football stadium. However, the largest stadium in the world lies in the city of Ahmedabad in western India. Unlike other stadiums on this list, it is not a football stadium but a cricket stadium – the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium.

Till 2015, the stadium could only accommodate 49,000 spectators. Nevertheless, the redevelopment project of 2015-20 catapulted the capacity to a whopping 132,000. The stadium hosts prominent cricket matches from all formats: Test, One-Day-Internationals, T20, and IPL. Undoubtedly, the Narendra Modi Stadium is the ideal place for any cricket fan.

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

Location: Pyongyang, North Korea
Capacity: 114,000

Finally, it’s time to tell you about the greatest football stadium in the world: Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.

Some of the highlights of this iconic stadium include its incredible architectural design and spacious seating spaces. Still, the stunning arched roof stands out as the most notable part. The stadium hosts many football matches and other athletic events. But it is most notably famous for hosting mass games at the traditional Arirang festival.

Michigan Stadium

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Capacity: 107,601

Michigan Stadium is straight off the best football stadium in the US. And it’s not only because it is the largest stadium in the nation and the second-largest football stadium worldwide.

Much of the greatness of Michigan Stadium comes from its rich 95-year-old history and the success of the Michigan Wolverines. But other things like stunning design and incredible acoustics also contribute to the stadium’s overall grandeur. Apart from football, the stadium also occasionally hosts other events like Ice Hockey and Soccer.

Beaver Stadium

Location: State College, Pennsylvania, USA
Capacity: 106,572

The home field of Nittany Lions is the fourth-largest stadium in the world and the second-largest in the US. It lies within the premises of the Pennsylvania State University. But it also resides in the heart of all Nittany Lions fans across the States.

In addition to being one of the largest stadiums in the world, the Beaver Stadium also ranks near the top of the must-visit-stadiums list for all football fans. This is because the massive stadium has everything a football lover needs. Whether you want expansive size, comfortable seats, a great field view, or delicious food, this stadium has it all.

In other words, Beaver Stadium is clearly the place to go if you want to experience football the grand way.

Ohio Stadium

Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Capacity: 102,780

If you are a football fan living in Ohio, nothing is as exciting as watching a game in the Ohio Stadium! After all, nothing can be better than watching the Ohio State Buckeyes play in their magnificent home stadium.

Opened in 1922, the stadium is famous by the name “horseshoe” or simply “shoe” due to its shape. Although the stadium is mainly known for its football matches, it has also hosted many concerts from the most popular bands and artists.

A clip of Luke Comb’s performance at the Buckeye Country Superfest 2022 at the Ohio Stadium

Kyle Field Stadium

Location: College Station, Texas, USA
Capacity: 102,733

In 1904, Professor Edwin Kyle of Texas A&M University prepared an athletic field in a corner of the campus. And with his personal savings, he also built a seating area with a capacity of 500 spectators.

About 115 years later, this field is the sixth-largest stadium in the world. And with its unmatched features and luxurious amenities, Kyle Field can offer one of the best stadium experiences ever. If you are a fan of college football, you just can’t miss being in Kyle Field Stadium.

Tiger Stadium

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Capacity: 102,321

Tiger Stadium is the home ground of the LSU Tigers – the team that represents Louisiana State University. And guess what? It is quite true to its name.

One of the largest stadiums in the world, it is also popular with the name Death Valley. The name allegedly conveys the superiority and the daunting nature of the LSU Tigers and its fans.

With space for over 102,000 football buffs, the Tiger Stadium can house enough spectators who come here to experience some of the loudest and most exciting matches of college football.

Neyland Stadium

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Capacity: 101,915

Since its construction as Shields–Watkins Field in 1921, Neyland Stadium has entertained millions of football fans. It has been the home to six Tennessee teams and has also hosted some of the most memorable games in the history of American football.

From an initial seating capacity of 3,200 seats in 1921, Neyland Stadium has undergone over 20 expansions and renovations. As a result, it has grown to be a world-class football stadium in the United States and the world.

Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium

Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Capacity: 100,119

Also popular as Texas Memorial Stadium, Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium is part of the University of Texas.

The stadium was opened in 1924 and is named after the popular football coach Darrel K Royal. It is home to the Longhorns team of the University of Texas and hosts many prominent matches and tournaments of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Big 12 Conference. 

The stadium has numerous state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Athletic Performance Center and the Red McCombs Red Zone. As a result, it counts among the most iconic stadiums in the United States as well as the largest stadiums in the world.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA
Capacity: 100,077

Bryant-Denny Stadium is a football stadium at the University of Alabama and the home ground of the Alabama Crimson Tide team.

At the time of its opening in 1929, the stadium’s capacity was just 12,000. But numerous renovations and re-constructions over the course of decades have made the capacity cross the 100,000 mark, making it one of the largest stadiums in the world.

The stadium is an eminent center for many major Alabama Crimson Tide matches. And it has hosted some major tournaments, including those of the NCAA and SEC.

Wrapping up

Besides allowing us to watch our favorite sport in real time, stadiums also provide unforgettable experiences to cherish forever.

You can have the biggest TV screen or the best-quality projector. But none of them can beat the feeling of watching your favorite game in your favorite stadium. A stadium is the best place for any sports fan. Our list of the largest stadiums in the world will give you some ideas about planning to see your next match live.

We have talked enough. Now it’s time for you to share your views on these stadiums. Which one is your favorite? Have you visited any of them before? Tell us in the comments.

To read more about such remarkable wonders around the world, keep returning to our website. See you next time!